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10-year-old swept into storm drain to become an organ donor, dad says
  • Due to increased hurricanes and flooding we probably need a law that specifies storm drains have some type of safety grate. This isn't that rare either - years ago a friend's daughter died after being sucked into a drainage pipe.

  • Why are Republicans so obsessed with finding Pedos when they can just look at their own party?
  • Projection is a proven work horse for Republicans. That's why they stick with it. The oligarchs rile up the poorly educated base with bullshit and the dolts run with it. Between Russian psyops manipulation and Republican projection a huge segment of the population gladly votes against their best interests and democracy.

  • Biden: what would Trump have done if the Capitol riots had been led by Black Americans?
  • Pro-Palestinian protesters said “This community will be the community who unseats Joe Biden.

    Yeah, those ranks of "protesters" are riddled with Republican/Putin operatives. If Biden is unseated, say goodbye to Palestine. Israel will have the green light to eradicate the people of Gaza.

  • Real men wear diapers
  • Call his supporters what they really are - merely zombie stooges for the very wealthy. They will do anything for the oligarch's stand bearer up to and including murder. Be warned, be prepared.

  • Estonia ‘seriously’ discussing sending troops to ‘rear’ jobs in Ukraine, official says
  • Seems that the trickle of trainers and advisors is turning into a flood. British troops could deploy to Ukraine to train soldiers, France is debating on sending troops and NATO in general is preparing to send "advisors" and troops to "train" Ukrainian soldiers. This is escalating fast. Actual active participation in combat may be near.

  • Fake Ukrainian Assassination Attempt on Tucker Carlson Hits Millions on X via Russian Disinfo Laundering Scheme

    The digitally manipulated origins and distribution patterns of the original report about this alleged assassination attempt display characteristics of the tactic known as disinformation laundering, which Russian state propaganda networks frequently employ.

    Fake Ukrainian Assassination Attempt on Tucker Carlson Hits Millions on X via Russian Disinfo Laundering Scheme

    Even when confronted with the truth, millions have the anger and fear permanently imprinted on their minds. That's why Putin's psyops war fare is so incredibly effective, particularly against the poorly educated.

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