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What a helpful little kid
  • Why not? Toddlers do things like point out clocks all the time. The "passive agressive" part is the parent's interpretation. The actual action that is described is so very normal.

  • City scraps downtown pedestrian bridge project in Guelph Ontario. City nixes planned Ward to downtown pedestrian bridge

    'This decision allows pedestrian bridge options for the area to be evaluated with further input from the community'

    City nixes planned Ward to downtown pedestrian bridge

    cross-posted from:

    > Months after cancelling the construction contract for a new downtown pedestrian bridge in the face of “unforeseen challenges,” city officials have called off the project altogether. > > As stated in a post on the city’s website on Friday, plans to build a bridge over the Speed River connecting The Ward with Downtown Guelph have been scrapped. Instead, city officials will look for ways to include pedestrian flow into another nearby project over the river.

    Thunderbird's New Rust Integration: The Future of Email Clients?
  • K-9 mail... isn’t supported or being developed any more.

    That's not true. They make frequent-enough releases, they post monthly progress reports, and they are actually going to become Thunderbird's Android version.

    Having said that, I almost switched to FairEmail because K-9 lacked support for some sort of authentication measure (which I no longer need), but that wasn't because K-9 stopped development.

  • Slay the Spire 2 ditched Unity for open-source engine Godot after over 2 years of development
  • According to Wikipedia, John Riccitiello was CEO from 2014 to 2023. So I think your facts are off, unless Unity was planning layoffs and fee changes nine years in advance.

    Instead, note that Unity went public in 2020. I expect Riccitiello was pushed by the board to improve profitability, then left with a golden parachute for being the scapegoat.

  • Oregon re-criminalizes small amounts of hard drugs after 2020 voter initiative is overturned
  • The Atlantic had a good article on this a couple weeks ago (no paywall). It sure feels like a move in the wrong direction, but the authors note Oregon's overdose deaths grew way faster than the rest of the country after decriminalization. Their take is that Oregon already had pretty good laws place, and that a little bit of a legal threat can help to encourage addicts to seek treatment (and that the treatment system needs to be better funded).

  • U.S. Rejects Putin’s Latest Call for Ukraine Negotiations
  • That's how Putin claims to perceive it, but that's also what he would claim if his actual goal was to control his neighbours by force. And don't forget Finland and Sweden responded to the invasion of Ukraine by joining NATO. If Russia perceived NATO as a threat, then Finland joining would make them more likely to be attacked. Clearly Finland feels NATO is making them safer or they wouldn't have joined. And since then, Russia has moved tons of their military away from NATO borders and into Ukraine.

    In other words, I trust the actions of Finland and Russia more than I trust the words of Russia.

  • U.S. Rejects Putin’s Latest Call for Ukraine Negotiations
  • Basically they don’t want NATO right on their doorstep.

    NATO is not the anti-Russia club. They're a defensive pact. Why would you be concerned about your neighbours agreeing to defend each other? Like a neighbourhood watch, perhaps. Maybe you'd be upset if you're planning to do the thing they're defending against. Which is all the more reason for those neighbours to band together.

  • This new baby gets ALL the attention!
  • Forcing people to give up their language and culture can be considered cultural genocide. Cultural genocide is not included in the UN Genocide Convention, so the definition of cultural genocide is not universally agreed upon. But the UN Genocide Convention does include "Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group" in its definition of genocide, and Russia is not shy about their relocation and adoption programs, so we can pretty definitively say that Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine.

  • Rust vs C
  • Also worth noting this article is nearly five years old. Rust's first stable release was nearly nine years ago, so its (stable) age has more than doubled since then. I expect Rust would look a lot more mature if the article was written today.

  • Protecting HDDs from (external) train vibrations
  • Thanks for the update and graphs. That is an amazing improvement. In the "after" plot, it looks like any acceleration from the train is well below the noise level of your accelerometer. So, within the limits of your measuring equipment, you've effectively eliminated all train vibration. If I were in your place, I would declare success and move on with life! Don't even bother with foam and rubber feet, because this configuration is working great.

    But you could analyze further if you really want; there could be some train signal hiding in all that noise. Since there's periodic noise in the Z axis, you could take a reading during a still time (computer off, no trains) and see where your spikes are in the frequency domain. Then you could apply a filter (or filters) to cut out that periodic noise.

    But unless you're really into learning about signal analysis, I'd say you could skip it.

  • Protecting HDDs from (external) train vibrations
  • None of the included experiments look to be exactly what you need. For characterizing your isolator, the included Acceleration Spectrum is close, though it records continuously, making it difficult to use to record impact response. For evaluating actual train vibrations, the user-defined Integrated Acceleration might be a start, but it doesn't include the filtering needed to get good information. You could define your own experiments, but that's probably even harder than analyzing the CSV data on your computer. At least on your computer you can change your analysis freely and immediately see results, rather than re-running the experiment every time.

  • Give feedback on Guelph's first four-year budget Guelph's Multi-year Budget

    We’re here to ask the question “how do we build our community? And in turn, to learn what elements of community building matter most to you. Click here to begin Looking for other ways to get involved in the 2024-27 budget decision making? Click below and jump to our

    Guelph's Multi-year Budget

    This is the first time Guelph is will have a multi-year budget. This one will cover 2024 through 2027. The city is soliciting feedback through town halls and council meetings, since a long-term budget will have a significant impact on the city.


    Guelph is considering a Dark Sky Bylaw Dark Sky Bylaw

    Participate in workshops on November 9 and November 14, and have your say online in the new year. We want your thoughts on the need for a Dark Sky bylaw in Guelph. Join us during one of our upcoming workshops to learn more about the process, explore reasons for reducing

    Dark Sky Bylaw

    Two workshops are planned to learn more and share ideas: first online on November 9, second in-person on November 14. More opportunities to get involved will come in January.


    Have your say: Emma to Earl bridge design Emma to Earl bridge

    About the project To connect communities and provide links to the trail/cycling network in Guelph, planning and design for this future active transportation bridge over the Speed River is moving forward. The project is in the initial stages of detailed design. At this

    Emma to Earl bridge

    A pedestrian bridge is being planned over the Speed River, between Emma St and Earl St, just south of Speedvale. The city wants feedback on two concept designs for the bridge.


    Registration for fall recreation programs opens Sept 13 at 7:30 AM Fall recreation programs are just around the corner!

    Registration for fall recreation programs starts September 13 at 7:30 a.m. Program options include swimming, sports and leisure activities. Fall schedules are now live on RecEnroll so you can plan your programs before registration opens.

    Fall recreation programs are just around the corner!

    Program schedules can be seen now at

    0 Automated speed enforcement starts August 1

    Guelph, Ont., July 25, 2023 – On August 1, 2023, four automated speed enforcement cameras will rotate around 16 different locations across Guelph every

    Automated speed enforcement starts August 1

    There will be four speed enforcement cameras, rotating between different locations, all by schools. The first four locations will be:

    • Westwood Road, in front of Westwood Road Public School
    • Colonial Drive, in front of St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School
    • Metcalfe Street, in front of King George Public School
    • Ironwood Drive, in front of Fred A. Hamilton Public School

    Comment on the city's Parks and Recreation Master Plan by Aug 13 Parks and Recreation Master Plan

    Your parks. Your recreation. Your voice. We’ve created a draft Parks and Recreation Master Plan to guide the future of parks and recreation services and infrastructure. The plan presents a vision for the future, goals and objectives to meet Guelph’s needs. Informed by

    Parks and Recreation Master Plan
    0 The City wants your input on culture in Guelph

    Have your say online by August 6 Have your say on the culture plan Guelph, Ont., July 13, 2023 – The City of Guelph is looking for community input as it

    The City wants your input on culture in Guelph

    "To help us create Guelph’s culture plan, visit by August 6 and complete two quick online activities that will help us frame the richer conversations to come."


    Canada Day Fireworks at Riverside Park, 9 PM Canada Day Fireworks

    Join Rotary at Riverside Park on Saturday evening, July 1st, 2023 for a fabulous display of fireworks to celebrate Canada Day.

    Canada Day Fireworks