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I joined Lemmy back in 2020 and have been using it as [email protected] until somewhere in 2023 when I switched to I'm interested in Linux, FOSS, technology, and several other subjects.

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Poll shows 84% of PC users unwilling to pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware
  • I would pay extra to be able to run open LLM's locally on Linux. I wouldn't pay for Microsoft's Copilot stuff that's shoehorned into every interface imaginable while also causing privacy and security issues. The context matters.

  • Woman swept to sea while swimming at a Japanese beach rescued 37 hours later and 50 miles away
  • According to Alvarenga, Córdoba lost all hope around four months into the voyage after becoming sick from the raw food, and eventually died from starvation by refusing to eat. Alvarenga has said that he contemplated suicide for four days after Córdoba died, but his Christian faith prevented him from doing so. He related that Córdoba made him promise not to eat his corpse after he died, so he kept it on the boat. He sometimes spoke to the corpse and after six days, fearing he was going insane, he threw it overboard.

    I'm pretty sure I would've gone insane

  • I keep getting "wrong_step" when trying to log in

    Does anyone else have issues with the canvas site?


    Growing Human Neurons on a Home Made Electrode Array


    Connecting Living Neurons to a Computer | Teaching Neurons to Play Doom - Episode 3


    Such a pain in the sas


    Such a pain in the sas


    Nvidia Looks Towards Linux Kernel Upstream


    Definitely working as intended


    Worst prediction ever


    Context: This is an archived article from 1939 by "Foreign Affairs".


    Rolling release rule


    Christmas rule spirit

    Image description: List of webshop search results including Christmas decorations, wrapping paper cutters, stockings for adults, and pregnancy tests.


    SSD is eepy rule


    Rainbow capitalism moment


    Rainbow capitalism moment


    It just feels wrong


    It's a mystery

    Enjoy this low bandwidth meme


    Maybe we can get good IPv6 support now


    Using disc spanning for RAID array

    I'm planning on building a new home server and was thinking about the possibility to use disc spanning to create matching disk sizes for a RAID array. I have 2x2TB drives and 4x4TB drives.

    Comparison with RAID 5

    4 x 4 TB drives

    • 1 RAID array
    • 12 TB total !

    4 x 4 TB drives & 2 x 2 TB drives

    • 2 RAID arrays
    • 14 TB total ! !

    5 x 4* TB drives

    • Several 4TB disks and 2 smaller disks spanned to produce a 4 TB block device
    • 16 TB total !

    I'm not actually planning on actually doing this because this setup will probably have all kinds of problems, however I do wonder, what would those problems be?


    The Magic of RISC-V Vector Processing


    I forced AI to sing Linux source code


    ASRock N100m vs BKHD 1264 motherboard for NAS

    I'm trying to build a DIY NAS, I already have some (6) 3.5" SATA disks, a Mini-ITX case, and power supply, but I'm still unsure on which motherboard & CPU to get. I think a motherboard + N100 combo is a good option because of the price and power consumption.

    I'm currently using a MiniPC with an i5-6500T (4784 passmark) and an external HDD enclosure connected with USB using RAID-1 (software) which uses about 35W. The USB enclosure is limited to 2 slots, and I've heard from here that it can be problematic in combination with RAID. The N100 (5551) boards have a slightly better passmark score but most importantly more expandability (SATA & PCIe) and supposedly a lower power consumption. The i5-6500T has a TDP of 65W, the N100 a TDP of 6W, that doesn't say much but it seems to a lot better when looking at info online. The N100 also apparently has Quicksync support while the i5's support is limited and struggles to encode 1080p (100% CPU usage).

    There are 2 main boards I'm considering. The BKHD 1264 and the ASRock N100M. ASRock is a better known brand, but their version only supports DDR4 and 2 SATA ports while the BKHD board supports DDR5, has 6 SATA ports, and has 4 × 2.5G network ports. I've also heard complaints about high temps (90c) with the N100m because it only has passive cooling, while the BKHD board has active cooling and a large heat sink. However, the BKHD board is a bit more expensive (~€150 vs ~€130), but it seems worth it because I won't have to add an external HBA.

    What do you think would be the better option?

    EDIT 2024-05-26: I ended up getting the ASUS Prime N100I-D D4 because it's significantly cheaper (€95). It does have less SATA ports (1), but I accidentally bought a SATA card so that actually works out pretty well.