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Cloud Storage with smart/on-demand sync Linux client?
  • It's a shitty Synology Nas with extreme slow speeds. That's only amplified by slow upload speeds when I'm not in my local network.

    The main difference, and that's also the difference to the way Gnome handles cloud storage like GDrive, is that I don't want a network storage. I want integration into my file system, and I want automatic upload of what I'm working on. And I want the ability to say: this directory needs to be available offline. Without having to copy it from my nas to local storage and back again.

  • Cloud Storage with smart/on-demand sync Linux client?

    Like OneDrive for Windows or iCloud on MacOS. So files only her downloaded when needed and you can specify directories/files to be available offline.

    Needs to integrate into nautilus context menu with the option to get a shareable link through that. Though I'm open to switching my file manager. Nextcloud can do it but the feature is experimental and every time I restart it just syncs everything again.

    Gnome online accounts doesn't let you specify folders to be available offline. Onedriver is the same and I'd like to stop paying MS money. Plus neither integrate into nautilus' context menu.

    It's the one thing I really miss from win 11. Basically all folders I worked were synced and for a secondary backup I synced OneDrive to a NAS. My Cloud Storage is bigger than the available space on my machine. I could do insync with selective sync, it nautilus integration as well. But that's just not as elegant as smart/on demand sync, having everything available in your file manager when you need it.

    Google promised a better search experience — now it’s telling us to put glue on our pizza
  • Google has a deal with reddit as well.

    But I don't think it's just an issue with the dataset. It's the false promise of these LLMs having a fucking clue what a good search result is and what is not. They don't. They are just good at creating text that sounds plausible. That's not what searching for factually correct information is about though.

  • LPT Do it.
  • While correct in the sense of word and versioning via mail being a nightmare, I really don't think you can expect anyone to learn latex just so they can comment in your document. I would have offered to send a pdf. Shoot me.

  • Uber's new shuttle service sounds a lot like a bus route
  • We need to tax the fuck out of the dIsRupTIve vultures called venture capitalists. The only disruption they cause is offering an existing service with extra little value returned to society and workers until the competition is dead. Then prices are raised and society gets squeezed a second time. It's fucking disgusting. The raised tax on these fuckers can then be used for public transport, amongst other things.

    So, no, we don't get public transport from banning Uber doing this. But Uber wouldn't do this (or exist) if the investors of this shit company would pay their fair share and if Uber had to follow proper labor laws.

  • If we're being honest...
  • Tbh whatever LLM of your choice is great to get through that for me. Just plop in the mail and what you want to respond, and then take the output and edit so it matches your personal style. It really has helped me to get through that anxiety. And I don't feel like it's less me, it's what I want to say, and I edit it to make it personal.

    I mean "Hsssssssss Grrrrrrr tsk tsk tsk Eeeeeee! Chh! Chh! Ch-ch-ch-ch."

  • "LiNuX uSeR iNsTaLlInG A BrOwSeR haha" meanwhile :
  • Powertoys Run is really good as well, and developed by MS which is just en extra layer of absurdism considering how bad the start menu search is. I mapped powertoys Run to the windows key and have not looked at the start menu since, literally.

  • Banks have given almost $7tn to fossil fuel firms since Paris deal, report reveals
  • Bro such a great idea!! Like a long city in the dessert, like a line, bro, like this line right here, like it'll totally, fucking climate change, like it's the future, I swear, the most insane, just imagine the internet, in like, it's a line, and, hear me out, it's in the dessert, that'll show that we don't, like, it's not just oil and patria-, bro like get the black AMEX r.e.a.d.y., I need the concierge service to deliver me some fucking Canadian lobster up this bitch right now,

  • Banks have given almost $7tn to fossil fuel firms since Paris deal, report reveals
  • It's such a slippery slope I think. Yes, we all have to change our behaviour. But what does it help if I do it when the market is not regulated in a way that discourages climate damaging behaviour?
    It's like, yeah, I can boycott Nestlé, and I do, but in the end they will push as far as legislation will let them. So my boycott is essentially meaningless beyond feeling good about myself. And it's potentially even harmful in the sense that it shifts the responsibility for change unto the individual.

  • A new trolley era
  • Yeah and while Elon is the fucking worst I assume not everyone knows that he is the Tesla man. It's incredible actually how much he's intertwined with the brand. I would totally buy a Toyota or whatever and I couldn't tell you the name of their CEO, nor of any other car manufacturer, nor would I look up who they are beforehand.

    Granted the poster above is on Lemmy so I assume he knows more about musky boy than he would like.