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The Bubble Directive
  • Theme checks out and is taken up to 11 in Lower Decks:

  • New warp drive concept does twist space, doesn’t move us very fast

    While it won't make a useful spaceship engine, it may tell us more about relativity.

    New warp drive concept does twist space, doesn’t move us very fast

    >The researchers did indeed discover a warp drive solution: a method of manipulating space so that travelers can move without accelerating. There is no such thing as a free lunch, however, and the physicality of this warp drive does come with a major caveat: the vessel and passengers can never travel faster than light. Also disappointing: the fact that the researchers behind the new work don't seem to bother with figuring out what configurations of matter would allow the warping to happen.

    80's Music Admiral Patrick
    Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The Money [1983]
    70's Music Admiral Patrick
    ABBA - Waterloo [1974]
    80's Music Admiral Patrick
    Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me [1987]
    90's Music Admiral Patrick
    Sister Hazel - Shame On Me [1999]
    80's Music Admiral Patrick
    Los Lobos - La Bamba [1987]

    There's no 50's music community to post the original Ritchie Valens version, so here's a 1987 cover.

    90's Music Admiral Patrick
    The Notorious B.I.G. - Going Back to Cali [1998]
    90's Music Admiral Patrick
    Blues Traveler - Hook [1995]
    Republicans Now Until Election Day
  • The funny / sad thing is that this scene is from Death to 2020 and they're running the same playbook as they did 4 years ago.

  • Political Memes Admiral Patrick
    Republicans Now Until Election Day
    ‘Psychologically tortured’: California city pays man nearly $1m after 17-hour police interrogation
  • Jesus christ. And to think these people see themselves as the good guys.

  • Zip
  • For me it's more time travel than teleportation. Whiskey + record collection = good times

  • Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You [1973]
  • I've never seen Reservoir Dogs so me too lol

  • Dupont is splitting into 3 organizations.
  • They've already done that once. See Chemours

  • Almost everyone uses the upvote/downvote button correctly.
  • Lemmy voting is like restarting someone's heart with a downed power line:

    Hank Hill saying 'Theres really no wrong way to do it'

  • Why Your Wi-Fi Router Doubles as an Apple AirTag – Krebs on Security
  • Starlink's fix was to randomize the BSSID. I can do that on my gear running OpenWRT, but I'm not sure if consumer-grade routers/APs have that capability (probably not).

    However, randomizing the BSSID might throw a wrench in any setups that are configured to match the SSID to specific BSSIDs.

  • It's the same thing!
  • Cast photo of the Black Mirror episode USS Callister

  • It's the same thing!
  • I know! 😀 I'm totally here for it.

    Haven't read much beyond that, so I'm not sure how "Trek" it'll be. That episode ends with them escaping to the online game with the Star Trek Space Fleet mods removed. Still, there's plenty of potential and there aren't really any bad episodes of Black Mirror.


    Hopefully Jimmi Simpson isn't still burning alive in the plasma conduits 😬

  • It's the same thing!
  • At least you could afford that. Growing up, all we had was this:

    Cast photo of the Black Mirror episode USS Callister

  • > Apple and the satellite-based broadband service Starlink each recently took steps to address new research into the potential security and privacy implications of how their services geo-locate devices. Researchers from the University of Maryland say they relied on publicly available data from Apple to track the location of billions of devices globally -- including non-Apple devices like Starlink systems -- and found they could use this data to monitor the destruction of Gaza, as well as the movements and in many cases identities of Russian and Ukrainian troops. At issue is the way that Apple collects and publicly shares information about the precise location of all Wi-Fi access points seen by its devices. Apple collects this location data to give Apple devices a crowdsourced, low-power alternative to constantly requesting global positioning system (GPS) coordinates.

    > Both Apple and Google operate their own Wi-Fi-based Positioning Systems (WPS) that obtain certain hardware identifiers from all wireless access points that come within range of their mobile devices. Both record the Media Access Control (MAC) address that a Wi-FI access point uses, known as a Basic Service Set Identifier or BSSID. Periodically, Apple and Google mobile devices will forward their locations -- by querying GPS and/or by using cellular towers as landmarks -- along with any nearby BSSIDs. This combination of data allows Apple and Google devices to figure out where they are within a few feet or meters, and it's what allows your mobile phone to continue displaying your planned route even when the device can't get a fix on GPS.

    > With Google's WPS, a wireless device submits a list of nearby Wi-Fi access point BSSIDs and their signal strengths -- via an application programming interface (API) request to Google -- whose WPS responds with the device's computed position. Google's WPS requires at least two BSSIDs to calculate a device's approximate position. Apple's WPS also accepts a list of nearby BSSIDs, but instead of computing the device's location based off the set of observed access points and their received signal strengths and then reporting that result to the user, Apple's API will return the geolocations of up to 400 hundred more BSSIDs that are nearby the one requested. It then uses approximately eight of those BSSIDs to work out the user's location based on known landmarks.

    > In essence, Google's WPS computes the user's location and shares it with the device. Apple's WPS gives its devices a large enough amount of data about the location of known access points in the area that the devices can do that estimation on their own. That's according to two researchers at the University of Maryland, who theorized they could use the verbosity of Apple's API to map the movement of individual devices into and out of virtually any defined area of the world. The UMD pair said they spent a month early in their research continuously querying the API, asking it for the location of more than a billion BSSIDs generated at random. They learned that while only about three million of those randomly generated BSSIDs were known to Apple's Wi-Fi geolocation API, Apple also returned an additional 488 million BSSID locations already stored in its WPS from other lookups.>Apple and the satellite-based broadband service Starlink each recently took steps to address new research into the potential security and privacy implications of how their services geo-locate devices. Researchers from the University of Maryland say they relied on publicly available data from Apple to track the location of billions of devices globally — including non-Apple devices like Starlink systems — and found they could use this data to monitor the destruction of Gaza, as well as the movements and in many cases identities of Russian and Ukrainian troops.

    "Plotting the locations returned by Apple's WPS between November 2022 and November 2023, Levin and Rye saw they had a near global view of the locations tied to more than two billion Wi-Fi access points," the report adds. "The map showed geolocated access points in nearly every corner of the globe, apart from almost the entirety of China, vast stretches of desert wilderness in central Australia and Africa, and deep in the rainforests of South America."

    The researchers wrote: "We observe routers move between cities and countries, potentially representing their owner's relocation or a business transaction between an old and new owner. While there is not necessarily a 1-to-1 relationship between Wi-Fi routers and users, home routers typically only have several. If these users are vulnerable populations, such as those fleeing intimate partner violence or a stalker, their router simply being online can disclose their new location."

    Everything on the Internet is true
  • Didn't his people seed life on Earth millions of years ago then fuck off into space and eventually create the Xenomorphs?

  • is too big, use other instances
  • For that example, there may be something else going on. The time behind graph for Lemmy World- > Hacker Talks seems to only average about 90 seconds. Some of the comments that show up on LW were made hours ago. If it were just federation delay, they should have arrived already.

    Assuming those are going straight to your Lemmy server and not to a proxy that buffers them? If you've got a federation proxy buffering those, then the graph would be off since it wouldn't show what's sitting queued in your buffer.

    You still definitely have a point. Every couple of weeks, my instance seems to start lagging behind by several hours and then goes back to normal after a few days. Still not sure why unless there's just a huge uptick in activities being sent out from LW. I made a post about it yesterday, but it doesn't dive too deep into the technical details; basically just an info post to let people on my instance know I'm aware and trying to do what I can about it.

  • Inbound federation delays from Lemmy World (Again). Workaround is in place for now.

    If you've noticed content from Lemmy World lagging by a few hours the past few days, it's not just you.

    Long story short, it's a problem with how Lemmy sends activities, and it's heavily impacted by latency between sending and receiving server and creates a fixed upper limit on the number of activities per second that can be sent. Lemmy World is hosted in Finland, and DubVee on the US east coast. There's only so much I can do to work around the inherent latency of a trans-Atlantic link.

    We're not alone in this. Some instances, particularly in Australia, New Zealand, and US west coast, are impacted more dramatically.

    While there's always some federation delay/backlog, it only escalates to noticeable levels every so often. Not sure why, but I've gone over our infrastructure top to bottom several times and cannot find any reason, on this end, for these events. The graph in the post shows the number of activities Dubvee is lagging behind Lemmy World over the last 30 days.

    Normally, it's 300-500 activities which usually corresponds to a minute or less of lag between LW sending an event and DubVee processing it. Occasionally, when LW gets busy, we see spikes into the 3000-5000 range (~5-7 minutes of lag). Every so often, though, there will be huge backlog events (the spikes from 15K to 35K) which often take 8-12 hours to catch up. A month or two ago, I think the largest spike was around 180,000 (though that was a separate issue).

    I believe this is being addressed in Lemmy itself, but it'll be a while before it's ready (and I'm certainly going to let other instances kick the tires before upgrading).

    In the mean time, I've talked with some other admins and have deployed a Federation proxy. I won't go into the nitty-gritty details, but it does seem to be alleviating a lot, but not all, of the congestion. We went from averaging around 10,000 backlogged events to about 2500. So, definitely an improvement.

    Update: Buffer has cleared, and things seem to be coming in pretty close to real time. Occasionally the buffer kicks in, but overall, it appears to be helping. Will continue to monitor. Usually 11-12 AM eastern time is when we start to see lag increasing in activities coming from Lemmy World.

    Hopefully there's some more optimization I can do in the mean time, and hopefully Lemmy addresses this limitation, but for now, this should make things less bad.

    Democrat rebuked on House floor for remarks about Trump ‘sex scandal’ case
  • Didn't EmptyG bring a poster-sized print out of Hunter's junk onto the floor for some stupid "gotcha"? I don't recall Republicans getting upset over that.

  • Democrat rebuked on House floor for remarks about Trump ‘sex scandal’ case
  • So they're too offensive to talk about but not too offensive to rally behind for president? 🙄

  • Terrifying New Anti-Marijuana PSA Says Overindulgence Could Cause You to End Up Like Bill Maher
  • Ron Swanson saying ' Never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing'

    Unless it's being an ass clown. Then it's okay to go halfway.

  • Shooting Something Into the Sun is HARD

    Article if you'd rather read about it.

    A common joke is "just launch X into the sun and be done with it". Turns out, that's actually a really difficult thing to do.

    From Earth, we would have to accelerate a spacecraft to 33 m/s in the opposite direction of our orbit in order to get it to fall into the sun (without entering an elliptical orbit) For reference, we only need to launch a spacecraft at 11 km/s in the same direction of our orbit to cause the spacecraft to escape our solar system.

    This means that it would take less energy to launch a spacecraft to another star than our own sun.

    Ghostwriter - Lenni's "You Gotta Believe" Song

    I'm not sure what triggered this random memory, but I was driving back from a day trip and this song just popped into my head in full clarity.

    Over 30 years later, I"m just now realizing Hector is doing some ASL interpretation (which is about the closest to dancing I can do lol).

    🎵You gotta believe, reach for the sky. You gotta believe, let your spirit soar high. You gotta believe, let no one stand in your way, and and your dreams will be reality. Some day 🎵

    70's Music Admiral Patrick
    Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You [1973]
    90's Music Admiral Patrick
    Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly [1999]

    Was out on a drive earlier and this song came on. I think it's the first time I've heard it in at least 5 or 6 years, maybe longer.

    Also,completely forgot how awesome the video for it is.

    Progress Report on 1.4.0 "Intrepid"

    I don't normally jump minor versions this fast, but since this release completely breaks backwards-compatibility with 0.18.x I figured the jump was warranted. Any bugfixes or feature backports that need to be done to 1.3.0 will be released in the 1.3.x series.

    Lemmy 0.19.3 is now the minimum supported API version as of Tesseract 1.4.0

    Note: If you are using the hosted instance ( and are connecting to an 0.18.x instance, you will need to make arrangements to either self host 1.3.0 or ask your instance admin to offer it as an option. Once 1.4.0 enters beta testing, the hosted version will be upgraded and 0.18.x support will no longer be available there.

    New Features Preview

    I'm still tweaking some of these, so the release version may look slightly different from what's pictured here.

    Image Upload Management

    You can now delete post, post body, and comment images. Be kind to your instance admins and clean up after yourself :).

    There's a new "delete" button next to the post image upload that activates once you upload an image. In addition, in the post body and comment text editors, your uploads will be shown as thumbnails along the bottom along with a "delete" button for each.

    !Post form with upload management

    It also works on mobile:

    !Mobile view of post editor with image upload management

    You can also specify the alt text in the image upload (not for post images, though; API limitation).

    !Screenshot of the new image upload modal with alt text field.

    Deleting images also deletes them in the API, so again, be kind to your instance admins and delete mistaken uploads :)

    User Profile Modals

    User links throughout the application now load a modal with action items and basic user details.

    !User Profile Modal

    Users Without Profile Avatars Now Use Dicebear "Adventurer" Avatars

    I put a lot of work into making profiles look nice and got tired of half or more of the users that show up in them having blank profiles with just the initials placeholder. Blank profiles now automatically generate a pseudo-random avatar. They're based on the user's actor_id value, so the same user will always have the same random avatar until/unless they set one of their own.

    !An otherwise blank profile with a randomly-generated avatar

    Upgraded /instances Instance Browser

    After releasing 1.3.0, I realized that the /instances page used about 800-900 MB RAM because it's rendering several thousand instance objects each with action items, etc. I re-wrote it completely and wrote custom pagination to go along with the filters so only 100 are shown at once. This has cut memory usage significantly.

    !New instances page now with pagination and federation state

    Additionally, I added federation status information, when available, to each. If the instance is Lemmy, you can pull it's outbound federation status for your instance. This is useful if you think your instance is lagging behind any other; it will show you an estimate of how many activities you're behind by.

    !Instance Object with Federation State Shown

    You can quick-access the federation state from the "Instances" menu on posts:

    !Instance menu on post showing option to show instance stats

    Hide Submissions from New Accounts

    Annoyed by people spinning up burner accounts and bouncing, often deleting the account and content afterwards and taking any meaningful conversations with it?

    Tired of seeing spam / troll posts from brand new accounts?

    Me too. Now you can choose to hide submissions from accounts considered new. If they stick around, then the posts will become visible to you after the account has matured past the configurable cutoff age (1-30 days). If they don't, or they get banned, then you'll never see their garbage.

    !Filtering settings showing new options to hide submissions from new accounts and set the number of days an account is considered new

    This setting behaves differently for mods and admins. If you are a moderator, you will still see submissions to any community you moderate. If you are a local admin, you will see submissions to any community that is local to your instance (whether you are an official mod of it or not).

    Submissions in the user's profile will still be visible regardless of this setting.

    Vote Viewer (Admins Only)

    As with Lemmy-UI, admins can view the votes on any post/comment to check for manipulation by alts, sockpuppets, etc. You can access the vote view through the Moderation menu on posts/comments.

    !Vote Viewer

    I did not redact that as I intentionally chose a new post with the single, default creator upvote. Clicking the username will open a profile modal.

    Other Under-the-Hood Changes

    • The internal image upload proxy has been removed as it is no longer needed. Was required in 0.18.x since POST -> /pictrs/image was CORS-restricted to the API's origin.
    • Unprivileged users can no longer see the admin and community settings.
    • Moderator View listing type is now available
    • Scaled sort is now selectable as a default sort option
    • Various tweaks to look better on mobile
    • Added more polish to moderation modals (got rid of ugly checkboxes, moved action buttons to better places, etc)
    • Removed most of the backwards-compatibility hacks from 1.3.0 that were required to support both 0.18.x and 0.19.x


    No scheduled release date. All of the listed features are completed and stable, but there's still a laundry list of "to do" items. 2FA setup is also planned for this release, and I still haven't gotten around to re-writing the custom feeds.

    Librarians Are Waging a Quiet War Against International “Data Cartels”

    cross-posted from:

    > Digital collections put library patrons’ privacy at risk

    AI's most notable accomplishment...

    Alt text: A rocket engine attached to a train. The rocket is labeled "AI" and the train labeled "Enshittification train".

    Sandi Toksvig & Alan Davies Interview (2024)

    Sandi and Alan discuss how the Klaxon was Alan's idea, their favorite guests, and possibilities after Series Z

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