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Good question
  • Because when the story was conceived there were other gods, the snake may represent evil but it more so represents the “evil of enlightenment brought about by others whispering tales” or the pill of other gods.

    Judaism was unique in that it was monotheistic as well as intolerant of other gods which was kinda very much against the grain in those times.

    Christianity took the torch from them started a new fire.

  • Good question
  • Christ alive (hehe) you kinda missed the purpose of the New Testament didn’t you?

    Jesus was the last child sacrifice.

    That’s the story.

    That’s the crucifixion in its entirety.

    The rest is shoehorned in AND the best part of it none of it actually happened and there is no record of it except for second hand accounts generations later.

    So one of the things Roman’s were really good at, records, didn’t record a Jesus being crucified.

    It didn’t happen.

  • Good question
  • A person with a background in philosophy ought to be able to make a good faith (hehe) argument that God is not benevolent in any capacity and is doing the same as a toddler in a sandbox.

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  • As a pc player who cross plays games with my buddy on Xbox I’d offer that aimbots are much less common than you think, a mouse is just a much more precise input.

    I get called a hacker constantly by people on console. I’m not even that good these days.

    I’m moving my mouse a distance on a surface with a repeatable result. I can aim at parts of the screen with my eyes closed because of where my mouse is moved, I can recalibrate its center dynamically (pick it up and place it down) and I can adjust its sensitivity far better than any controller could. I can throw it two feet across my desk and know it’s going to move a specific amount on screen. A joystick doesn’t provide the same level of sensitivity because it’s on a fixed platform and has a fixed travel distance.

    I can snap my crosshair on a specific spot in a millisecond, I can stop on a dime without any drift.

    Chances are unless the aimbotting is obvious and overt you’re just playing against someone good. There’s a reason we tend to not get aim assist with mouse and keyboard.

    Yes cheating exists. 100% I agree. But it’s not as common as people think, and if the amount I get called a hacker is translatable out to the world at large there are a LOT of us getting called hackers just for having better inputs

  • Ocular manipulation






    Ganons thinking face


    I always thought Ganon looked like an owl


    Dobby doing his “feed me” pose.