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Why haven't car manufacturers standardized automatic brake lights when a built in accelerometer detects deceleration?
  • Because there are laws that specify when the brake light has to come on, and it isn’t when the car shows down (slightly).

    To be clear, the laws say when it must illuminate. They do not (in the US) prevent illuminating it for other reasons in any way. The law says the light must illuminate/burn if you are actively pressing the brake pedal, but does not prevent it from also illuminating if a certain amount of regenerative braking is applied or a deceleration is detected. Theoretically an automaker could get away with making the brake lights simply always illuminate (and that loophole would be fixed in days, so no one does it).

  • Maine Cybertruck Owner Sad Everyone Hates His Truck
  • So they progressively increase closing force if it keeps detecting something but the owner keeps trying to close it. I can vaguely see the reasoning only if they aren't confident in the frunk sensor for some reason. I mean garage doors solved this problem forever ago without having to resort to something like that.

    I wonder if the "vision-based everything" mandate from Musk applies outside of autonomous driving features? Makes sense to not be confident in it if it's just a camera...

  • 6 May 1987
  • Gunpowder itself isn't particularly strong as far as explosives go. Like you can probably make a bomb with enough of it packed tightly but you're better off with dynamite.

  • Am I going fucking crazy? (Regarding explicit songs being censored on various music streaming services.)
  • To be fair, in that specific case it is almost certainly not YouTube directly censoring the phrase. They aren't known to do any kind of editing like that on uploaded videos.

    What is happening is the person that uploaded that video censored themselves....because YouTube's policy around monetization. They'll demonetize videos with certain no-no words. Part of that is YouTube and part of that is advertisers demanding their ads not be placed on content that they find objectionable.

    Indirectly, YouTube and advertisers are censoring our content. A lot of it is also TikTok, which will ban you for no-no words. This seeps over into YouTube where something that might be fine on YouTube but is banned on TikTok gets censored anyway in case it gets clipped for TikTok.

    Genuinely the power TikTok and it's advertisers have over how we communicate is pretty scary. Imagine how often you hear "unalive" instead of "suicide" these days. "Pdf" (or others) instead of "pedophile." The list goes on.

  • Semiautomatic firearm ban passes Colorado's House, heads to Senate
  • Instead of pretending One Man With A Gun is going to do something

    I used to agree with this train of thought, why be armed when the government has tanks?

    But the realities of the past several years have shown us that an armed rebellion can be significantly more powerful. Look at Iraq and Afghanistan, look at Myanmar today where the rebel groups are literally 3D printing carbines. A guerilla group with small arms can put serious pressure on a modern military. Will lots of them die? Probably. Will they "win"? Probably not, but they could easily wear down the enemy with attrition. When you need to move a couple dozen men with rifles it's an entirely different game than coordinating 12 tanks and 500 men, you can employ completely different tactics. Especially on your home turf that you know inside and out.

    Is an armed rebellion happening anytime soon? I sure hope not. But the threat that an armed populace can at the least put some serious hurt on a military/government is a deterrent to tyranny. Just the possibility of it is a huge deterrent, compared to authoritarian countries where citizens aren't armed and get run over by tanks.

    I'm not saying gun violence isn't a huge problem, but saying armed citizenry is zero deterrent is just factually untrue.

  • White House condemns ‘Death to America’ chants at rally in Dearborn, Mich.
  • No one’s keeping you here.

    It's actually very difficult and expensive to leave your home country for 99% of the population.

    Just in terms of cost you need a plane ticket (or other travel costs), money to navigate the country's immigration programs and all the fees associated, you probably need to pay to learn a new language for a year or two before you're fluent enough in that language (DuoLingo/self-learning has very mixed results), you need to pay for housing for when you arrive until you're able to get a job. Realistically the ones fed up with our society are the ones living paycheck to paycheck, do you think they can shoulder those costs?

    This is all assuming they even let you in, most developed countries won't unless you have an in-demand skillset and/or a job already lined up in the country of question (i.e., the type of jobs that are doing well here already). And often times even if you have valid reasons and a job lined up they can still just tell you to go fuck yourself.

    Add on top of that that if you somehow get that far, get past all of that, you're giving away your right to vote in your new society for several years due to requirements to become a naturalized citizen.

    Makes a lot more sense to try to improve your own country and local society when you consider all of those factors. "Don't like America then leave" is something only the privileged that can hop on a jet to a new country at a moment's notice think is a valid suggestion. At best it's shit advice and at worst it's a bad faith argument to push aside any and all criticism of the current system.

  • More like Jeff Bozos
  • Why would Amazon want to hinder the accuracy of the price tracking in that way?

    Accurate price tracking leads to people saying "Oh well it was 50% less a year ago. I'll wait on a sale, not paying full price on that" and waiting on a sale, leading to less conversions. Amazon has pressured Camelcamelcamel into agreeing to not track specific low prices (i.e., Prime Day, if that actually had any good sales). I'm unsure if they track coupons or not, they were not clear about what the criteria for not tracking a price are.

    Camelcamelcamel is unfortunately compromised by Amazon, it's probably mostly accurate but there are price points they do not accurately log at Amazon's request.

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E Sales Soar After Discounts, Proving Cheap EVs Are the Way Forward
  • Chevy has had a perfectly serviceable and low cost EV on the market for years

    With the caveat that for those years it's been basically unobtainium. I looked into buying one at the start of last year and five dealers all had none in stock + a 6 month wait. (Their websites listed several in stock but we'll ignore that other thorn)

    They killed production of it to focus on building luxury SUVs (Cadillac Lyriq) and the Blazer EV (starts $42k), so the stock that exists today is all there is. Used ones exist but the problem is they never actually made them in sufficient quantities to meet demand, and instead of ramping up production decided it'd be better to sell $40k-60k vehicles instead.

  • Are gun designs open source?
  • I'm not arguing one way or another but I want to clear up some very common misconceptions about US gun laws.

    in some states, you can get semi-automatic weapons (which are completely banned in Austria) in a shop in just minutes. And that without any background checks, psychological reports, justifications, approval required, without anything like that

    This is just blatantly untrue and I wish people would stop parroting it. If you go to any shop you need to pass a federal background check to buy any non-vintage firearm (pre-1899..not exactly a ton of those floating around). The exception here is private firearm sales, i.e. I go to Craigslist and sell a rifle or handgun. The law states the seller has to have no reasonable cause to believe they would be an unlawful possessor (weak, yes). With that said, almost half of the states (22 per Wikipedia) have implemented state-level laws requiring a background check for private sales.

    In many states even convicted criminals can get guns like that.

    Again, objectively untrue. You are not buying a firearm from any legal, licensed dealer in the US without going through a background check. And a violent criminal offense will get you barred from purchasing. For the 28 states without laws around private sales, the seller can be federally legally liable if they sell to someone that is not legally allowed to have a gun and they use it to commit crimes.

    In the US, guns are sometimes a presents for kids which they can just…own and use (while in Austria everything is obviously 18+).

    No, a child cannot legally own a firearm. The parent can purchase and own a firearm that they are allowed to use, but they do not own it. In many states if the child hurts themselves or others with such a firearm the parents will be held liable, many states have laws around safely storing firearms when children are around.

    While in the US (in many states), you can just carry any gun around in public whatsoever. So even if the police sees you having weapons in public, they can’t / don’t do anything about that

    In most states if you don't have a license to conceal carry and you do you are breaking the law and can be charged. I'll say this one isn't entirely false but heavily depends on your state.

    A large part of why this issue gets nowhere is that neither side can even agree on what is true today, rather than what should be true to bring down the issue of violent crime. If one side says "They're totally unregulated you can just buy one off Amazon and start blasting. We have to do something!" The other side is gonna think "Well they obviously have no idea what they're talking about, no point in listening to what they have to say"

  • Need advice for a 3D printer for 200-250€
  • I own the Sovol SV06, it was my first printer but it was also the cheapest option for me ($169 IIRC). The Sovol has given me two problems in the entire time I used it:

    1. When it came in, the extruder was jammed. Wouldn't print or extrude any filament for some reason. Followed a 2 minute video on Sovol's Amazon page to resolve it (although it did involve disassembling the hotend).

    2. The extruder decided to encase itself in plastic one day when I printed something on it. That was a bitch and a half to clean, had to take a heat gun to it to soften the plastic then scrape it off without burning myself. My best guess is it was caused by me forgetting to run bed leveling after moving the printer a bit, hasn't happened again.

    Other than those two times it just works every time I need it. It was sitting dormant for ~3 months and I just kicked off a print yesterday, no problems. Fired right up and everything printed perfectly.

    With that said, is it €239 of "Just works"? Probably not. I immediately couldn't do some prints I planned because of the build volume (although all three of your options have the same build volume). So I'm already considering upgrading to an SV06 Plus. So check some of what you want to print that it'll fit in 220x220x250.

    I did some research on your other options and as far as I can tell, the main difference between them and the Sovol is the all metal hotend and print speed.

    Sovol SV06 has an all-metal hotend so you can print high temperature filaments (PETG/TPE/CFN/etc) without worry (does require a harder nozzle most likely though). The other two seem to have some metal but are not fully metal, so if you want to hop into the more exotic materials you'll have to upgrade those.

    Second is speed, my SV06 prints at 80 mm/s. It is slow. Smallest prints take around 2-3 hours. My current print will be done after 24 hours. This is fine for me as most of my prints need complex geometry, so I'd rather it take longer and be accurate than run it too fast. The others claim a max speed of 250mm/s which would be a bit over 3x faster than the Sovol. If they can actually print at that speed without looking awful, that's a pretty big upgrade time-wise.

    If you need exotic filaments and don't want to upgrade the hotend yourself for it then consider the Sovol. Other than that, the price in your region makes it not an option in my opinion. The Sovol just is a budget printer, only makes sense at budget prices. The Kobra and Ended you mentioned look very similar other than that, they both have auto bed leveling (a must have), same build size, very similar designs. Personally I'd lean towards the Ender, just for the community support. But do some research and see how many community member posts you see online resolved with the two. They seem to be functionally identical to me otherwise (just looking at a spec sheet, I do not have irl experience with either of these printers)

  • Burgernomics Δ
  • Even if it started out that way, where "surge" pricing is current pricing and "off-surge" pricing is cheaper, leading to consumers paying less overall, it won't stay that way. It would only be that way to prime consumers mentally to accept that dynamic pricing. After which they'll slowly increase prices, 10 cents or whatever every month. Soon enough it'll cost more and the corporation can brag about how it increased profits again this quarter. Remember publicly traded companies are legally obligated to maximize profit - the only time they aren't doing so is when they're burning money to prime consumers to accept bullshit or building a captive base, in order to eventually maximize profits.

  • Ghost gun manufacturer agrees to stop sales to Maryland residents
  • With guns in general, or with Polymer80 or similar products? I’m guessing he’s intentionally mixing the two to make it sound scarier than it is.

    This is what I hate about the rhetoric around gun control, especially "ghost guns"

    As a gun owner that thinks guns are fucking cool, I'm happy to have reasonable compromises and regulations around them. Compromises and regulations that do something to stop crime. Almost all cases of 3D printed guns being used in crime are when the crime is having a 3D printed firearm (mostly in Europe). Actual violent crime it is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction. We should focus on legislation that does something about the problem, not ban things we arbitrarily give scary names like "Ghost guns." Look at the actual numbers, the actual types of crimes being committed, go after those things. Don't start background checking people for 3D printer purchases of all things.

  • The makers of Palworld are desperate to hire more developers: 'We are overwhelmingly short of people'
  • Usually that affects businesses that either provide an online service, so their costs spike massively

    It was reported they were spending half a million USD a month on server costs. A lot of the servers are player-hosted but there are also official servers hosted by PocketPair. Half a million won't immediately crush them with their current sales numbers but it isn't great either.

    Honestly no idea why they even have official servers.