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Lix - a new fork of Nix
  • Oc the og based gigachad PhD holder didn't just force through a RFC which causes thousands of regressions in the main repo. Nix community is sure healthy under this kind of leadership.

  • What is the "Correct" Speed Limit? (Not Just Bikes)
  • Babe wake up, another NJB video just drop

  • YouTube's war against third party apps is just as ridiculous as its war on adblockers
  • New version of newpipe can already do that tho, glad that these projects are giving each other inspiration to work on the features that user want, unlike certain company

  • Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Announces Indefinite Hiatus
  • Too bad, I guess I just have to re-read the chapters then

  • [Request] Some helps to my poem on the Palestinian's suffering

    I'm working on a poem inspired by Palestinian's brave resistance to the Zionist regime, and I'm eager to learn some symbolisms in order to express my and your feelings in an accurate and abstract way. I had learnt about the history of Islamic world before, albeit incomplete and not exactly thorough, so I have some basic knowledge on conflicts happened in Morden Age Palestine.

    Here are the questions that I want to ask y'all:

    1. The River of Jordan is also known as al-Urdunn in Arabic. Is there any story behind this name or the river itself?
    2. I've learnt that Mount Nabi Yunis is the highest point in the West Bank. Is it true? Its name of course speak out its religious significance, but I would like to know whether the locals will go for a pilgrimage to the place or held any sort of festival around it.
    3. Besides Mount Nabi Yunis, are there any other mountain ranges (or the one that the Mount resides in) or mountains that held significance in political, cultural, or religious sense?
    4. Ramallah means the Allah's Height. This name seems to be intimidating as one of the most sacred city, that is Jerusalem, is under the control of Palestinian Authority (at least the eastern part in de jure sense), and its significance could not have out shadowed Mecca and Medina. What's the history behind this name?
    5. Gaza City means priced city, and in Ancient Egyptian Ghazzat, means fierce (which I learnt it recently). May I ask you to help me to verify whether these information are true?
    6. The Mediterranean Sea is called al-Mutawasit. I've heard it been pronounced as "al-Mu-ta-wa-si-tu", is it the correct pronunciation? And is there any meaning behind the name of it?
    7. Are there any more politically, culturally, or religiously significant sites (other than Al-Aqsa Mosque) or symbols for Palestinians, especially on their struggles against Zionism?
    8. Not related to Arabic, is the meaning of the name of Israel capital, Tel Aviv. It means "Old New Land" right? Is there any Arabic name for the city?
    9. May you recommend me a great source on the history of Modern Age Palestine, especially after the establishment of Israel regime until the end of the Second Intifada?

    Any additional advices are welcome!

    YouTube: Google has found a way to break Invidious
  • It's fine tbh, but YouTube is really running out of great contents these days, and you have to constantly check the sources before being gaslighted. I would rather take my pace and search up things when I wanted.

  • Professional Kirin (by Sk Jynx)
  • Yes, more tattoo arts pls

  • Video Shows First Neuralink Patient Playing Mario Kart With His Mind
  • Neuralink hasn't address the security complications, hopefully their engineers know what are they doing

  • I am the Rust programmer, I will rewrite everything in Rust.
  • Let the Rust, the only deity, the only faith, guide us to our destiny. Amen.

  • Ina helped Bae put her new PC together
  • Normie Bae strikes again...

  • [KDE] Clean AF setup
  • Ok, now go to the Nuremberg

  • [Wayfire] Drop-down Kitty + Gruvbox Everywhere
  • Useless window animations for fancy purpose? You got my upvote

  • "Linux Sucks" Sucks. Here's Why
  • Mb, seems like he's a really deep down into antivac and Jan 10 rabbit hole.

  • "Linux Sucks" Sucks. Here's Why
  • May u elaborate on the allegation where he is a conspiracy theorist?

  • Mozilla names new CEO as it pivots to data privacy
  • Not a fan of her, but I do share a sentiment with her about the current state of tech industry

  • "DON'T GET MARRIED, Okay?"
  • Hmmm, you're saying these two is closer to be divorced again? Pretty Shocking

  • Instagram and Facebook delete the accounts of Iran’s supreme leader
  • It's ok as long as they're not genocidal Zionists.

  • Debian-AwesomeWM-NordThem
  • Going well! I love Nord's comfy vibes when I'm working, it feels relaxed.

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