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Everything old is new again.
  • Once took a taxi downtown with my family when we were in a different city, and the drive home was twice as much as the drive there (second driver took a different route). My dad challenged him on it and he backed down an accepted the same fare as the first driver.

    Same company, same rates, just a dbag driver

  • Customer service
  • Yeah they do it with a marker when the patient is awake. Like "this is the surgery I'm doing on you, you cool with that? Ok I'm initialing that we are doing the right thing here"

    Like for an amputation they'll mark the leg while the patient is awake "yes I want this one removed"

  • 54% of Gen Z Shoppers Use Pay Later Plans to Buy Groceries
  • I can choose with my credit card to designate a purchase over 100 bucks as a pay over time purchase. I don't use it for anything less than 4 digits, but this year we got hammered by 4 4-digit car repairs, a 4-digit tree removal, two surgeries for our dog, and a few other unexpected big expenses. I used it for the car repairs and the dog surgeries because there was a promotion where there was no fee, it just raises the minimum monthly payment, and brought the interest down. I didn't have the cash to pay that many things off at once so I'm using to to pay them down that way at a lower rate.

    But you are absolutely right, using pay later plans for small frequent purchases is not great. They might not have a choice though.

  • A Cool Guide to a Better Night's Rest.
  • I'm a PT. It's generally fine to sleep on your stomach. There is no one size fits all for positioning. If you are having issues, then it might be worth seeing a PT to assess and give guidance but you don't need to change things if you are sleeping well and waking up without issue