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GM claims its new Chevy Bolt EV will be the most affordable on the market by 2025
  • Man, I really feel like GM had been doing a lot of things right. Every manufacturer has their ups and downs, pros and cons, but they seemed like they were really trying to innovate.

    But then they had to go and remove Android Auto and CarPlay and, with a straight face, try to tell us it was for our convenience. Instead, behind our backs, they admitted it was for their data-grubby fetish.

    Fuck off, GM.

    And fuck you for destroying the faith and hope I had in your journey. The goodwill you lost from me and others will take some time to rebuild.

    So, in the meantime, who cares if this EV is affordable or not. It has no spot in my garage.

  • Self-Driving Tesla Nearly Hits Oncoming Train, Raises New Concern On Car's Safety
  • In what way is it not ready to use?

    To me it seems you just spent three paragraphs answering your own question.

    can't even see 50 meters ahead

    didn't understand what it was and how to react to it

    FSD is not a finished product. It's under development

    doesn't mean it's obvious to the AI

    If I couldn't trust a system not to drive into a train, I don't feel like I would trust it to do even the most common tasks. I would drive the car like a fully attentive human and not delude myself into thinking the car is driving me with "FSD."

  • Self-Driving Tesla Nearly Hits Oncoming Train, Raises New Concern On Car's Safety
  • I've never hit a train. And I've also never almost hit a train. I think I could go my entire life never almost hitting trains and I would still consider that the bare minimum for a mammal with two eyes and a brain.

  • Self-Driving Tesla Nearly Hits Oncoming Train, Raises New Concern On Car's Safety
  • It's unreasonable for FSD to see a train? ... that's 20ft tall and a mile long? Am I understanding you correctly?

    Foolproof would be great, but I think most people would set the bar at least as high as not getting killed by a train.

  • What open-source software would you like more people to know about?
  • The Turris Omnia is an open, powerful router that comes with OpenWRT.

    Turris adds an additional UI and features beyond that, but the OpenWRT UI is still available and the stock firmware can be completely replaced with OpenWRT if so desired.

    It's a bit pricey but has great specs (1.6 GHz dual core, 2GB RAM, 8GB eMMC) and is an excellent device for tinkerers with headers exposing UART, JTAG, GPIO, and more. It has three internal mPCIe ports as well.

    I am not affiliated with Turris but just happened to stumble upon a new one at a garage sale a couple of days ago. Lucky find and I'm excited.

  • Trump hawks $399 branded shoes at 'Sneaker Con,' a day after a $355 million ruling against him
  • "Unfortunately"? Be careful, your wording makes it sound like you would rather people be legitimately punished for letting the flag touch the ground or disposing of it improperly.

    I tried interpreting your comment in different ways and hope what you intended to say is that it's unfortunate that he is the kind of crass person that would abuse this important freedom.

    But it's important for us to make a distinction between those that exercise a freedom and those that abuse a freedom. We should be free to criticize or ridicule those in the latter group for the same reason that they are free to abuse it.

  • 3D-Printed replacement case for external modem
  • I'm confused how I would have written that as well. Coincidental for sure. I think I did have "modern" in the title initially and didn't realize editing left it since it's similar. I dunno.

    I speak English and I'm actually old enough to know what modem stands for, unfortunately 😂.

    edit: It was autocorrect apparently. It happened again and was almost impossible to detect because of the similarity.

  • 3D-Printed replacement case for external modem
  • I'll post it to soon. I'm not sure how common the brittle plastic issue was but, yeah, there seem to be a lot of variations using this exact same case design.

    I haven't seen the LEDs yet since I've lost the power supply, but I've used the same PETG pipe technique a couple of times before and it works great.

  • 3D-Printed replacement case for external modem

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like piranhaphish.

    I invested way more time in designing this then I should have, but the original was brittle and breaking and I didn't want this slice of early Internet to disappear into a landfill.

    The media controls on my car. Previous and Next are Up and Down. Volume Up and Down are Right and Left.
  • My pet peeve has always been when media controls (like volume) are on the right side of the steering wheel rather than the left.

    To me it makes a lot less sense to put them on the right when my right hand is already 10 inches away from another set of media controls (left-hand drive vehicle).

    My 2004 Mazda, 2018 Mazda, and 2011 Kia all had it figured out and pretty much used the same layout for media controls and accessories like cruise control. My Ford, however, seems like no thought was put into it.

  • Gas nozzle clicking off prematurely (aka Adventures in Troubleshooting) - Inaugural Post

    This wasn't recent, but thought it was a worthwhile post to get this community kicked off.

    A while back, my car (2011 Kia Optima) started having an issue where the gas fill nozzle would click off early during fill; I would have to fill slowly which was extremely annoying. I did all of the basic troubleshooting I found on Google with no results. I ended up fixing it, but it was a very difficult problem to track down, so I was particularly proud when I solved it, especially at no cost.

    EVAP was just a nebulous term to me at the time, but I started really digging into the service manual and systematically testing things like canister blockage, purge solenoid operation, anti-siphon blockage, etc. I even made a special apparatus that allowed me to blow air (with my mouth) into the gas fill neck to rule out some final suspects.

    It turned out the problem was the vent valve (ORVR, "B" in the picture) in the tank. After ruling everything else out and convincing myself it had to be that valve, I dropped the tank and removed/disassembled the valve. It works like a float, an open vent until the tank is full, but it was stuck at the top because it had swollen in its cage for some reason.

    I sanded the float down just slightly, reinstalled it, and never had an issue since. Maybe it was a batch of bad gas that made it swell?


    Gov. Abbott signs bill eliminating mandatory vehicle inspections in Texas

    I can't imagine this being a good thing. A past article quoted somebody as basically saying people would be trusted to use their best judgment to keep their vehicles in a safe operating condition.

    This doesn't even help low-income folks because the fee isn't going away, the name is just changing.


    Getting back to the field

    I haven't flown my main birds in a few years (only my profile foamie) but I just renewed my AMA membership, field membership, and Part 107 currency.

    I also finally built some coping to help transport it all more easily.

    I'm excited.