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Dark Matter
  • Ummm... Only thing we're sure of is that those gravitational effects exist. Dark matter and dark energy are theorized to explain the real gravitational effects that we don't understand. We don't "know of their existence," there are other theories to explain the gravitational effects.

  • kum rule
  • I thought those signs were some sort of insanely mean joke. Like... The scribbled face, the fact that's it's almost called "come on" and it's a tutoring service. So to me it screamed "COME ON KID, LEARN HOW TO READ! THIS IS WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE"

    I guess it's Japanese or something so it's fine and definitely not that.

  • Self-financed solar array destroyed in Lebanese farming village

    One of the project architects behind a solar power system in a southern Lebanese village tells <b>pv magazine</b> that the 200-panel array – which pumps water from an underground well for roughly 400 families – was allegedly destroyed earlier this month by Israeli forces. The community needs help re...

    Self-financed solar array destroyed in Lebanese farming village