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What can India and Indians do to attract more international tourists
  • One major reason I'd not want to go to India is that there seems to be a significant crowd of Nationalists that would rather deny any issues than face and fix them, and can be quite hostile to anyone that points then out. I don't really care for the "apes" commentary as that seems racist AF, but if tourism is a goal then cleaning up regressive bullshit like caste and gender discrimination (and not conducting assassinations on foreign soil then getting hostile when called on it) would be a good start.

  • What can India and Indians do to attract more international tourists
  • Indeed, I think that people in a country should be able to see their national monuments/treasures at a reduced cost. It's pretty likely that at some point their taxes paid for some of it, and making such things only for tourists is lame.

    During Covid here (Canada), locals were given free access to national park, and the restricted tourist traffic meant that people were actually able to find camping spots (many of them get gobbled up and pre-booked by tourism agencies/bots). A lot of people realized there was a lot of the country that they had been missing simply because the industry prioritized tourists over locals. If you're going to a country as a tourist, budget and plan to pay as a tourist!

  • EV Batteries Are Dangerous to Repair. Here’s Why Mechanics Are Doing So Anyway
  • Depends on where you live and where you plan to go with it. Our EV at current range is fine to get to the nearby large city in the summer over a fairly long stretch of highway. In winter it would probably be doable but at the least it impact our stopping/charging schedule. At 70% range it might not be doable at all in winter and we'd have to be careful in summer. Governments pushing EVs absolutely should be pushing a reasonable recycle/replacement cycle for batteries and the infrastructure to support that.

  • Basic Constitutional Law
  • Another situation I could see is if you had a massive power grab by an authoritarian group and a subsequent insurrection that actually led to them being overgrown. Wouldn't make sense to disqualify the ones that fought for it.

  • Airbnb admits misleading Australian customers by charging in US dollars instead of local currency
  • A lot of companies seem to pull this shit. Went to buy a product from ba Canadian company (in Canada) on their website. Prices were in dollars but no mention of CAD or USD. I used PayPal as the last step so thankfully it told me it'd be converting currency, at which point I cancelled. If I'd tried to pay by card to directly I would likely just have been charged with no idea of the currency difference until later

  • Black, gay Trump supporter brutally taunted with slurs at rightwing conference
  • No shit, right? While not all people in that group are racists, bigots, or homophobes it is the side which is more likely to attract such. Gotta have some real blinders on to think that a black, gay man is going to be welcomed by all as "part of the team"

  • What is the worst case of keeping up with the Joneses that you have seen?
  • My phone has started glitching a bit over the last month or two. I JUST reached the end of the point out was paid off under my plan, which is kinda suspicious to me.

    In there past, I've always bought phones outright but this particular one there was a sale where it was cheaper to finance though my provider.

  • VW Is Putting Buttons Back in Cars Because People Complained Enough
  • They're fine for certain things on an evolving menu etc, but not anything where a tactile sense might be needed to avoid distraction. A lack of volume knob is the thing that pisses me off the most in many vehicles, including my own.

    Also, power should be a physical cutoff and NOT a soft button for head units. The one of my car is a software toggle and when the system started glitching, froze and also put out high volume noise with no way to kill it except to shut off the vehicle when I could safely do so

  • Uproar as after-school Satan club forms at Tennessee elementary school
  • To those people, if there's no Devil then it means all the bad stuff in their heads and hearts is just them. All the temptations are them. All the hatred, including self-hatred is them. There's no Devil that made them do it or think it, no external tempter or defiler to resist. They can't take that.

  • How many of you actually use the headphone jack on your phone?
  • I do but it's certain circumstances where it make sense (on aircraft or when I've got a good pair of wired earbuds/headphones on me). Sometimes I use Bluetooth, sometimes wired but I appreciate having a CHOICE!

  • baby chicken with glasses, hat and a beard eating KFC


    direct messages in jerboa?

    Is there a way to DM a user here? I don't see it anywhere in my client (jerboa)