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Philanthropist who gave $30M to U Manitoba condemns 'hateful' valedictory speech, university for allowing it
  • Can you honestly blame the Palestinians?

    They've been pushed around (read: mistreated, suppressed, tortured and randomly killed) for decades and now they're being killed en masse in a genocide. Can you really balme them for not minding at all seeing israelis die?

    Worst of all, anyone saying that any of Israels actions are bad is made out to be a genocidal maniac right next to Hitler, by those actively executing a genocide right here, right now.

    Yes, it's bad, but I get it, I get the sentiment, and you can't tell me it's that hard to understand the feeling.

    In all honesty, I think it is not unfair to say that the Israeli population is more complicit in all of this than the Palestinians. What is the excuse of the Israelis? Palestinians were second or third rank citizens for decades, being randomly killed, tortured or disappeared. What is the Israelis excuse? That eventual missile that came flying over and got taken down by the iron dome? Don't make me laugh.

    Jews were treated horribly during WWII, there is no excuse for what happened. Equally, the Israeli government -and by extension, the Israeli population- has no excuse for what they are doing now. That Hamas attack IS NO EXCUSE. Hundreds of innocent civilians were brutally raped and murdered, and you use that as an excuse to brutally kill tens of thousands innocent civilians, thousands of them being children, allowing rape and torture, displacing millions, denying any help to those dying from hunger... I mean, I'm sorry, but THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT. YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG.

    Yes, Hamas was wrong, yes, yes, a thousand times yes, and let's hang all Hamas members from the highest tree but ONLY if we hand the Israeli government officials right next to them and immediately and unconditionally make Israel stop ALL the brutality against the Palestinians, allow them to move freely about abs that you start teaching Israeli children about the horrors you subjected the Palestinians to, just like the Germans did with their children for decades.

  • What are the best proprietary/paid apps for linux?
  • I'm sure there are some closed softwares left worth paying for but personally I would stop paying for all of it.

    The only software left that I pay for is phpstorm and it's buggy as hell and for every bug report I get a "well, nobody really cares". Then what the hell am I paying for?

    Well I'm paying for features not found in other systems but seriously, it soeerds my work up by 300% and slows it down by 200% due to the extreme amount of bugs.. it's not acceptable for a paid product but unfortunately there is no good alternative open source product yet.

  • 2024: The Year Linux Dethrones Windows on the Desktop – Are You Ready?
  • I've noticed a LOT of pushback against the ads in MS shit. Microsoft has become greedy (well what am I saying, they've always been, kist really effin more greedy now) and somehow seems to invest even less in development. All Microsoft apps I see today are just painfully painfully bad. Again, not that they've ever been particularly good at anything besides keyboards, but lately it's been comically worse.

    I've seen Linux desktop grow significantly now, and I really do see it happen that Linux crosses that threshold where there is just no more stopping it

  • Someone stop the ride, I want to get off
  • Its very simple.

    If you think it's bad now, for you, for Palestinians, for whoever, wait until Trump is in power. He'll commit actual genocide, as in wipe them all out, as he claimed anyways, he'll install himself as a dictator, as he claimed, and I'm not even starting with that Republican 2025 document that would like to make America into Gilead.

    So shit up, swallow your pride, vote Biden. as soon as Biden is elected, protest all you want, block roads, whatever, but for now, vote Biden if you want the world to at least survive the next four years semi recognizably.

  • That's all it is.
  • If everyone here, as they claim, is not against work, then why call it anti work? Why not call it anti labour exploitation?

    For all the claims made in this post, I see a hundred saying that wage labor is the same as slavery, so this is a bit hard to believe

  • That's all it is.
  • Yeah no.

    That is not what most here say when they talk about it. It's immediately "working for a salary is slavery!" (Literally that I've been told literally dozens of times now here)

    Everyone can agree with the second paragraph, most people here subscribe to the first paragraph, though.

  • Right to Flex Arms
  • With your reasoning there isn't a problem either with bringing a nuclear bomb into a bar. What? I'm not setting it off! I'm just sitting here enjoying my drink with my nuke right next to me. I'm not bothering anyone, so why is the entire town running in fear? Pussies! That's what I say. It's not like I'm going to use this...

  • EXCLUSIVE: ICC seeks arrest warrants against Sinwar and Netanyahu for war crimes over October 7 attack and Gaza war | CNN
  • Yeah you have no idea what the ICC is or what it does, nor what this warrant implies. You really believe that the ICC has done nothing? You should do some reading.

    This warrant won't go away and the countries that this guy can still visit with this warrant will b extremely limited. This also puts much more pressure on Israel as he is now officially lumped in with other convicted war criminals. This is a good thing (tm)

  • so I'm back with Netflix and Amazon...

    So I'm back with Netflix and Amazon. I'm kind of done with jellyfin at this point. I've been recommending it to everyone and honestly I'm not sure that I still would.

    Jellyfin as a product simply doesn't work. There, I said it.

    For a media system I'd hope for the basics to be able to play a movie or show with subtitles, selecting audio channels, and scrubbing and it to remember where I was left. I wouldn't even need posters and all that, I'd get my own subtitles, etc.

    I have multiple TVs, but let's go with the old one with a chrome cast. I use my Android phone to cast a show episode. Scrubbing sometimes works. it works better than before because before it would just break everything to the point of the app requiring a reinstall. At least that's fixed now but scrubbing still is SLOW, 10 seconds ahead takes 20-30 seconds to do. Worse though, it borks up subtitles by leaving the subtitles that were there when you started scrubbing, and places the new ones on top of that. The only way out is to exit casting completely, kill the app, restart all from scratch. Obviously JF doesn't continue where I stopped (seriously, requests on that timeframe were made, it can't be that hard to register that, can it?) and so I need to scrub again which, you know, borks up subtitles. So I'll start just from the beginning, I can rewatch the same 5 minutes twice but it annoys the hell out of my wife.

    Then, subtitles is a mess. The above, but also switching subtitles will cause similar issues. Don't touch anything when having subtitles!

    Then: it's slow. It's godunholy slow. I have a 16 core and Rhyzen 5 cpu, 64gb men @3200mhz, 1tb M2 Samsung Evo 989 pro, and ~60tb over 3 exos drives. An AMD rx7800 XT finishes up the config. It's not the best of the best, but my system, u believe, ranks in the higher ranks of jellyfin installations

    Jellyfin cannot play a movie or show without stuttering at least a few times, flat out freezing for minutes during shows, especially in the second episode for that day... If I run transmission in parallel, it just freezes up so much that it's undoable.

    Logs don't indicate any major issue, I saw a freeze and had all logs on tail and literally saw no messages whatsoever during that freeze. System utilization was near zero.

    Wife isnt tolerating jellyfin anymore and now I have Netflix and Amazon accounts again.

    I understand it's open source software, you do what you can, but right now it simply isn't a system that is for the general public. It can be used by nerds like me who have the patience to deal with all the issues.

    Edit: Really? 17 downvotes? I'm trying to tell you that the thing doesn't work and that I've spent plenty of time trying to fix it, reading docs, posting questions, nothing has fixed anything so far but can't have people talk about that, or what's wrong?

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