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UK’s richest family on trial in Switzerland for human trafficking, confiscating staff passports, paying as little as £7/day
  • Firstly, who the fuck are they?

    Secondly, you have the money, why can’t you just be reasonable? Like it’s not enough to rich, and not work and be happy, travel the world without limits and without a care… you somehow need to hurt people. It’s awful.

  • Is lemmy now what reddit used to be 10+ years ago?
  • I’ve been on Reddit for 16 years and I’d say yes it’s very similar. Like Reddit back then it was very tech focused and quite liberal.

    I do think people are a bit more vicious online these days than they used to be and a bit more polarised.

    From a content perspective there used to be more blog content than tech news content, but it’s fairly similar. What I like about Lemmy is it’s far less commercial and the conversation is more genuine.

    However I don’t think Lemmy will become Reddit in 15 years, I think it may languish in eternal obscurity and I’m actually okay with that.

    Reddit exploded when Digg crumbled and the same could happen with Reddit crumbling but idk, there seems to be some stickiness to Internet websites these days.

  • If "category" has a better name....
  • I think the name “context wrapper” is meaningful representation. To me, (and i emphasise the to me part) It’s something that wraps on type to add more information to it.

    For instance a time type could be wrapped in timezone Monad. To stop time being manipulated without the context (time zone) being corrupt, we use map to only allow specific changes to instance inside the monad.

    I wrote a little blog post on my interpretation if anyone’s interested:

  • The “Require videogame publishers to keep games they have sold in a working state” petition just got a response.
  • I can go to Google and log in to free email. I can create word documents and spreadsheet in google docs. I can learn AI with Google projects. I can create unlimited private repos on GitHub, play lots of games on steam for free. I can download Winamp from old versions .com for free. I can get a Linux distro for nothing off servers. I can use a freevpn, watch YouTube for free.

    Literally handing over game servers to an authorised community to run or supporting games forever actually is possible in the modern day.

  • Linux Switch advice?
  • I don’t think you should proactively “switch to Linux”. Instead you should “play with Linux”, ideally duel boot and a day will come when you can’t remember the last time you used Windows.

  • Communism
  • You Underestimate people’s unwillingness to cooperate. We’re all born different in ability and attractiveness and this breeds distrust that undermines what people are willing to contribute or take.

  • My dirty daily driver

    Steelseries M400 UK keyboard with Monster Doubleshot SA profile keycaps. As you can see the space bar wasn’t compatible with the keyboard, RIP!