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Porque no los Dos?
  • The long and short of it is that it was decided on however long ago and now the people who learn the language growing up are used to it and they decide the rules that are followed.

    English (and any non-native language) does many weird things that native speakers are just used to and will get upset if you try and change it.

  • That's 3 for 3
  • Only the US Mint, literally prints money. No one else is legally allowed to print dollars and cents. Loans only deal with what money they have to lend and what you have to overall pay (coming from another source). They can generate profits but not money. Stocks do a lot more number generation and disappearing because value is speculative (see Tesla).

    The Federal Reserve sorta sets interest rates (it gets complicated).

  • As Boeing looks to buy a key 737 supplier, a whistleblower says the problems run deep
  • Honestly, doubt it is millions. Boeing has a big problem for the other reasons you mention but people like yourself actively avoiding their planes is going to be a minority. I've flown a few times since all the shit became public. All the planes were Boeing... full flights (and not super popular destinations). I'm thankful I want on a 787 or the new 757s I'll agree with that.

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • Well of course the rich will leave, then even with the gerrymandering Dems or even progressives can take control, just in time to be blamed like Biden for Trump's tax hikes (the cuts were permanent for the rich and temporary followed by hikes for us plebs).