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woah holy shit a bio?

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You have to love Japan's image of the US.
  • I'm pretty sure Stetson (the company) makes them, but I'm not sure if Im going to pony the cash up without checking out a hat first. I actually do want a straw one - my cattleman is black felt with a silver clasp, so it looks kind of silly without my frock coat (or at least white shirt and black pants, looks too formal).

    Actually I was curious just now and it looks like they sell at a store in town (in Minnesota!) so I'll have to check it out.

    My dad also likes the pinch front, he always claimed it was easier on the crown.

  • Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • This is the one possible scenario that could make things even worse. They can't replace the head of the snake, but they can sure as fuck pump that the head was shot and injured. They did the same with Hitler.

    History is repeating itself far to close for this to be comfortable.

  • Trump Donors on the Brink of Civil War Over J.D. Vance for VP
  • I don't think there's a hard requirement of having a running mate. In fact, it would probably be much more appropriate. In totalitarian environments, as soon as you cut the head off the snake, and the power vacuum is created, it won't really matter who the VP is as it will be an internal war anyway.

  • Anger mounts in southeast Texas as crippling power outages and heat turn deadly
  • Poverty is always a liability. In the healthcare system, poverty raises the costs for everyone else when they don't get things treated or prevented.

    What bothers me is that there is a whole bunch of financial types who seem to blissfully ignore liabilities. "Those are unrealized costs," when it should be "those are ticking time bombs." If you don't mitigate liabilities like through well regulated utilities those ticking time bombs will always have bigger consequences when they ARE realized.

  • Alignment Chart Shitpost
  • Yeah same. I've had about 7 cats in my life so far (all long cozy lives from rescue kitten to old kittens). The first one tried it a little as a kitten then fell in the toilet and that fixed it. None of the others did

  • "Star Trek is woke now"
  • Anything that progressives do is something they try to turn into a curse. They even try it with the word progress and progressive, but it doesn't have the same effect which they really struggle with.

  • How do long time married couples with a single income split finances (not seeking legal advice, literally the how)

    I'm talking like one person brought in all the money for a decade, then a divorce happens. Some of it makes sense - a house with mortgage, one spouse buys the other out of the house. Which is great, but if one spouse doesn't have the income to take a loan out to buy the other, does that mean that the spouse who does have the income has the choice to buy out or sell?

    Similarly, things like 401ks and pensions I imagine you can't just take out half the cash in them and give that to their spouse. Or does that have to be a loan for the amounts in those plans?

    Is it debt all the way down for both?


    In Today's Cliche Post: How the fuck do I meet new people locally?

    Let me set the stage: Newly single dad of a young kid. After COVID-19 I haven't done much outside of my home and taking care of my kid. I work full time-remote, and between the kiddo and leaving room for a hobby or taking care of the house, it seems like the only other thing I have time for is sleep.

    The thing I know is that this is likely an issue with my anxiety and anxious attachment. The conclusion we've arrived at in therapy is that I gotta meet people. I apparently forgot, or don't know how to do that. Where to meet people. It's not a big city, but 200k-300k people in the county.

    Maybe I'm looking for something of a strategy more than anything.

    edit: thank you guys, I really appreciate it!