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immature tree swallow, central Connecticut. A few days ago


Red-shouldered hawk. Bad hair day. Connecticut. February or March of this year.

He's really enjoying the weeds!
  • Thanks for the compliment.

    I have a Nikon D750 (about 75K shutter actuations) and the cheapest Sigma super-telephoto (150-600 mm) that you can buy. It cost me about $800 several years ago.

    One thing that helped me with this picture is that the groundhog was very close to me and wasn't afraid.

    What equipment do you use?

  • LIVE: CBS confirms, debris from Titan submersible indicates rapid and catastrophic implosion. The people on board are believed to be dead.
  • Why take any risk at all? With the amount of money that they had they could have hired an entire crew of an actual submarine for a day or two.

    I can't tell you what their motivations were, but I think there were 2 types of people doing this.

    • Type 1: the "captain" and many/most of the passengers were adrenaline junkies who wanted to push the limits of what could be done. Kind of like the first people to travel to the north and south poles. They are "adventurers" and they understood that they were taking considerable risks with their lives.

    • Type 2: people who were trying to purchase a great "cocktail party story" with their $$$. The same way that wealthy people today pay $$ to have sherpas lug their stuff up and down Mt Everest so they can take a selfie. The ability to drop a quarter-of-a-million $$ on this stunt already excludes most of the world's population from even trying it. Then they can brag at their cocktail parties and make the Mt. Everest climbers look like wimps by comparison. I suspect (not sure) that the Pakistani business man falls into this category. The fact that he took his 19 year old son makes me think he completely discounted the risk and was just doing it for personal vanity.

    I'm speculating on all of this and I don't mean to cast aspersions on the Pakistani guy and his son. For all I know, my analysis could be all wrong.

  • a face only a mother could love. turkey vulture in front of my house, picking up some tasty squirrel road kill. early june.


    northern flicker, central connecticut. i can't remember when i took it (april?)


    Yellow warbler, western massachusetts, early june


    Is there a way of "merging" multiple related communities into a single view in the lemmy 'federation'? detailed question inside

    Not sure if I understand this, but I think the way the lemmy federation works is:

    • there are multiple servers in the federation (for example,,, lemmy.whatever, etc.)

    • each server can have multiple communities, which are like subreddits

    • so, for example, each server can have its own community for photography.

    Q1: is my summary correct?

    Q2: is there a way to subscribe to multiple related communities across different servers and "merge" those communities into a single view? so that I don't have to click on each separate one? edit: for example, if there are 3 servers that each have a photography community, can I merge them into a single "photography" view?

    Sorry if this is a silly question (or if the answer is obvious).


    cedar waxwing. central connecticut. early june


    mama canada goose + 2 kiddies. central connecticut, today


    one more for the day. 2 painted turtles have a conversation with a 3rd stuck in the middle


    He's really enjoying the weeds!

    Just trying to add content. Hopefully, I don't monopolize this community!


    The masked avenger! Western Massachusetts. Last week

    Common yellowthroat male. One of my favorite birds to view.


    Gray catbird, Central CT, last month?

    Sorry, everyone. I'm gonna keep periodically dumping photos here, hoping that this community takes off.


    Is there a preferred Lenny iPad app?

    Or is the website the preferred way?


    Tree swallow, telling me to buzz off

    Keeney Cove, East Hartford, Connecticut