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What's The Point Of A Game If Nobody Wants To Participate?
  • I like this game, but even with the genre hints it's often very hard. It takes a bit to get into the habit of just taking a stab at it.

    I think getting more hints, in words or images, in response to guesses would increase the interest.

    The more challenges the better IMO because we all have different music taste and knowledge so many challenges I have little hope of guessing. But would still be interesting if there was more back and forth. I wouldn't mind challenges lasting longer if the op would give clues because then even in a genre I don't know well I could learn something new.

    I don't expect things to move very quickly as I only check things twice a day or so myself. I like the idea of browsing through a bunch of unsolved games to find one that I have a guess for, I don't care how long they've been up, and as poster I don't mind responding to old games, or if I get tired of it can always post the answer.

    I have three suggestions: Longer time, maybe a week, before posting answer.

    List of songs already played (not that you should never reuse one, but in some ways this is helpful and inspiring to those who might post a challenge). Not all of the Lemmy apps have ability to search within a community.

    Don't just reply "Nope" if you've got time to be a little more helpful--the game is hard.

  • It's official: Eggs and dairy are NOT animal byproducts (source: Taco Bell)
  • TIL

    Animal by-products, as defined by the USDA, are products harvested or manufactured from livestock other than muscle meat.[3] In the EU, animal by-products (ABPs) are defined somewhat more broadly, as materials from animals that people do not consume.[4] Thus, chicken eggs for human consumption are considered by-products in the US but not France; whereas eggs destined for animal feed are classified as animal by-products in both countries

    So USDA disagrees with Taco Bell, but the various badges given by the vegetarian association have more precise definitions. I didn't know about animal genes used in plants?

  • GOP called for unity as it continued to feature far-right figures, ideas
  • I can't deny they've done a good job of reaching out to traditional Republicans. You can call them liars all you want and I agree but what matters is who was on stage. Maga isn't worried and the suburban "I'm not racists" think there is a moral center to the party.

  • Looking for an open source or self hosted map tool similar to google my maps
  • I use osmand on Android. Bit of a leaning curve to start as you need to download the maps you want and set up features, but then it is available offline as well and can include topographical and trails or other data if you're not just traveling in cities.

  • UK village fights to turn back tide of climate change
  • They want money to build sea defenses to protect their cliffside homes from landslides, which is so far reserved for more high-value areas. I'm sympathetic, but this

    "But there's no way anybody could have anticipated these losses 15, even 10 years ago." is something we're never going to stop hearing, because we've already been hearing it for 10-15 years. Consider this messy alternative that started in 2005.

    People will always choose to defend, and continue to build and improve and invest right up to the end, making the eventual damage more costly and chaotic. Something that happens once here and there, maybe we can get away with that, but if the whole coast is going to sink at once, we have to be more responsible or we simply won't be able to afford the consequences.

  • Raggedy Anarchy's Guide to Vegan Baking and the Universe
  • This led me down a rabbit hole about conscientious objector status and how, if your objection to cruelty extends to fellow humans, you need to be prepared to opt out of the military long before any draft and there are organizations to advise on this process. Thanks for sharing.

  • See This Red Area? This Is *Sand*
  • The way they are so evenly situated, I think they are just putting a population-proportioned dot in the center of each county. In meant states, counties are pretty much equal sized squares with varying amounts of people in them.

  • [Solved] [electric blues folk rock]
  • If you want to see the sun rise Honey, I know where We'll go out and see it sometime We'll both just sit there and stare Me with my belt wrapped around my head And you just sittin' there In your brand new leopard-skin pillbox hat

  • I guess we should call it Old Zealand.
  • So ten years ago visiting I was told about this earlier race of redheaded people as archaeological theory based on incomplete evidence, but like something that was an active question. But now the story is very different and I guess the government has officially acknowledged that it was just a way to undermine the Maori treaties and reparations.

  • Answer

    Leopard-skin Pillbox Hat, Bob Dylan


    Across the Universe


    Can I use a 1T thumb drive for Time Machine backups?

    My recent experience is no -- the first backup went just fine, but all subsequent attempts to add to it have failed, giving various errors in the logs, including mounting problems, timeout during the initial write test, bad database, etc. I did rename the drive between backups, maybe that was bad? The log shows Time Machine using the new name and finding the drive just fine.

    Googling this I see that people have these same problems with external hard drives, though, so I'm wondering if anyone has been successful using a thumb drive and if there's any trick to it.


    Is there a reason sometimes I can't block a community from the three dots menu on a post?

    Usually the option is there, but sometimes only block user is available.