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Seeking Recommendations for Driving Technique Books Comparable to "Stick and Rudder"
  • Nah, not really interested in motorsports. More about the physics of driving and how that comes up when driving on a road. For example, the "How to Drive" book I mentioned goes into detail about how your weight shifts as you accelerate and decelerate and tells you how to take that into account as you are turning.

    I want to improve my mental model about what the car is doing.

  • Seeking Recommendations for Driving Technique Books Comparable to "Stick and Rudder"

    Hello everyone,

    I'm on the lookout for books that delve into the nuances of driving on the US public road system, with a focus similar to what "Stick and Rudder" offers for flying. I've recently read "How to Drive" by The Stig and I'm eager to explore more in this genre.

    Specifically, I'm interested in books that offer detailed, technical insights into driving – be it for everyday road use or advanced driving skills. I'm fascinated by the depth and detail found in "Stick and Rudder" regarding flying, and I'm hoping to find something of a similar caliber related to driving.

    Does anyone have recommendations for books that provide a comprehensive and technical approach to driving, especially those that might be beneficial for someone looking to deepen their understanding and skills on the road?

    Any suggestions for titles or authors to explore would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

    travel routers
  • I'm also currently exploring options for travel routers and am particularly interested in their interaction with captive portals.

    My main question is: Are there any travel routers out there that offer the ability to automatically log into captive portals? This feature would be incredibly convenient for frequent travelers like me, eliminating the need to manually enter credentials each time.

    Additionally, I'm curious if there are any plugins or software modifications that can be added to existing travel routers to enable this functionality. If anyone has experience with setting up a travel router to automatically handle captive portals, your insights would be highly valuable.

  • Looking for Self-Hosted Budgeting Tools Similar to YNAB

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently on the lookout for a self-hosted budgeting tool that utilizes the envelope method, similar to what YNAB offers. I've been using Firefly III for a while, and it's great, but I'm seeking something that brings the budgeting aspect more to the forefront, rather than something I refer to in hindsight.

    Ideally, I'd like a tool that allows for proactive budget management, where I can allocate funds to specific categories or 'envelopes' ahead of time. This way, I can track my expenses against my budget as they happen, rather than just reviewing them after the fact.

    Additionally, having an iOS app for easy access and management on the go would be a huge plus.

    Does anyone have recommendations for tools that fit this description? Any suggestions or insights from personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!


    Is it worth upgrading my e reader?

    I’ve got a kindle keyboard 3 and want to know if there’s anything better out now. My main requirement is being able to load in my own content and have a nice cover/case

    I don’t care about apps or web browsers, but it would be nice to have something that is easy to sync or upload data to.

    [Question] using vim in iterm2 on osx as an external editor
  • I'm having trouble figuring it out still. A lot of results are using appplescript and seem to interact with iterm2 different than I would with joplin. As an aside, I did learn a neat trick for configuring iterm2 to open a file in vim after clicking a filename in a terminal while holding down ctl. (

  • [Question] using vim in iterm2 on osx as an external editor
  • Yikes, left off a crucial detail. I meant setting up iterm2/vim as an external editor. Updated my post.

    Or was this what you were talking about? Under linux, I just have it launching gnome-terminal with "-- vim" as the command line flags.

  • using vim in iterm2 on osx as an external editor

    Does anyone have a way of launching vim in iterm2 under osx as an external editor? I saw a empty discussion on deadit and tried a few things out so I'd love a recipe if someone else has it figured out. Thanks in advance!

    Dear Brother Printers: Eat a [Sponsor friendly words here]
  • I don't think there's any point on spamming articles just for points since there's no algorithm that would weight their future posts higher. Please just assume the poster had good intentions and found it interesting and wanted to share.

  • What are some commonly known facts that are too bizarre for you to believe to be true?
  • When you're engine braking—like when you downshift and let off the gas—the ECU often cuts off fuel to the cylinders. The throttle valve is also closed. In this scenario, your RPMs are maintained by the car's forward motion, which is connected through the drivetrain back to the engine.

    So yeah, you're not using any fuel in that case, but you're still turning the engine over. The wheels are essentially driving the engine instead of the other way around. That's how you can have RPMs but no fuel flow during engine braking. The energy to keep the engine turning is coming from the car's inertia.

    A common example would be going downhill. You downshift to a lower gear, take your foot off the gas, and let the engine do the work to help slow you down. You'll see the tachometer showing RPMs, but fuel flow is minimal or even cut off, thanks to our friend the ECU.

  • GitHub - ddosify/alaz: Effortless, Low-Overhead, eBPF-based Kubernetes Monitoring

    Effortless, Low-Overhead, eBPF-based Kubernetes Monitoring - GitHub - ddosify/alaz: Effortless, Low-Overhead, eBPF-based Kubernetes Monitoring

    GitHub - ddosify/alaz: Effortless, Low-Overhead, eBPF-based Kubernetes Monitoring
    Accounting rules change could end iPod touch update fee [2009]
  • Any reason why y'all as a community don't like this content? Is it because it's old? I indicated that in the title. I think it captures an interesting historical time and reminds us of things we take for granted now a days.

  • Accounting rules change could end iPod touch update fee Accounting rules change could end iPod touch update fee

    A proposed accounting rule change could get rid of subscription accounting for …

    Accounting rules change could end iPod touch update fee
    flying paul

    AOPA: Flying to Canada Guide

    Just had a lesson today and I was asked to plan a trip that crosses CA airspace. Found this as a nice reference for figuring out what's involved in going to CA


    Are there enough people in here with an interest in meeting up to make it happen?

    flying paul Your 90-Second Survival Plan for Takeoff Emergencies - FLYING Magazine

    Stack the deck in your favor with some simple planning, preflight briefing, and by using a four-part departure framework.

    Networking paul

    Home network setup

    Switching out my pfsense router (6 ports) for a opnsense one (4 ports) and decided to diagram my network and shift some stuff around.


    Installed a Ram Mount in the 4runner.

    I had to remove the radio and then drilled a hole in the side of it. I bought the ball for $10 and then spent another $40 on the other parts of the mount

    Work from Home paul

    How do y'all take a break during the day?

    Some things that work for me:

    • getting lunch somewhere
    • going on a walk in the neighborhood with or without the dog
    • hanging out in the backyard with the dog
    • exercise
    Networking paul