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SUSE Requests openSUSE to Rebrand
  • I’m surprised and happy that SUSE is still doing well. I have fond memories of using SUSE in the enterprise especially around their “perfect guest” campaign for using it in virtualized environments. I thought they had very well-baked integration with large Windows networks—things just worked out of the box that didn’t with RHEL. I’m sure a lot has changed in the last decade but I appreciated their cooperative stance in the enterprise.

  • Shopping app Temu is “dangerous malware,” spying on your texts, lawsuit claims
  • I would feel that it would be a reasonable if it was my local paper running the story. Arstechnica IS a primarily technical news site—I believe they should have a higher bar—otherwise they are just parroting a report and not providing useful (to me) news.

  • Shopping app Temu is “dangerous malware,” spying on your texts, lawsuit claims
  • I generally think does a decent job of being a non-garbage news site. I pay a couple bucks a month for the ad-free RSS feed. This story feels terrible to me. I don’t doubt a law suit has been filed, but I would expect some investigation by the reporter of the extra-ordinary claims of privilege escape the application is claimed to be capable of.

  • Why don’t you like Apple?
  • I’m not an Apple apologist, but I feel there are some things Apple does that are privacy focused.

    • The ability to E2EE encrypt iCloud is a very simple privacy feature that is accessible to the technical and non-technical alike.
    • Private relay provides a double VPN architecture that doesn’t cause constant captcha hell and again just works for non-technical people.
    • Hide my email, while not being perfect, is a pretty straightforward method to make throwaway email addresses.

    The things I hate about Apple are generally not privacy related.

    • They are a mega-corporation that stifles innovation
    • They don’t allow other browsers
    • They are puritanical about what is allowed in the App store
  • Why don’t you like Apple?
  • I really enjoy Apple products, but this is my biggest peeve. It’s not like I cannot manage without a different browser—certainly about half of americans primarily use Safari—but the flexibility and customization of Firefox or chromium would be very welcome.

  • Any tips on making quesidillas?
  • I love that you got it brown and crisp as I abhor soft/chewy quesadillas.

    I like adding cilantro somewhere (either in fillings or in salsa). Sometimes I throw a little cheese in the pan and let it melt and cook onto the outside of the quesadilla which gives it a little different character. I also love getting chipotle flavor somewhere and usually use Cholula Chipotle sauce which I buy in 64oz bottles instead of the little 5oz bottles they sell in stores.

    I make a lot of quesadillas!

  • guess I'll die

    I think there is some thought going on about what it means as a society to discriminate against people with disabilities during immigration.

    It seems like the US would have a similar problem with people moving between states that had medicaid expansion and ones that do not. I don’t know if there are any studies on the issue.

    Discriminating during immigration based on a congenital disability feels like discriminating based on race to me.

  • How the heck am I supposed to get into Linux?
  • If you are interested in Linux for any reason, find some way of having fun with it. Don’t use it in a way that will ruin that fun (unless you are getting paid).

    I run linux in VMs on a Windows machine. I use it for some externally facing stuff, plus I just like messing around with technical stuff. Linux is super easy to install on a VM and I never end up with my fun stuff broken.

  • EFF "cover your tracks" browser privacy test
  • I get 17.45 on an iPad Pro. This is with all extensions disabled and my adblocker off. They say I am unique in the past 45 days. Looking through the info I don’t see how this works. Could it be that no one else has tested with an iPad Pro? It’s not like the hardware in this model is different from a similar one. You really just cannot meddle with it. It’s a fairly locked down ecosystem.

    If I took an iPad, reset it and ran the test. Then reset it and ran the test again, would both be unique?

  • How did he know?
  • TIL about another way of voting—does it have an official name. My gut reaction is that while multiple votes would usually result in the same thing as rank choice votes, there is less preference information in your method. I suspect that it might end up electing less politically extreme candidates than ranked choice voting, but I feel like I could be wrong about that.

    I do like the simplicity of your multiple votes method. I think it is easy to explain to people who maybe are off-put by ranked voting or other slightly more complex ways.

    I think I would prefer ranked, but I would take pretty much anything to improve our system.

  • Number of email accounts for financials
  • If you have an easy way to make emails on the fly like Apple’s hide my email feature then it really isn’t an issue to setup accounts with unique email addresses. Some sites don’t allow throw away emails from some providers, but I’ve never had that issue with Apples version since a ban on emails would eliminate too many customers.

  • How do passkeys work across devices?
  • Depending on the site, you can use one device to login to another without installing additional software. For instance, if you have an iPhone with a passkey for stored on it, you can login to using the iPhone.

    Here is a webpage that has some screenshots to show you what I mean. You can probably google some other examples.

    It is possible to sync passkeys across devices but at this point is mainly within a single ecosystem.

  • I'll just soften this butter for cookies


    Halloween Decoration