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The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02.22 to 25.05.24
  • Just utter madness. That Russians (or anyone else fighting on their side) continue to sacrifice their lives for such a shitty cause is so mind-boggling. These numbers are close to the number of Americans killed in WW2 (405k) or in our Civil War (620k), but those lasted about twice the amount of time that this war has been going on for. Russia just spending lives like it’s nothing, and that’s who Republicans have allied themselves with?

  • You can create matter.
  • Start a business selling my services as a duplicator, “No, these aren’t mere ‘forgeries’, I make exact copies of whatever you want, sir.” Can I copy people or living things too? That would expand the business, but otherwise I’d become self-employed being a copy artist. I might tour art museums and pick up copies of some of the best pieces.

  • FDA Urged To Relax Decades-Old Tissue Donation Restrictions for Gay and Bisexual Men
  • My first thought when I read the headline: “Why would they restrict them from donating tissues and who even needs donated tissues? Why is that even a thing?”

    Then: … “oh… they mean like blood and organs, still dumb, but that makes slightly more sense.”

  • EXCLUSIVE: DOOM: The Dark Ages to be Revealed at Xbox Games Showcase
  • It’s making me think of the old FPS games Heretic and its sequel Hexen (plus apparently Heretic II was in there too). I wonder if this will be a sort of reboot of that, just reskinned as Doom because that franchise is more recognizable.

  • Majority of Americans wrongly believe US is in recession – and most blame Biden
  • I mostly support Biden, but this isn’t really a surprise. For what seems like years now, it’s felt like all the major news outlets have been running stories about a recession being right around the corner. There will be little bright spots here and there, but otherwise it’s been a constant drumbeat perpetually expecting a recession, PLUS you’ve got layoffs and sky-high prices for rents/houses/consumer goods. The “economy” may be doing good, but it still sucks for the majority of commoners who have to actually live in this country.

  • Arizona state lawmaker used ChatGPT to write part of law on deepfakes
  • Starfleet Directive 47.3: Limitation of Deepfakes

    As Chief Engineer Scotty aboard the USS Enterprise, I propose the implementation of Starfleet Directive 47.3, which addresses the growing concern of deepfake technology within the Federation. Deepfakes, while initially developed for harmless entertainment, have the potential to be misused for nefarious purposes, including espionage, misinformation, and identity theft. To safeguard the integrity of our society and protect individual rights, I recommend the following provisions:

    1. Prohibition of Malicious Deepfakes:

      • No person, organization, or artificial intelligence shall create, distribute, or utilize deepfake content with the intent to deceive, harm, or defraud others.
      • Exceptions may apply for authorized training, research, or artistic purposes, provided they do not violate the rights of individuals or compromise security.
    2. Transparency and Disclosure:

      • All deepfake content must be clearly labeled as such. Whether in visual, auditory, or textual form, users should be aware that they are interacting with synthetic content.
      • Disclosure should occur at the point of creation, distribution, or consumption.
    3. Authentication Mechanisms:

      • Platforms and communication channels must implement robust authentication mechanisms to verify the authenticity of media content.
      • Starfleet-approved algorithms and protocols should be used to detect and prevent the spread of deepfakes.
    4. Education and Awareness:

      • Starfleet Academy and other educational institutions shall include deepfake awareness and detection training in their curriculum.
      • Crew members, civilians, and Starfleet personnel should be informed about the risks associated with deepfakes and how to identify them.
    5. Legal Consequences:

      • Violation of Directive 47.3 shall result in disciplinary action, including fines, reprimands, or imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.
      • Repeat offenders may face more severe penalties, up to and including expulsion from Starfleet.
    6. Collaboration with Allied Species:

      • The Federation shall collaborate with other spacefaring civilizations to share knowledge, best practices, and countermeasures against deepfakes.
      • Joint efforts will enhance our ability to combat this threat across interstellar boundaries.

    Remember, as Chief Engineer, I'll be keeping a close eye on the warp core and the holodeck simulations to ensure compliance with Directive 47.3. Let's keep the galaxy safe from deceptive holograms and synthetic trickery! 🖖🌌

  • Ocean water is rushing miles underneath the ‘Doomsday Glacier’ with potentially dire impacts on sea level rise
  • The environment/global warming will have a “9/11 moment” when a major US city is rendered permanently uninhabitable due to rising sea levels. Katrina in Louisiana should’ve been it, but that was poor people with dark skin, so that wasn’t really a problem. Plus, the water eventually receded, so we could pretend like the problem was temporary.

    After it happens, there will be alot of hand-wringing about “What could have been done to prevent this?” and “Why did this happen?”

  • Being a Contrarian Makes People Feel Good

    Whether it's a sense of superiority or just to be funny or asinine or out of a genuine need to spread the truth, people online generally try to be contrarian as often as possible because it gives them some sort of personal gratification or a sense that they're correcting something wrong in the universe.

    Bateman is Batman [Copilot]

    prompt: "generate an image of Patrick Bateman as Batman"

    He Died For Us

    Copilot: "create a picture of Marvel's Fantastic Four in Leonardo's the Last Supper painting"


    ! ! !


    Streamer Perrikaryal uses an electroencephalogram (EEG) device to play games

    TTRPG Product Category terminology?

    I settled on using Zotero (meant for academia, but whatever, it does what I need) for cataloguing/organizing my ttrpg pdf hoard and I'm trying to set up some top-level tags to make it a bit easier to sift through what I'm looking for. One set of tags will be genre tags (fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc), with another level below that for sub-genre (cyberpunk, supernatural, low fantasy, post-apocalyptic, etc).

    Another set of top-level tags will focus on the actual types of books/products one might see for an RPG. These are just all the terms I've come across before, setup in a hierarchy that makes sense to me, though sometimes terms aren't used consistently across different RPG lines. Since some products can straddle multiple genres/categories, I'm hoping tags will help make it easier to sort through everything. Does this set of categories/sub-categories make sense? I'm still at the early stages of just importing everything into a library, so I'm sure there's categories I've not thought of or considered.

    • Core Rulebook (books required to play)
      • Player Handbook (this might straddle the line between core and supplement)
    • Supplement (books that expand the rules/setting)
      • Sourcebook
      • Bestiary
      • Splatbook
      • Adventure/Scenario/Module
        • Campaign
      • Setting
    • Accessory (mostly non-book related items)
      • Cards
      • Maps
      • Fiction
      • Music/Audio
      • Screens
      • Sheets
        • Character sheet
        • Rules/Cheat sheet
        • Misc sheet
    • Resource (more for general books on RPGs, system-agnostic)
      • GM aid
      • Player aid
      • Educational
      • Tables
    Organizing TTRPG pdf collection?

    I've been searching around for a way to organize my TTRPG collection of pdfs (numbering in the thousands to tens of thousands) and haven't really found a silver bullet for it yet. Everything I've looked at has some sort of weird thing that's off about it that doesn't seem to make it ideal. Is there something out there that others are using that works well? Here's what I've looked at so far:

    • Folder system: This is what I'm already using and it's serviceable (PC), but it really doesn't give me any tagging function and so it's hard to organize based on genre or come up with really any categories outside of just alphabetically naming folders based on the RPG name, then putting whatever subcategories I need as folders below that. It just feels so clunky going about it like this. Being able to organize/search via tags just seems like the way to go.

    • Calibre: This gets recommended everytime, but honestly I'm not interested in duplicating my library of +10,000 pdfs and following their organization system. The desktop app looks ugly (which is apparently fixed with Calibre-web but still requires the desktop app).

    • Jellyfin: Really not geared towards books in general, it's functional but not great for it. This may end up being what I fall back to if I can't get anything else working.

    • Kavita: Looks nice and works nice EXCEPT it has some weird ass naming convention with regards to numbers in the folder/file names. Only top-level stuff can contain numbers, everything below has to have roman numerals? Such a weird thing that just breaks it for me.

    • Komga: It looks nice and works nice, but is more geared towards comics, and thus doesn't work so hot with RPGs with multiple categories (Core rulebooks, Scenarios, Settings, etc), since I tend to break those out into different folders. It ends up treating sub-folders as a different series altogether, so it sort of demands that you just keep everything in the same folder.

    • Ubooquity: Tried it, it ran like ass on my machine and didn't seem to do as good a job. Making updates in the folders themselves took awhile to propagate and it just overall didn't seem to work well for how I wanted to use it. I just didn't particularly care for it.

    • Zotero: It's actually more meant for academic journals and such, but it could be used for organizing TTRPG pdfs, though not sure how well it scales up once you start throwing thousands of pdfs at it. Downside though is that it's not as flashy as some of the others, it doesn't display book covers and you have to create additional objects for each item. You also can't just add tags to the PDFs themselves, you have to create an additional 'Book' object and attach the pdf to that item, then add whatever tags/notes/metadata you want to add. I haven't figured out how to automate the process and the one item I tried where it automatically found it, it created a 'Journal Article' and renamed it based on the authors of the book (which it did correctly find), which is not ideal for going through thousands of items. I just want it to keep the file names in most cases as I've already gotten most file names where I want them.

    Gaming paddirn
    Have you ever gone down a gaming rabbit hole?

    That is, have you ever started getting into a game, only to discover that the community is much deeper than you initially ever suspected?

    My kids and I started playing PlateUp! for funsies, it's a 4-player co-op kitchen/cooking/restaurant simulator that has you doing fun things like cooking food, taking customers orders, and washing dishes. We kind of play it for laughs and barely make any headway in it, usually as a result of all the chaos that comes from multiple people trying to run a kitchen. I started looking deeper into it because apparently there's ways to automate your whole setup and have the whole kitchen run itself. The amount of diagrams and setups that people have created are just insane, way deeper than I ever even considered with this innocent-looking game and it's made me reconsider what I thought was just a quirky little party game.

    Comment Removal Criteria?

    I literally only wanted to use Instagram for looking up porn star accounts and viewing softporn material, yet SOMEHOW I seem to mostly see non-porn material. Artwork and craft projects and whatever, everything but porn. Whatever, one thing I've noticed though is that if I make a comment on a porn star account and it's something lewd and inappropriate, it will never get removed for any reason, no matter what language I use.

    YET, on multiple occasions, I've made completely G-rated comments on non-porn posts, the most recent one about the difference between Star Wars & Star Trek (fantasy vs sci-fi), and that comment will get removed, there's not even any curse words being used. I have no idea why it's happening, is it that I'm writing too much and using too many big words? I'll write the most offensive horny things on porn accounts, and nothing, but as soon as I write up a semi-intellectual comment on a non-porn posting, it gets removed. I'm just mystified as to what's happening and what's triggering it.

    TIL about Eugene Debs, a 1920 Socialist candidate who ran for President while jailed in Federal prison for sedition, receiving 3.4% of the vote at the time. He promised to pardon himself if elected.

    Eugene Debs, a Socialist leader in the early 20th century, ran for President five times. His fifth and highest vote count came in the 1920 Presidential election, in which he was running while in Federal prison for sedition. He received about 3.4% of the vote at the time (which included women for the first time since the Nineteenth Amendment was passed in 1920 as well). Not naming names, but yes, it's possible to run for President while in prison, though results may vary.

    PS Account Hacked, my experience with Customer Service

    I just got done with a chat with Sony Customer Service regarding fraudulent activity on my account, I figured I'd share my experience in case anyone else has the same issue come up (I assume it's a relatively common experience).

    Somebody apparently got access to my account a few days ago, changed the email address linked to the account (so that I couldn't reset the password) changed the password, activated 2-step verification, then started buying up a few games on it (as my Sony account had been linked to my paypal account).

    Of course I discovered all this on a Sunday, when their phone lines are closed, which left me having to go through their "online assistant" (ie chat bot). It took me about 30-40min to finally get transferred to a live chat rep, but because I had keyed in my "online ID" wrong in the chat form ( misremembered it), he was unable to help me, because that chat instance is restricted to whatever info I entered originally. So I then had to start a new chat instance with the correct info, which left me waiting for another 30-40min, which by that time put me into about 1.5 hours and I just closed out and resolved to get to it today.

    Fast-forward to today, the wait this time was only about 20 min. Everything seemed to go fairly well, I got access to my account and changed the password back out. I then went ahead and activated 2-Step Verification for myself, to improve security to hopefully prevent this kind of thing in the future. After verifying my email address, this action apparently flagged my account for suspicious activity and my account is now suspended. I'm now having to wait for another specialist to resolve that issue. And because of that issue, the refund on the two games that were fraudulently bought is on hold because the agent can't process it while the account is suspended.

    After all of that, I requested to know what the email address had been changed to during the time that my account was hacked, as I want to file a police report at least and give that information out if I can. However, I was told that they could not give that information out for security reasons. In my mind, that email address became part of my account record, did it not? Why wouldn't I have access to that info for my account? The agent literally just gave me back access to my account, I'm obviously the account owner.

    Overall, I appreciated the help that CS gave me, I've worked that kind of job before, so I understand some of what they go through, but Sony's process for resolving these issues was just kind of a lot of needless waste on my end and infuriating that I don't have access to my own account information. There was some other strange things about the whole experience that I won't go into here, so just be prepared if you ever have to contact Sony about this.

    Thank you for reading my long rant.

    Merging RPGs with Boardgames?

    I was curious if anyone else had tried out bringing in boardgame content/ideas into their RPG games? Minis are always great to bring in as some boardgames have some great figures to use, but also, just incorporating mechanics, settings, as a mini-game, or just the general idea of a game into an RPG seems like a great resource. There's already alot of RPG-esque games out there that are ripe for plundering and just converting into full-blown RPGs if you wanted, you'd just be adding some additional depth on top of an already defined world. We've just seen Gloomhaven make the leap into an RPG as well with their new crowdfunding campaign.

    I just wrapped up a one-shot game (over 3 sessions) of **Mothership RPG **where I merged the RPG with the boardgame Nemesis and it seemed to go well (everyone died, very on brand). I basically used the Nemesis map/rooms/plot and ran it as a sort of pointcrawl via FoundryVTT with randomized encounters in each room. I brought in Nemesis' idea of giving the players competing goals and added some other elements to amp up the paranoia. The two games seemed to compliment each other fairly well, though not really suitable beyond just a one-shot. It probably could've went into a campaign if I had wanted, but I was happy with one of the players rigging the engines to explode and leaving on an escape pod.

    Some other ideas I've had merge RPG elements with tabletop games have been with Kingdom Death (I had drafted up some ideas for merging it with The Quiet Year awhile back), Shadows of Brimstone (Hexcrawl, basically adding another layer on top of the game to give it more depth), and Heroquest (I tried out a Savage Worlds conversion of the game).

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