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I completely missed Apple's WWDC Keynote. You can watch it here in case you have missed it too.
  • Starting with the iPhone 14, they put the last generation processor in the non-pro and the current generation processor in the pro

    The weird thing here is that the 15 non-pro (the new processor from the 14 gen - A16) has a faster NPU than the M1 processor that does support the AI feature

    The only possible technical reason is because they put such an anemic amount of RAM in their phones. Otherwise it’s entirely an artificial limitation

    Running top of the line models does require a lot of RAM, so it’s not an entirely ridiculous theory.

    The one I run on my desktop needs at least 12 gigs of VRAM

  • Silverblue vs uBlue
  • Thanks! That sounds like exactly what I’d want to run mpd. I’ll check it out

    For virtualization, I’m all good since I went with uBlue instead of Silverblue for now - the developer images come with lxc/lxd/qemu/libvirt :)

  • Vulkan or DirectX on Linux?
  • To expand - DirectX is a proprietary Windows solution. Any time you pick it on Linux, it will run through a translation layer

    OpenGL/Vulkan are cross-platform

    OpenGL is to DirectX 11 as Vulkan is to DirectX 12

    Microsoft kept the same branding, but also followed in Vulkans/Metals footsteps of using lower level calls to the hardware. This makes the graphics drivers simpler, and can be way more performant because the CPU doesn’t have to do as much

  • Silverblue vs uBlue
  • Hey! Thanks!

    I’ve installed Aurora to my new drive based off the comments here so far, and it’s been pretty smooth bringing my configs over :)

    Immutable is new to me, so I’m wondering how you manage host daemons and cli applications, such as mpd for music and password-store for password management

    Is the best practice to keep one Fedora <current release> distrobox with them?

    Also, are there any issues with upgrading a distrobox to a new major release over time?

    So far my mindset has been make sure I don’t layer anything, but maybe some things like mpd do make sense to layer?

    I also see brew as another option. Perhaps that’s the preferred way for those types of tools? However, it seems like the system upgrade script updates distrobox and not brew?

    Sorry for the rambling question - just trying to understand best practices with an immutable distro 😅

  • Silverblue vs uBlue
  • How does bluefin fit in the dependency chain here - is this just the repository that builds official uBlue images?

    Part of my confusion is trying to understand how these projects are related to each other

    Edit - oh, I guess bluefin is the Gnome variant

  • Silverblue vs uBlue

    I’m considering trying out an immutable distro after using Tumbleweed for the last 6 years.

    The two major options for me seem to be Fedora Kinoite or uBlue Aurora-dx

    My understanding is that universal-blue is a downstream of Fedora Atomic

    So, the points in favor of Kinoite is sticking closer to upstream, however it seems like I would need to layer quite a few packages. My understanding is that this is discouraged in an rpm-ostree setup, particularly due to update time and possible mismatches with RPMFusion

    uBlue Aurora-dx seems to include a lot of the additional support I’d need - ROCm, distrobox, virt-manager, libratbag, media codecs, etc. however I’m unclear how mature the project is and whether it will be updated in a timely manner long term

    I’m curious what the community thinks between the two as a viable option

    Raspberry Pi becomes a public company
  • The RK3588 is pretty nifty, and is the first Mali GPU (610) where ARM themselves have contributed the firmware upstream and have helped with Collabora with Panfrost development

    Bleeding edge, still, but kernel 6.10 and Mesa 24.1 have GPU support

    HDMI TX and DSI/CSI are still in-progress

  • Can a browser and keepass both be run in flatpak and work?
  • Browsers do have their own sandboxing, trying to prevent things like a JavaScript overflow on one website affecting other tabs, etc

    Flatpaks use user namespaces and run each program in their own filesystem snapshot

    Chromium in flathub has been patched to support its own sandboxing inside of the Flatpak sandbox

    Firefox only loses its user namespace, but Flatpak has already put it in its own user namespace

    The only reduction in the browsers own sandboxing is if they’re creating separate user namespaces per remote process, but in about:support, Firefox still lists itself as having the max sandbox level even in the Flatpak

    The nice thing about Flatpak is that you can restrict it even more - e.g. my browser is only allowed to touch files in ~/Downloads/firefox

    I don’t use webcams/mics through Firefox, so it also has no access to those, etc

    You can set fine grained permissions easily with a program called Flatseal to decide what your browser should be able to touch on your machine

  • AMD has preemptively dropped support for Windows 10 on its new Ryzen AI 300 Series chips
  • I’m working off the assumption you are using one GPU for the host and one for the guest

    The guest one is permanently blacklisted on the host, and you can select the passthrough settings in the GUI

    If you’re dynamically detaching the GPU, my statement was incorrect

  • U.S. Bans Imports From 3 Chinese Companies Over Ties to Forced Labor
  • Not to mention that even in the 60’s Nixon’s cabinet has stated he specifically started the war on drugs and marijuana in order to imprison black people and anyone against the war.

    “We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news”

  • Can a browser and keepass both be run in flatpak and work?
  • They’re saying that it only works if your browser is installed natively and your password manager is sandboxed, which is the exact opposite of what you’d want

    The browser is the vulnerable software that needs sandboxing

    Both being sandboxed would be fine, too

  • Purism (creator of FOSS friendly phones and hardware) 2023 financial report , income grew by 350% in three years and the company is profitable
  • The software has improved a lot since I got the phone in 2022 (I pre ordered it in 2017)

    I would be willing to use it as a daily driver if it had better battery life

    As the other poster said, the camera is kind of crap, but I don’t take many pictures. At least you don’t have to manually set the exposure/balance/focus to take a picture now, though

    The updater has been a little flakey and I’ve just fallen back to update via command line frequently

    Fairly thick, but it feels quite sturdy to me. SD card slot and headphone jack are great. Charging speed is kind of slow

  • Keyboard missing in text entries

    I'm not sure if this is an iOS bug or an issue with wefwef, but any time I select a text entry, I don't get a keyboard on an iPhone 13 running iOS 16.5.1 and wefwef 0.10.4.

    Is this a known issue?


    Perpetual Night - Aconitum [Spain, 2022] [FFO: Moonshade, In Mourning]

    I tend to lean towards melodic death metal and symphonic metal, so hopefully this fits!