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Tell me what it smells like in the comments!
  • A miasma of post-Doritos farts, ass sweat, and uncleaned litter box.

    The feeling of the spray hitting your skin will be akin to feeling piss aerosols/drops hit your leg when wearing shorts and using one of those urinals that extend to the floor.

  • Fortunately I don't have a job that I have to be up early for anymore
  • I haven't set an alarm for work in like 10+ years—i mostly trained my body to wake up around 6am. I say mostly because I do have the occasional hiccup and oversleep and I do set an alarm for important stuff (e.g., flights in the morning).

  • Anyone tried CoffeeSock? A V60 Style Reusable Cloth Coffee Filter
  • That's a valid point. For me, I use my siphon sparingly nowadays (maybe once a month), so it ends up being every time I use it. So, in the grand scheme of things, not much I think. When I was using the siphon more often (maybe 3 or 4 times a week) I would boil it at the end of the week—much higher impact for sure.

    If I were going to plan this out a little more for my current routine/usage, I could boil it inside my kettle when I do my monthly descaling, but that might degrade the cloth much faster.

  • Anyone tried CoffeeSock? A V60 Style Reusable Cloth Coffee Filter
  • I have one for my siphon—filters the grinds perfectly well, but as others have touched upon, it's a bit of a chore to keep clean. In addition to cleaning after each use, I boil the crap out of it every now and then for extra measure with a touch of vinegar and it seems to keep it clean.

    I still use paper filters for my v60 and I've never used the coffee sock on it. Maybe I'll give it a try.

  • Academic journal forced to retract peer-reviewed AI-generated paper after "rat penis" pics go viral
  • They sent me an email once inviting me to be a guest editor. I thought it would be a cool experience and a neat thing to have on the CV.

    I mentioned it to my advisor at the time and they told me that frontiers does that pretty often and that these special issues don't amount to anything.

    Frontiers isn't alone of course. MDPI is notorious for shitty editorial practices too.

  • Academic journal forced to retract peer-reviewed AI-generated paper after "rat penis" pics go viral
  • I've heard some of my more senior colleagues call frontiers a scam even before this regarding editorial practices there.

    It's actually furstratingly common for some reviewer comments to be completely ignored, so it's possible someone raised a flag and no one did anything about it.

  • Tamago Kake Gohan from Whisper of the Heart
  • I usually do natto and an egg (fried or raw, depending on how I feel). If I feel extra fancy, I throw in some shiokara in the mix—add some nice, salty ocean flavors to the slimy goodness.

  • A page to gather interest in a small Android phone
  • I've had the xperia 5iv for a little over a year now and I'm pretty happy with it. It's still not a small phone, but I think it's among the smaller phones.

    I also quite like the expandable storage and headphone jack.

  • proofrule
  • One problem I used to have was using the wrong email address to send work-related stuff. Now, work stuff lives in outlook and my personal stuff lives in whatever non-outlook email client doesn't suck.

    This is not to say outlook is great—i fucking hate it.

  • Especially with a real one!
  • Related to suicide ride, but I'm a millennial: I had a childhood friend who rode down a hill on the pegs once. He thought the best solution for slowing down mid-hill was to jump off.