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Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic
  • This is so huge. And I'll be shocked if this makes it to the nightly / cable news outlets. We have more important things to worry about; like if someone lied about doing drugs in order to get a gun.

  • Tesla in self-drive mode slams into police car in Orange County
  • No we’re not. They’re the rats, we’re the maze.

  • Supreme Court rejects bid to restrict access to abortion pill
  • they didn’t really vote to protect access at all.

    It's incredible how easily people assume something to be true and take the time to unintentionally spread misinformation in a public forum. Had they just taken two minutes to read the content which they're commenting on, this could easily be avoided. I mean, "rejected" is right in the headline - really didn't even need to read the article.

    And yet people are upvoting these inaccuracies because they emotionally agree with the comment even though it's proven false in the headline.

  • Supreme Court rejects bid to restrict access to abortion pill
  • voted to protect access

    That's wholly incorrect.

    They refused to consider the case because "the plaintiffs failed to show they had suffered any injury".

  • Can you create a shortcut to a Files folder?
  • Amazing. Thank you!!

    Instructions were a little off for me so this was what I found.
    Search for "Files", scroll down to find the section 'Documents', then select 'File'.
    Select 'File' in the top field, navigate to your desired folder then select Open on the top right.
    New search for "Open File" in the same screen. Select 'Open File' beneath 'Documents'.
    Select Done on top right.

    This is the first I've heard "sharrow". Love it!

  • Can you create a shortcut to a Files folder?

    I just submitted feedback to Apple because I was shocked that there was no apparent way to add a folder bookmark to the Home Screen. You can save a website to the Home Screen on iOS and created an alias on MacOS. So, I don't think this is something that's technically not possible to do nor a foreign concept for Apple.

    Use case: I'm traveling and have all my documents in a folder in iCloud. Yes, you can set that folder as a favorite in Files but it would be more convenient, given. the hectic and stressful nature of traveling, to simply have access to that folder from the Home Screen.

    Even better, now that I think about it, it would be great to have a Smart Folder so any document or email or booking confirmation or SMS or WhatsApp message, etc., that I tag in iCloud with "London" could easily be found from one spot on the Home Screen. Perhaps there's a future where we can ask Siri to show me all my documents and messages for my upcoming trip (not that I trust AI will ever be smart enough to figure this all out).

    Missouri joins other red states in trying to stamp out ranked choice voting
  • There is literally no good argument for writing a law banning this. It’s indefensible. I challenge one person to try.

    I've been in favor of RCV for a decade+ and believe our country would change practically overnight by adopting it; however, there are legitimate reasons it hasn't been adopted. As stated and linked in the article,

    Brown and other critics of ranked choice voting contend the system is confusing, and he said there are numerous instances in which voters didn’t end up ranking their choices.

    Ballot exhaustion occurs when a ballot is no longer countable in a tally as all of the candidates marked on the ballot are no longer in the contest. This can occur as part of ranked-choice voting when a voter has ranked only candidates that have been eliminated even though other candidates remain in the contest, as voters are not required to rank all candidates in an election. In cases where a voter has ranked only candidates that did not make it to the final round of counting, the voter's ballot is said to have been exhausted. An exhausted ballot is sometimes referred to as an inactive ballot.

    Whether this qualifies as "literally no good argument" I think is dependent on the number ballots where this was an issue. You could make an argument that people aren't educated about the system or the system isn't adaptable for all voters. Whether those are "good arguments" is perhaps subjective.

  • Trump Complains Not a Single Juror Smiled at Him
  • This is news? Come on. Can we do better than the rest of trashy click bait social media here?

  • What are your favourite moments in videogames?
  • When I have a perfectly flat four row stack and the 4x1 tile appears.

  • Warner Bros. Discovery hikes prices for Max streaming service, 12 days before the debut of season two of HBO's "House of the Dragon"
  • They (all) just keep increasing prices. I'm sitting here with no subscription to anything and waiting for the day when this business model crumbles. Everyone complains they can't afford groceries, can they afford entertainment?

  • Klarna CEO Says He is Spending Less on Photographers Thanks to AI
  • This makes their brand more valuable. This makes stock holders more rich.

    It's difficult to make a case for "poor creatives" when the job of the CEO is to make the company more efficient and profitable. We can be as angry as we want but it's really not this guy's fault. It's the fault of technological advancement - as it always has been.

    If you look at all the creative or manual labor processes that have been taken over by technology, I don't think many of these jobs have ever really recovered. The alternative has typically been to move to emerging markets where they can't afford to invest in the technology but that's very different now.

    My first real job was interning at an ad agency (where I later became an art director). My first job was to page through stock photo books that filled a 15x15ft room. It took me hours or days to find a great picture and it was rare that a photo was "perfect" for the project. As an art director, the ability to just ask AI for the picture I want and get it in a few minutes is just mind blowing. At the same time, I can imagine the entire role of an art director could be eliminated and given to the account director. Maybe that job goes away too. This could really turn the entire creative marketing industry upside down.

  • NEW POLL: Nearly Half Believe Trump Should Drop Campaign Over Guilty Verdict
  • In related news, TheConversation promoted this 2018 article on Bluesky yesterday

    My question to them was: How does “dehumanizing” work to begin with? If we’re wired to be social empathetic creatures, what is so powerful about these statements to unwire us?

    The entire story is missing right between these two paragraphs.

    Why are dehumanization and violence so closely connected? As social creatures, we’re wired to empathize with our fellow human beings, and we get uncomfortable when we see someone suffering.

    Once someone is dehumanized, we usually deny them the consideration, compassion and empathy that we typically give other people. It can relax our instinctive aversion to aggression and violence.

  • NEW POLL: Nearly Half Believe Trump Should Drop Campaign Over Guilty Verdict
  • I agree with you. I recognize my choice of words didn't hit the nail on the head and I failed to take the time to find the right word(s).

    Whatever the word is for people who are easily brainwashed and find comfort in their echo chamber despite being informed of the facts by historically reputable organizations - those people.

    Because despite liberals also living in their own echo chambers, most of them can still observe reality and accept that Biden also has his shortcomings. They can also look at what's going on with Hunter and agree with the reasonable Republicans and say whatever wrongs he did, he should be held accountable. They can judge him for what he's doing / not doing in Gaza and protest him (as they should). If Joe Biden did one percent of what Trump has done in his life, Democrats would turn on him, not defend him. I'm still not forgiving him for the 1994 crime bill and don't think he should ever have been elected president. I was excited to discover a progressive voice in TYT in the mid 2010s but I've kept a level head and realized they were turning into extremists.

    Brainwashing, propaganda, advertising; I don't understand how they work. I worked as an art director in advertising and I had to quit because of all the manipulation. They all treat people like rats hanging a big chunk of stinky cheese in front of them.

    I'm a pretty dumb person but I vividly recall, as an eight year old in catechism class, thinking all religions claim to be the "true" religion and realizing that there was no such thing as god and it was ll bullshit. How was I, as an eight year old, able to break free from the cult while most grown adults fail to see through it all? That's the part I don't get and I wrongly chose "dummy" to describe these people.

  • NEW POLL: Nearly Half Believe Trump Should Drop Campaign Over Guilty Verdict
  • I'm a registered Democrat. I would not support him dropping out of the election even if he's in jail.

    There is no established rule that says you can not run for president as a convicted felon.

    What I am in favor of is people not being fucking idiots and voting for a convicted felon to be president. Just as the same as I'm in favor of people not voting for a literal farm animal to be president - it's just moronic. I'm also no in favor of people voting for anyone who's failed to present themselves as a public figure who gives a flying fuck about the American People or the United States Constitution or someone who may be a rapist or may be a bigot or may not be able to speak or read comprehensively. Why the fuck are we stuck with this guy as an option? Out of 330 million people, this is the best we can do?

    Edit: I mean, how is it that so many people are dummies?

    people are fairly split on the Trump case overall with 47% saying the charges against Trump were politically motivated

  • Why do transgenders (F-M) want to sport a trucker male look?
  • He did.
    As did we miss the opportunity to realize he's a furry.
    Of all the people to ask this question...

  • Why do transgenders (F-M) want to sport a trucker male look?
  • There was an influx of "truckers" in the media of the 1970's and '80s. Movies like Over The Top and Smokey and the Bandit and songs like Convoy come to mind. I don't know why this was the case but in my mind it marks the beginning of a cultural milestone. I was also born in '76 so my perception is skewed.

    I submit Exhibit A.

  • Why do transgenders (F-M) want to sport a trucker male look?
  • People could be asking things out of curiosity or sheer innocence.

    I understand that and that's how I responded. Again, ask yourself why men choose adopt this look. Why do you believe trans people are different?

  • Why do transgenders (F-M) want to sport a trucker male look?
  • That may be true in some places but I don't think so across the board. Don't let the news cycle or the vocal minorities twist reality. Gay marriage is legal, we have gay members in congress and the president's cabinet, and trans political leaders. Overall, things are better than they were 20 years ago.

  • Why do transgenders (F-M) want to sport a trucker male look?
  • Edit: Actually, re-reading your post, I'd shorten my entire response to: why not also ask men why they adopt the goatee trucker guy look?

    The problem with all of this, in my opinion, is the societal stereotypes and expectations on men and women. Requiring people to fit into a classification for the convenience of others does not allow them to "just be who they want to be". Who are you to tell someone they should look one way or another? If we could all just accept people dressing how they want or enjoying the pleasures of life however they want, most of this entire cultural conversation would be irrelevant. People struggling to conform to the stereotypes set by others is causing mental and emotional instability. Thankfully, things are getting better and, most of us, are accepting of people for however they want to present themselves. Personally, I don't believe that means they need to "identify" as a male or female but that's what they need to do in order to subvert expectations.

    Why do you dress the way you do or like the things you do? Why do you believe someone who is unlike you needs to justify how they see themselves and what they like? I dress and act the way I do because it's what feels like "me". I'm a guy and look at the vast majority of "male models" (whatever that means) and find I have nothing in common with them at all. To be honest, I'm more comfortable dressing like an old lady than a "trucker guy look". So, are you going to question why I dress the way I do as well?

  • Mexico's new president!
  • Those are pretty good points. Still, you had to participate in Reddit in order to find that story.

    The point is that news organizations, reporters, etc. need to start using fediverse platforms so we're not stuck still using Xitter and Reddit. Moreover, a source from a reputable news outlet would be preferred over social media.

  • What's an unusual but excellent food combo you've tried?
  • We used to make peanut butter sandwiches with potato chips. I haven't had one since I was like 14 and need to try one again.

  • What is the answer?

    Share some objective or subjective wisdom you’ve learned recently.


    When / why / how did "I hope you are well" become a standard email intro?

    Practically every email I've received in maybe the past year has started with "I hope you are well". I even had an LLM draft a placeholder email for me and it started with the same thing. This has not always been the case and it's strange to me that everyone I interact with begins their emails with this line. Frankly, it's annoying AF.

    What gives? Who started this? Why has it become so prevalent? More importantly, how do we stop it?

    While I'm at it, if you work in tech / customer support, I urge you to speak with your supervisors to minimize the boiler plate copy paste trash you insert into your emails. People dealing with shit that's not working as intended or desired do not have the mental or emotional capacity to wade through your platitudinal nonsense. Get to the fucking point.


    Chinese migrants are fastest growing group crossing into U.S. from Mexico | 60 Minutes

    Please watch the entire video before commenting.

    The take away, in my opinion, was much less about the Chinese migrants than it was the story of the specific location they were coming through and how and why the process of legal immigration is broken. It seems so, so easy to fix this problem but it’s clear “the border” is being used as a political pawn to divide us for political gain.


    One thing I'm going to miss is r/photomarket

    The community around buying and selling gear and just watching awesome stuff pop up for sale regularly is one of the reasons I've stuck with the site for so long.

    Other than FredMiranda, e$ay, Craigslist, I'm not sure what other options there are (I'm not on FB).

    Is there any chance something like photomarket could pop up in the fediverse? What other sites are you trading on?


    I was banned from one sub for posting a question in another.

    This is a rant.

    It stems from the recent Joe Rogan comment about Biden which turned out to be Trump. I'm an indie-leaning "progressive" who found this to be an important moment to call out for everyone.

    The video, summarized: Joe Rogan is proved wrong when claiming Biden said "one of the problems about the Revolutionary War was that we didn't have enough airports". Rogan goes on, "If you had any other job, and you were talking like that, they'd go, 'you're done'". "It's just the media narrative..." Then the actual Biden video is pulled up for him showing that Biden is quoting Trump, "This is the same stable genius who said the biggest problem we had in the Revolutionary War was that we didn't have enough airports". "Is that fake?", Rogan says. Producer, "It's not fake, here's the video..." Trump, "our army manned the airports, it ran the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do." Rogan, "Oh, he fucked up.." His guest, "that's the thing about the media today, you gotta look into it."

    My comment: >Is there a sub for instances like this where people say something about "the other side" only to be immediately shown that it was their "side" who said it? >This post is iconic should be pinned to the top of every social site.

    Soon after, I received a message from r/JusticeServed (a sub I don't actively participate in) saying, >Hello, You have been permanently banned from participating in r/JusticeServed because you broke this community's rules. You won't be able to post or comment, but you can still view and subscribe to it. >Note from the moderators: >You have been banned for participating in a subreddit that has consistently shown to provide refuge for users to promote hate, violence and misinformation (joerogan). >This fully automated ban has been performed by a bot that cannot determine context. Appeals will be provided for good-faith users upon request. You can reply to this message and ask for an appeal. Any other messages will be ignored. More information on the appeal process here:

    My appeal did not include kind words. I called them out for being fascists and being part of the reason why Reddit has become a shithole. My appeal closed with asking not to be un-banned. Then I received this message,

    >We are willing to reverse the ban only if you plan to stop supporting the target subreddit. Regardless of context, contributions you provide to the target subreddit is a material form of support. >Posting, Commenting, and Voting in a subreddit or on an item is a signal to Reddit and their advertisers that the participant believes that the community or comment or post has a legitimate reason for existing and serves a purpose for them. >There is no place for hate, violence and purposeful disinformation on Reddit. Those sub's advertisers should not be rewarded for the traffic metrics you and your peers provide to them by showing up and inflating those numbers. >They don't care what you say. They are just happy to have you continue to show up and refresh the page. >If this is something you can accept, to stop participating in the target subreddit, then please reply. If the bot hits you again for the same subreddit, you will not be unbanned a second time. >If you don't want to stop helping the target sub and their advertisers, then you can just ignore this message.

    I responded, in part, with a full throated 'you can go fuck yourself'. This lead to a harassment warning from Reddit. I also noted the sub's 'motto' - "Too many times justice fails to prevail. These are not those times." For fucking real. I had also pointed out that what they're doing is analogous to DeSantis banning me from entering Florida just because I live in Philadelphia.

    Dear JusticeServed, this is called cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    I mean, this is the kind of shit that makes people more sympathetic to Musk and Rogan. I am not in support of nationalism or racism or misinformation. What I am in support of is common fucking sense.

    It's very likely that had I maintained my composure I would have had a successful appeal. I didn't want to appeal to be unbanned though, I wanted to bring attention to their hypocrisy. >With the overturning of Roe v Wade, we saw a couple of subreddits pinning mod endorsed celebration threads. Why anyone would want to celebrate people losing rights is beyond me.

    Rights? What rights are you supporting, JusticeServed? Certainly not Freedom of Speech. Spying on people and censoring them for actions they take in other communities sounds a lot like fascism to me.

    The take away here is that we shouldn't put so much emotional weight on stupid shit like this that ultimately doesn't matter in our real lives. And in our real lives, we should be more cautious with judging people. Your current mood and state of mind can easily cause you to misinterpret someone else's words and (re)actions. We should all be more mindful to take a breath before reacting to something emotionally triggering. And, of course, fuck Reddit.


    Unable to sign in to

    For well over a week, I've been unable to sign into with Lemmios. I'm not having an issue with other apps like Memmy.


    How safe are grammar editing tools?

    Without naming names, there's a well advertised grammar editing tool that's available either as an app download or browser extension. This is something I'd value for a number of reasons (good grammar is important!) but I'm super cautious about anything I'm giving permission to watch what I'm typing.

    Ideally, I'd prefer to select text and have it analyzed on-demand using on-device intelligence. I'm on a Mac and it seems like Pages isn't cut out to check grammar. Also, there's no way in heck I'm paying $30 a month for a subscription.

    Edit: I just want to acknowledge my request for something I'd value and then saying I don't want to pay for it. I would certainly pay for something if it met my needs but this function isn't something I'd personally value at $30 a month or any monthly subscription ($30 a year sounds reasonable). Moreover, if there's any suspicion of an application using my data for their own profit, they are not getting my money. So, in this case, for the sake of data privacy, I would prefer to pay for something (preferably once - grammar shouldn't need updating).


    Queensryche - Revolution Calling

    I was just watching some Headbangers Ball on when the lyrics to this video by Queensryche struck me. I don't know that I ever heard this song before but I was around back then and recall plenty of "protest" / anti-government, anti-capitalist, anti-coldwar songs on the radio and MTV. It has me reflecting on the state of politics today and how things have shifted and twisted.

    From 1988...

    For a price I'd do about anything Except pull the trigger For that I'd need a pretty good cause Then I heard of Dr. X The man with the cure Just watch the television Yeah, you'll see there's something going on

    Got no love for politicians Or that crazy scene in D.C. It's just a power mad town But the time is ripe for changes There's a growing feeling That taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due

    I used to trust the media To tell me the truth, tell us the truth But now I've seen the payoffs Everywhere I look Who do you trust when everyone's a crook?

    Revolution calling Revolution calling Revolution calling you Revolution calling Revolution calling Gotta make a change Gotta push, gotta push it on through

    I'm tired of all this bullshit They keep selling me on T.V. About the communist plan And all the shady preachers Begging for my cash Swiss bank accounts while giving their Secretaries the slam

    They're all in Penthouse now Or Playboy magazine, million dollar stories to tell I guess Warhol wasn't wrong Fame fifteen minutes long Everyone's using everybody, making the sale

    I used to think That only America's way, way was right But now the holy dollar rules everybody's lives Gotta make a million doesn't matter who dies

    Revolution calling Revolution calling Revolution calling you Revolution calling Revolution calling Gotta make a change Gotta push, gotta push it on through

    I used to trust the media To tell me the truth, tell us the truth But now I've seen the payoffs Everywhere I look Who do you trust when everyone's a crook?

    Revolution calling Revolution calling Revolution calling you Revolution calling Revolution calling Gotta make a change Gotta push, gotta push it on through

    Apple oxjox

    What are you doing to minimize your use of / dependency on Apple devices and other technologies?

    This might be the wrong place to ask this question but, as someone who has owned more Apple products that I could count, I'm interested in reducing my dependency on them (and tech, in general) moving forward.

    A significant portion of my life has included spending time and money on devices and applications to "make my life easier / more productive". It's becoming all too apparent though that this has created a reliance on technology that can become difficult to separate from if a company, such as Apple, makes changes that are displeasurable or disruptive to the habits I've adopted my daily life.

    I mean, my bluetooth trackpad is acting wonky right now, so that's not fun. Wired always works. Is there too much technology?

    I am not a fan of having to keep a phone on me at all times. It's always in silent mode and visual notifications are kept to a minimum. I can and do sometimes go two to three days without even knowing where my phone is. If I leave the house, I more often just take my Apple Watch and a note pad. (However, with the realization that Apple is changing the Watch UX with OS10, I'm not so sure I'll be using it much longer.)

    I'll go through my phone once in a while and delete apps I rarely use. If I need something, I can easily reinstall it. The only things I really need a phone for are Maps for navigation, Safari to open a restaurant's menu, to manage my Apple Wallet, to get a Lyft, to view my Fitness / Health info, and to access an MFA Authenticator app.

    After my Apple TV, my iPad is probably my most used device, closely followed by my Mac mini. (I have a MacBook for work - I don't consider that part of this conversation.) Thinking about it though, I could probably eliminate the iPad in favor of the desktop experience. Since there is not Finder replacement on iPad, I need a MacOS computer to mange my music, photos, files, etc. Although, I hate sitting at a desk more than I need to already for work. If MacOS Finder were available on an iPad, I might be able to ditch a desktop computer.

    I just checked Screen Time on my phone - I'm averaging about 1 Hour / Week. My iPad is about 4 Hours / Week. Why do I even have these devices?

    So, my problem is that I need(?) each of these devices for just a small handful of tasks. Stepping back from it, it feels stupid that I have all this crap. It's a lot of money spent and it's a lot of opportunity for something to break my daily habits. Although, speaking of habits, I have to admit I feel an addiction to these things that prevents me from getting rid of them.

    Aren't we all addicted to out devices? Are we actively encouraging or reducing our dependency on technology and what affect does this have on our mental well being?

    I'm wondering if anyone has taken steps to replace or eliminate devices or experiences. How are you living a minimalist technology life?


    How are you managing your interaction with redundant communities?

    For example, I'm on and I've joined [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]. In this example, it's not very different from the number of similar groups on Flickr but, in comparison to Reddit, it seems like the decentralized platform can be a little unruly.

    How are you going about joining different communities and managing your engagement? Are you only participating on the community on your instance? Are you joining and posting in as many instances that seem relevant?

    Lemmy Support oxjox

    I think you've got a bug with your 2FA notification.

    When I followed the instructions shown when selecting "Set up 2-factor authentication", there's a pop-up that says to reload the page. When I did that I was immediately signed out and was unable to log back in without a 2FA key.

    Click 'Save', then manually reload this page, scroll down and use the '2FA installation link' to obtain the oath URL for your authenticator.

    Reddit oxjox

    I'm so thankful for this alternative.

    I admit to spending too much time on Reddit during my work day as a distraction. It's a problem. What's worse is that Reddit has become so full of uninteresting content that I spend most of my time downvoting things that aren't at all relevant to the sub they're posted in. And with a lot of the front page subs being offline, the experience is dreadfully worse.

    Reddit is barely any different from any other social media platform now. People just want to argue for the sake of arguing and getting hive mind support without any interest in the relevance or context of the original post (ie., no one reads the articles). Reddit has an algorithm just like any other social media platform to push engaging content to the top so they can get more ad revenue. I've been saying it for years now, Reddit is trash. But damn is it addictive.

    I'm thankful for Lemmy and KBin and Mastodon (and my RSS reader) for providing interesting, relevant, chronologically posted content with a minimal amount of dilution. I don't spend as much time here but it serves the purpose of informing and entertaining me for a five minute work break without the frustration of "being social media".