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Two questions about / issues with Kbin UI regarding expanding and collapsing comments.
  • MacOS Safari v16.5.1. That would be a little weird if there were an element only appearing in one / some web browsers.

  • GOP senators rattled by radical conservative populism
  • I'll admit, even as a "lefty" there are a number of misleading or entirely false stories that have crept their way into my acceptance. I sometimes have to stop myself and think back to a time when something wasn't a conspiracy. It's not difficult to see how the vast majority of people, regardless of your political leanings, are swayed by the constant chatter we're exposed to by any or all sources.

    GOP senators are saying they’re being increasingly confronted by constituents who buy into discredited conspiracy theories such as the claim that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election or that federal agents incited the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

    Growing distrust with government institutions, from the FBI, CIA and Department of Justice to the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health, make it more difficult for Republican lawmakers to govern.

    As we find ourselves living in a world of karma farming, being paid and trusted as nothing more than an "influencer", and the growing use of AI, I'm certain the worse is still ahead of us. Free Speech is a weapon of mass destruction when the audience is a bunch of numbskulls.

    Without a fair and free (from corporate ownership) press doing their part as the fourth pillar of democracy, this democracy is going to teeter and fall.

  • For all your questions about Kbin! oxjox

    Two questions about / issues with Kbin UI regarding expanding and collapsing comments.

    There's two very annoying user interface elements that prevent me from getting comfortable with KBin. I'm not sure if these are settings, or bugs on my browser, or what.

    One: Every top-level comment in every thread is showing an expand button that hides a lot of the text. So it's not really possible to read a lot of comments without going through an entire post and selecting this button on every comment. I understand this is useful for very long comments but it's hiding comments that are only one line of text. Screenshot linked below because the image attachment element disappears when I stop hovering over it.

    Two: On Reddit and Lemmy, there's a button in the interface to collapse a thread and its replies. I'm not seeing that in Kbin.


    Donald Trump brands US a ‘third -world hellhole’ run by ‘perverts’ and ‘thugs’
  • “The election will decide whether your generation will inherit a fascist country or a free country, “ Mr Trump told the right-wing activist conference.

    He threatened to “reclaim colleges” and “choke off the money” to universities that he claims are leading a “Marxist assault” on “Western civilization itself.” He also pledged to revive an even wider ban on people from majority Muslim countries from entering the US, along with mass deportations of people living in the country and ending birthright citizenship for the children of people who are in the US without legal permission.

  • People in /r/redditalternatives are talking about a "Reddit 2.0" What website would fill that role?
  • Buddy, doomscrolling is your own issue. Are you old enough to remember "doomscrolling" cable television for hours at night? We're all choosing to distract ourselves from something else or we're just bored. It's nothing new.

    I mean, if you're having trouble stepping away from something, it almost sounds like you're describing an addiction problem. Everyone should make it a practice to step outside themselves for a moment and assess all their habits.

    You're not seriously suggesting that a platform prevent its users from using it, are you? LOL where have I seen that in the news this week?

  • Fall Out Boy - We Didn't Start the Fire (Lyric Video)
  • I was born in ‘76 so when the original came out it was a reflection upon the current world we were stuck with. For me it was “this is how we got where we are today. This is what they did to us.” Hearing this version, with so much history I’ve lived through and I’m still emotionally carrying around, is entirely different. I really appreciate this song and look forward to it being re-written every 30-40 years. Although, if “social media” gets wind of this, it’ll be remade every December and posted on TikTok.

  • Is there any one else who feels like their life has been disrupted by this whole debacle with Reddit.
  • First, I’m still new here so having to scroll past all the other comments to post a comment is lame.

    Most relevant and importantly though, if you feel like your life is “disrupted” by the actions of a social media company, you might want to reassess your life.

    I mean, are you serious? Think about the nature of this “issue”. Anyone of this mindset (aside from the developers who were not given enough time to deal with changes) strikes me as exceptionally childish.

    What people should have a problem with is the vast number of bot accounts posting content to drive engagement. Reddit is trash. It’s full of click bait and rage bait just like very other “social media” entity.

    What’s awesome here is the segment of people searching for smaller more supportive communities built around their hobbies and interests.

    Hail to those who’ve been maintaining Vanilla Forums, etc and creating communities in the fediverse. You’re doing it because you care and believe in passions shared by your community.

  • Seeking assistance in finding a song...
  • So, not ‘Je t’aime moi non plus’? Is there a song more orgasmic?? Perhaps Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love’?

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    Fall Out Boy - We Didn't Start the Fire (Lyric Video)

    Music oxjox

    Juvenile - Back That Azz Up: Tiny Desk Concert