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Is everyone here leftist?
  • I disagree.

    Right-wing doesn't have to mean far-right, extremist, rampant bigotry, or conspiracy theorist stuff.

    Besides, many instances are more to the right than, which I think was the original instance. So overall, Lemmy has already been shifting "to the right" for a while! Lol

  • Court documents show that not only is Valve a fraction the size [only 336 employees in 2021] of companies like EA or Ubisoft, it's smaller than a lot of triple-A developers
  • Lmao..."you guys"?

    Great reason to go hunting through my comments to find something that you seem to have not quite understood, given its context.

    Look, the imaginary world without billionaires that you're talking about sounds great, but we live in the real world. In the real world, we aren't going to change anything for the better by whining about rich people on the internet, nor would pirating change anything for the better.

    But anyways, since you went through my comments, you might've seen my complaints about Steam, and the fact that I prefer to buy most of my games on GOG because they're DRM-free. But considering that you've said a $2 game is overpriced, I don't imagine that you're looking for

  • German city bans ‘silent fox’ gesture in schools over similarity to far-right sign
  • Lmao... Are you being facetious?

    You said that banning the gesture would upset metal heads. But the gesture is not something that's relevant to all metal heads as a group.

    My first guess was that, based on the description, someone mixed up the fox gesture with the "horns" gesture (that is commonly associated with heavy metal).

  • Court documents show that not only is Valve a fraction the size [only 336 employees in 2021] of companies like EA or Ubisoft, it's smaller than a lot of triple-A developers
  • So your definition of overcharged is that we're being charged more than what we would in an alternate reality where billionaires don't exist?

    I don't think imagination is a good basis of comparison. If one store is selling the game for $20 and another is selling it for $70 with nothing different between the two, then the one selling it for $70 is overcharging.

    But if one real store is selling it for $70, and an imaginary store is selling it for $20, then I don't think the real store is

  • Are there any guides to living?
  • You'd be surprised. There are people who don't know how to wash their genitals (both genders). People who don't know how to clean up after pooping, or even how to best sit while pooping. People use cotton swabs to "clean" their ear wax (which is kind of like eating a pudding cup with a baton).

  • What are the best communities to ask questions on lemmy?
  • If you want an answer to a general question: NoStupidQuestions

    If you want to ask more open-ended questions in sort of a survey style (like asking anyone to share their experiences with something): AskLemmy

    If you want to know something about a specific topic, product, or concept: try to find a specific community for your question.

  • Why is the US not considered a third world country?
  • Yes, the scale they used was just a bit counter-intuitive.

    It wasn't a rank from most to least corrupt, it was more of a "corruption score", where higher numbers means more corrupt. But they ordered it like ranks, so #1 (least corrupt) would be first.

  • German city bans ‘silent fox’ gesture in schools over similarity to far-right sign
  • other cultures that use the symbol in completely different ways gets shafted out of their culture/religion/whatever. Now it's going to be metal heads...

    Based on the description, the gesture described has nothing to do with metal heads...

  • How can I start a timer from my home screen by voice without saying "Hey Google"?

    I used to be able to press the microphone button on my home screen and say "Start 5-minute timer" and it would start the timer.

    Now, when I do that, it does a Google search for "Start 5-minute timer".

    How do I get that functionality back?

    I don't want to open an app, and I don't want to use a number pad or anything to enter the number.

    EDIT: Thank you! I went into the Gestures section of Settings, and now I can long-press the power button to get the desired behaviour. This might even be more convenient than tapping the mic icon!


    Webpage not available and back button doesn't function when trying to subscribe to a community after searching.

    1. Tap search button on the bottom.

    2. Search like normal for communities with the search term. Results returned like normal.

    3. Clicking the unfilled heart (to subscribe) results in the error presented in the attached screenshot.

    4. The back button (Android) doesn't work. App must be force-closed.

    5. The subscribing action was successful; discovered on reboot.

    6. Repeating the steps, but instead of the unfilled heart, clicking on the community successfully navigates to the community.

    7. This didn't happen before.

    8. I might be one update behind current as of Mar 18


    What are some food items that cost less than what they "should"?

    Bananas are ridiculously cheap even up here in Canada, and they aren't grown anywhere near here. Yet a banana can grow, be harvested, be shipped, be stocked, and then be purchased by me for less than it'd cost to mail a letter across town. (Well, if I could buy a single banana maybe...or maybe that's not the best comparison, but I think you get my point)

    Along the banana's journey, the farmer, the harvester, the shipper, the grocer, the clerk, and the cashier all (presumably) get paid. Yet a single banana is mere cents. If you didn't know any better, you might think a single banana should cost $10!

    I'm presuming that this is because of some sort of exploitation somewhere down the line, or possibly loss-leading on the grocery store's side of things.

    I'm wondering what other products like bananas are a lot cheaper than they "should" be (e.g., based on how far they have to travel, or how difficult they are to produce, or how much money we're saving "unethically").

    I've heard that this applies to coffee and chocolate to varying extents, but I'm not certain.

    Anyone know any others?

    datahoarder otp

    Seagate Expansion external HDD power supply making a very faint alarm sound

    I've got a fairly new 14tb Seagate Expansion. It works fine, and I've been using it for a month and a bit.

    I don't know how long it's been doing this, but the power supply is making a very faint alarm sound. The power supply is plugged into a Belkin surge protector powered on and with the "protected" status light lit, and it is plugged into an outlet. The HDD is currently not plugged in to a computer.

    It's not a beep or electricity. It's a distinct weewooweewoo. I couldn't even determine the source until I pressed my ear against it.

    Googling just points me towards typical "my HDD is making a sound, how long do I have until it dies", but nothing pointed me to the alarm sound from the power supply.

    I'll check again if it makes the alarm in other conditions, but in the meanwhile, I was hoping someone here might know something.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: The sound only happens when...

    • Power adapter is plugged into the HDD, AND the outlet
    • HDD is NOT plugged into the computer.

    Plugging it into the computer stops the noise from the power adapter.


    Conspiracy theory: Year in Review hides games not available for sale

    Due to personal circumstances, I haven't had much time for gaming in the last year.

    I did have a couple of months in the summer with some free evenings though, so I dumped a bunch of time into Pokemon Violet, and I also completed Super Mario Sunshine, spending several hours getting those last few shines and blue coins after leaving the game at ~85% completed back in 2022.

    Other than those 2 games, I hadn't really played much of anything on the Switch.

    My year in review said I put a ton of hours into Pokemon Violet, single-digit hours into F-Zero 99, and less than 1 hour into NES online.

    No mention of Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

    I was wondering why it didn't count. But then I realized that these year-in-review things are not a nice service or gift to subscribers... they're ADS that they intend people to share with their friends to get their friends to buy more games. (What's a better review than "Your best friend played this game for 200h last year"?)

    Since SM3DAS isn't available in the shop, it'd be useless to advertise that game. So maybe Nintendo is excluding it from their calculations...

    Can anyone else confirm or deny this? Did anyone have any delisted games make their year-in-review? Or am I just going to need to spend a ton of time 100%ing Super Mario Galaxy in 2024, and only play 2 other games on my Switch? Lmao


    What do ridiculously rich people (like Bill Gates etc.) ask for/get for Christmas/birthdays/etc.?

    I know money can't buy happiness blahblahblah.

    Do they do gift exchanges at all?

    Do they ask for anything?

    They have enough money that they could get anything made or done for them at a moment's notice. Like having ChatGPT, but for services. Ridiculous things we couldn't imagine.

    Anyone have any insight into general trends along those lines?