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How do you connect with people and make friends without social media?
  • Interacting with local people is definitely a good one. If there are any community events, especially recurrent ones, go there!

  • Low traffic neighborhoods in London reclaiming streets from cars
  • Oh cool! Our town does something similar in the summer. One street is dedicated to the farmer's market, and several chunks of parking are converted to outdoor seating.

  • Google Leak Reveals Thousands of Privacy Incidents
  • Paywalled. Here's the article via the Universal Summarizer by Kagi.

    • Google has experienced thousands of privacy incidents and security issues over a 6-year period from 2013 to 2018, according to an internal database obtained by 404 Media.
    • The privacy incidents range from small issues like a single errant email containing personal information to substantial data leaks and impending raids on Google offices.
    • The incidents involve Google's own products, data collection practices, vulnerabilities in third-party vendors, and mistakes made by Google staff, contractors, or others impacting Google systems.
    • The incidents include Google accidentally collecting children's voice data, leaking the trips and home addresses of carpool users, and making YouTube recommendations based on users' deleted watch history.
    • While individually the incidents may have only impacted a relatively small number of people, or were fixed quickly, collectively they show how a powerful company like Google manages and often mismanages a large amount of sensitive personal data.
    • Google employees internally report these privacy and security issues, assigning them priority ratings from P0 (highest) to P1.
    • The database obtained by 404 Media contains thousands of reports of these incidents over the 6-year period.
    • The revelations highlight the challenges major tech companies face in protecting user privacy and data, even with internal reporting systems.
    • The incidents suggest Google may not always be fully transparent about privacy and security issues impacting its users.
    • The article suggests the need for greater scrutiny and accountability around how large tech companies like Google handle sensitive user data.
  • Outbursts of Everett True - May 22, 1909
  • There's something cathartic about seeing a comic character enact over the top violence on someone representing our everyday annoyances and rude people.

  • Using a notification badge to make me look at an ad should be a felony
  • Your rage is justified and the phrase "It's an attack on our personal space" absolutely nails it.

  • Thank you, our future 🌐
  • And knowing that the community (that I've curated anyway) is generally not toxic and overly hostile, especially to civil discourse. That fosters trust that if I engage, I'm not going to be downvoted and socially shunned because of some minor community fixation.

  • I'm finally moving over to Lemmy! What are your favorite active communities on the platform?
  • When I moved over I searched for versions of all my reddit communities. Sadly, a lot of them are inactive, but I subbed anyway just in case. Then I went onto all and looked for the top handful that had stuff I liked. Now I mostly stick to my subscribed and flip over to all if I run out.

  • Anon discovers a diet trick
  • Ditto! Sometimes I struggle with getting carried away at night, but talking through to myself when I go to snack helps me with getting it back under control (..usually.) Just going "Why do I feel like I NEED a second dessert?" can sometimes get me to stop and walk away.

  • What book(s) are you currently reading or listening? May 14
  • I'm surprisingly into it! I'm not much of a major sci-fi person, though I've dabbled. It's a bit harder for me to get into sci-fi in general, and I figured Dune would be a difficult read. But I find it very easy to visualize. Sometimes the random terminology trips me up but I'm still getting the gist enough to enjoy it. I haven't gotten very far yet so that may change but I think I'm going to like the book.

  • They went in for shoes and were forced to leave gay married!
  • The fact that this meme is using Smithers is particularly ironic

  • How come hotel check-in time is always 3-4?
  • I bet!! It sounds like you had a truly exhausting day!

  • How come hotel check-in time is always 3-4?
  • I guess I'm surprised because I've never been at a hotel that didn't have a lobby open 24/7. Sure you can't check in, but I'm surprised you couldn't plop down in a seat in the lobby and read or browse on your phone until you could check in.

  • What book(s) are you currently reading or listening? May 14
  • I love Good Omens. Never fully got through Dracula but reading the annotated version, for as far as I did get, was fun!

  • What book(s) are you currently reading or listening? May 14
  • Currently reading Dune by Frank Herbert. (I have not seen the movie yet--I want to read the book first.)

    Currently listening to Dead Beat by Jim Butcher. I generally reserve audiobooks for things I have read. I don't like to reread things but I like listening to them and picking up on the stuff I missed (or in the case of the Dresden Files, forgot.)

  • How come hotel check-in time is always 3-4?
  • They wouldn't let you chill out in the lobby?

  • Remember how crazy things got when Pokémon cards first came out? Part of me misses that.
  • I was part of the Pokemon League for the TCG, and while I didn't make any lifelong friends, it was still a deeply fond memory for me.

  • What is a song you wanted to find again for a long time, but it gave you no clear clue about how to search for it?
  • When I was a young teen, one of my friends gave me a floppy disk of midi song files she liked a lot but they mostly had names like "ANIME 2" so I had no idea where they came from. There was one on there I was particularly obsessed with but could never find. Then one serendipitous day, I did. It was The Destruction of Laputa from Castle in the Sky.

    Edit: Or it was Sora from Escaflowne. There's been a few times I heard an instrumental or non-English song with no source to go off of.

  • Afternoon Tea

    I've always wanted to throw an Afternoon Tea party. Does anyone have any experience doing so that they'd be willing to share? I just want to hear the stories. I'm not sure if I'll ever really get the chance; none of my friends are local to me, so I'd probably just be hosting for my mom in law and sister in law, but a tiny tea party could still be fun!


    After Market Upgrades

    Hello! I have a very low mileage, but older car (about 33k miles and it's a 2011 Chevy Cruze.) I have no real interest in purchasing a new car but I do kind of wish I had some of the bells and whistles of a newer car. We have an excellent local place who can do installations of electronics in cars; I've gotten a remote starter with them on my last car and it worked great.

    Do you guys recommend after market upgrades in my situation at all? If so what kinds of things you would recommend (in general or brands of things.) If nothing else I really want another remote starter for the winter, but it's been so long since the last one I had, I don't know how different they are. (My old one had a fob!)

    In terms of usage, I mostly just use my car to drive to appointments and get groceries, hence why the mileage is so low.


    Downvotes Galore

    What the heck is going on over at Reddit with posts getting downvoted so hard? And I'm not talking about obvious troll posts, or spam, or things you'd expect to get downvoted. A lot of them are just questions being posed to the community in question. I glance into the feed and there's a ton of posts with 0 upvotes and a bunch of comments. Is this bots or is the community over there getting THAT toxic, even on the hobby subs?

    PCOS other_cat

    New Diet

    Hi all! Found this community and I hope nobody minds me striking out with the first post to talk about dieting. It's something I'm sure a lot of us have grappled with. For me, it's taken a very, very long time and a lot of experimentation. I found myself in a pretty good place for a while with low-carb and high-protein, but I've stalled out so I'm ready to start shifting into substitutions to healthier whole foods within that macro framework. First up: swapping out the no-sugar sweets for fruit. Good thing I like fruit!

    Anyone else have any stories or tips or anything?


    [QUESTION] Favorite Measuring Cup with Pour Spout?

    I have a 2 cup pyrex but the spout on it is absolutely terrible. I've also heard modern pyrex kind of sucks anyway, so I'm looking for recommended brands to replace it with. Any suggestions?