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a cool guide to Space Etiquette for Dogs
  • I’m pretty convinced these people lack the capacity for empathy. They clearly can’t take the perspective of someone who isn’t them, or else they’d be able to understand that “my dog is friendly” doesn’t mean shit to people who don’t know your dog.

  • a cool guide to Space Etiquette for Dogs
  • “My dog is friendly” or “my dog is well trained!” Yeah? Mine isn’t friendly and cars don’t care if your dog is well trained. People who are scared of dogs, small children who aren’t used to them, or dogs who have issues don’t give a shit if your dog is actually very sweet. There are spaces for your dog to be off leash - use those. Otherwise, put your dog on a leash.

  • Is it OK for middle agers to hit on young staff?
  • Ok to whom? Hit on how?

    If they are your subordinates (as in you work together) I would say no, that’s not ok.

    If they’re staff somewhere you are visiting, I’d say that’s almost always creepy. They’re working, not out looking for dates. There’s not an inherent power dynamic though, and some context clues might show you it is acceptable.

    The how is important. If you’re grabbing asses or wolf whistling that’s creepy. Asking someone if you can take them out for coffee or something isn’t inherently creepy.

  • What is a moe??????

    I see a lot of communities for moes. Fitmoes, kemonomoes, smolmoes. I don’t know what a moe is - obviously it’s related to anime or Japanese (or otaku) culture but it’s so clearly a thing that I don’t know anything about.

    NFL originalfrozenbanana

    Torn Achilles - Rodgers’ season is done

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer anti-vaxxer, either. Have to imagine he’s willing to accept medical treatment now.

    Poor Jets, though.

    NFL originalfrozenbanana

    Aaron Rodgers is hurt and out against BUF Aaron Rodgers helped off field on first drive of game - ESPN Video

    Jets QB Aaron Rodgers goes down with an apparent ankle injury on the first drive of the game.

    Aaron Rodgers helped off field on first drive of game - ESPN Video

    Went down on the very first drive. Ankle injury, X-rays negative.

    This is the most Jets thing imaginable.