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How does it feel being in a relationship?
  • And you did not write it, not before, and not now. So it's hard to give more insightful feedback than what everyone here already wrote.

    That's not a great way to get good information from the community.

  • Why we gave up on learning how to play an instrument?
  • How many hours did you practice? What did you practice? These are fundamental questions for any new instrumental hobby.

    If you are doing everything solo, it's easy to have misplaced expectations or a bad practice menu, or even worse, no solid practice menu at all. Screwing around is cool once you have a basic level of proficiency.

    But also, it's OK to try it and later realize that you don't like it.

  • Florida sheriff’s office fires deputy who fatally shot Black airman at home
  • Exactly. You were talking about the creation of large bureaucratic entities that would work hand in hand with police departments. What happens when police departments want to recruit. Maybe they can offer cheap loans to people who go to those universities. Maybe when officers retire, they can go work for those independent organizations that you're talking about.

    All of the above is expensive, all of it makes large law enforcement even more entrenched in society despite value or lack thereof, and none of it has anything to do with accountability or oversight. You're proposing a solution that doesn't even address the real problem.

  • L.A. County wants to cap rent hikes at 3%. Landlords say that would push them to sell
  • If you're talking about a government that is ignoring other factors, which is not true in this situation. Go read the article.

    But even in general, if you're trying to argue that the government can't possibly solve the problem of mega corporations buying up tons of property, making tons of money, and screwing over millions of Americans, then you might be right but I sure hope you're wrong.

  • The Cloudflare Poison
  • I think you were doing all right until you got to the end, where you went into hardcore conspiracy theory mode. But even at the beginning, you were oversimplifying, which made your analysis weak. In reality, there are many different attackers willing to spend different amounts of time and money. When we take steps to improve security, we discourage some of those attackers even if we don't stop them all.

  • The Cloudflare Poison
  • That all depends on your setup. If your website is on a VPS, why are you adding the extra security? Are you adding extra security? I think one of the points is that you're taking away security.

    And if you need firewall rules, maybe you should put the firewall rules on your firewall. Why would you rely on someone else's firewall?

  • Don't you all get tired of the constant negativity?
  • That's a risk of reading the news in general. For many people, it's helpful to log in less frequently. Remember, people write about things important to them, and that includes bad situations, of which there were and will always be tons of.

  • Rabbi coming thru with the language of fellow nerds to put things into context...
  • There's no doubt that Israelis are killing Palestinian people in much larger numbers than Palestinians are killing Israelis. Many people have many views on who is responsible for what, and there are a lot of difficult and complicated discussions that one might have, but for you to forget about all of the Palestinians who lost their lives is just disgraceful.

  • Please help me understand why I should share my identity
  • There are a thousand things about yourself that you don't share with people around you. We make choices every day about what to share about ourselves, and even if we wanted to share absolutely everything, there are only 24 hours in the day, so it's impossible.

    So then, how do we choose any topic of conversation? It all depends what you're trying to do.

    Your wording is notable. You asked why others "feel the need to share". That sounds like an implication that people by default wouldn't share, but they have strong enough feelings, so they somehow are impelled to share... I disagree with that position. I would say that people make their own choices, and there is no default about sharing or not sharing.

  • Clerical error was behind Michigan man’s viral suspended license hearing
  • It's an interesting story, but the writing quality is terrible. A "clerical error" caused the issue ... No. Actually, a person or some people didn't do their jobs. Human beings acted improperly, presumably accidentally, but their specific actions caused this problem.

    This is important because he got in trouble for his actions. Someone else made a mistake, but they aren't named, blamed, or even held responsible, whereas he got locked up when he didn't make any mistakes.

  • Alcohol causing 20 times the harm of meth, police float tighter regulation
  • The general awareness that alcoholics tend to do far more damage to their lives and people around them than potheads do, that goes back a very long time.

    Even if we weren't looking at raw data, common sense and basic powers of observation let us draw solid general conclusions.

  • Interesting titles

    Can you think of any titles from real journal articles or essays that are eye-catching?

    I'm writing a document for high school students taking an English writing class, and rather than create my own examples, why not use real ones? Several of my students have expressed frustration, and I have some guidelines and brainstorming tools, but what I don't have are two dozen neat examples.

    4 Controversial U.S. livestreamer arrested over trespassing in Osaka

    Ramsey Khalid Ismael, known as 'Johnny Somali' on YouTube, was arrested with another American, Jeremiah Dwane Branch.

    Controversial U.S. livestreamer arrested over trespassing in Osaka

    > OSAKA – An American man known for streaming provocative videos has been arrested on suspicion of breaking into a construction site in Osaka, police said Friday. > > Ramsey Khalid Ismael, 23, known as "Johnny Somali" on YouTube, was arrested with another American, Jeremiah Dwane Branch, 24, who says he is a university student, according to police. > > Ismael's videos include those in which he makes light of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and makes racist comments about Japanese people. > > The two men allegedly made an unauthorized entry into a hotel construction site in Osaka's Chuo Ward on Aug. 30 with Branch filming a masked Ismael at the scene, according to the police. > > They have told police they will not speak until they see lawyers, police said.