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MultiVersus - Official Samurai Jack Gameplay Trailer | EVO 2024
  • I am looking forward to when they release a better base game.

  • Famous last words?
  • Better news they were calling to break up with me, so I kind of dodged it lmao

  • Famous last words?
  • Forgot the name of my partner of 5 months, it's rough...

  • [Project Plus] Project+ v3.0 Release Trailer (community-driven patch for Project M (Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod))
  • Project+ has been in active development for 4+ years now,if you remember the ProjectM mod for Super Smash Bros Brawl, this was just the continuation of that project.

    Edit: I didn't fully read the title

  • Nintendo Does What Everybody Else Nintendon’t - Aftermath
  • The companies mentioned determine the newsworthiness and value of the article to the people.

  • Open Source FindMyDevice Solution - selfhostable!
  • Hmm the article I read about it previously seems to be eluding me, I'm going to keep looking for it. From what I remember of the other article, the short of it is, in android, location services can turn on your bluetooth at any point and does every time it gets pinged by google without you turning it on, and they are rolling out a new feature to automatically turn it back on next version. Here's an adjacent article that talks about one of the future android features, where you can have your phone found even when powered off, and that is using location services, which does involve bluetooth.

  • A real headache to argue over
  • Actually all my comments were peer reviewed by a liguist with experience in oral histories and they said my statements were accurate and clear, and that yours were definitely discounting oral history as a whole with your statement. I'll not be commenting any more as you seem fixed on a bad faith argument.

  • A real headache to argue over
  • Oh no, that dastardly word seemed is being ignored in my quote!

  • A real headache to argue over
  • I didn't say it did! I said that you're overly discounting oral history.

  • Have you ever noticed that Rom has pupils?
  • ROM is not a spider. This is because of inaccurate translation + ambiguity of story telling. She is an arachnid, but if you look at her and her offspring she's very much so a type of Parasitiformes, which include ticks and lice. This makes more sense than a spider, because Parasitiformes are known for drinking the blood of hosts, and blood consumption is a theme of gaining the mutations in the setting. Hard ticks are an example of parasitiform that have a hard head, and soft body, which are also properties of Rom.

    I imagine that this ticks or mite lived within the college on the heads of the students and possibly Willem himself, and drank their blood, causing the mutation to be of huge size and all the other benefits of drinking blood in the setting.

  • A real headache to argue over
  • I'm thinking, since it wasn't written down until centuries after it supposedly happened, that the most likely answer is that it was just bullshit.

    Your basis for discounting it is "it wasn't written down." That's all oral tradition. I wasn't trying to argue with you, I just wanted to see an amendment to your statement that recognized that this sentence is inaccurate. Seeing as you're rolling back on it, I'll take it as such.

  • A real headache to argue over
  • I didn't say that oral history is 100% accurate. I said it's more accurate than you assume, which based on what you said seemed to be "it's all made up."

  • A real headache to argue over
  • Oral history is significantly more accurate than you're making it out to be.

  • math checks out
  • Oh I'm used to the idea of ordering AC units straight from manufacturer.

  • Open Source FindMyDevice Solution - selfhostable!
  • Turning off your bluetooth doesn't mean it's off until you turn it on Bluetooth is on at all times on modern androids/iOS, as of android 13 due to location services features.

    Edit, inaccurate phrasing on my part

  • Sen. John Fetterman got two speeding tickets before Sunday’s crash, Pa. records show
  • Just another point on the graph tbh, along with all those senior citizens...

  • How long have you been in there?! A popular tourist destination in China has installed toilet timers. Reactions are mixed.
  • To not even consider being stuck on a toilet for that long, I'm jealous of your non-IBS digestive tract.

  • math checks out
  • In the future, chargeback for that?

  • Nearly every time 🙃


    Dr.Eggrule's Dic


    Ringcycling, Bloodborne network shenanigans, and you.

    Hello! I'm Optissima, an avid Bloodborne fan that has put over 1k hours into just co-op, not counting being summoned (add another 1k for certain)! And Great Eye of Mensis, summoning is a slow and painful process. I'm here to educate you on how to speed up this process by a factor of up to 4!

    Grant Us Eyes

    Background Insight on how the bells work

    Many have an belief of how the bells work, based on the misnomer of the English naming scheme and the lore descriptions: the summoner Beckons others, calling others to them, and then those that wish to be summoned ring their Resonant Bell, which in lore resonates with the Beckoners bell and unites them. This would imply that there is a list of Beckoners that Resonators check against. While in lore, this makes sense, this is actually the opposite of how it works on the server.

    The server is based on the Dark Souls Sign system: you put your name down, you go on a list that is revealed to others based on coordinates, then the Summoner chooses from those that appear. Once per minute, your game will ping, looking for more signs. When you are being summoned, your systems will "handshake" to establish a better connection, which seems to take about 10-15 seconds.

    While we don't have the ability to choose here, the internal system is the same: when you want to be summoned, ringing your Resonant puts you on the Queue, along with your current location. When you initially Beckon, it forces a check against an automated list for relevant Resonators. If there are no available Resonators when the Beckoning Bell is rung, it will check again in 1 minute (the Resonating Bell similarly adds you to the list initially, and once per minute lets the server know you still want to be on the list). You can know that it is pinging the system when the message "Searching for the chime of a Small Resonant Bell," which appears each minute.

    You may be thinking "Wait, you're telling me that the coop system is only trying once per minute to connect me, and because Beckoners ring first, before Resonators, there is an additional minute between checks where we can connect?" Yep, that's exactly the issue! How do we remedy this?


    The solution I have devised and found to be terribly effective is what I have called Ringcycling, which is executing these actions for Beckoners:

    1. Ring your Beckoning Bell
    2. Wait for the "Searching for the chime of a Small Resonant Bell" message to disappear, then wait another 5-10 seconds. We don't want to cancel during the handshake!
    3. Use your Silencing Blank to stop searching
    4. Restart at step 1

    This forces the server to do the initial check for Resonators, but instead of waiting another minute before it checks again, you are forcing a new search, allowing for a faster connection.

    Sucking the bloodmarrow dry with more tips


    So you really want to connect fast? Well, lets get into that "handshake" more. It is fast, but I have softlocked my game by ringcycling too quickly (I get stuck in a pseudo-loading state pre-loading screen). After the initial handshake, the 2 client systems will share character info, save info, and more. This can happen even after one has silenced their bell, as the summoning process has already started and silencing is only for being on/checking the server list.

    Why does this matter? Because you can technically Ringcycle through it. You can ringcycle, let the handshake happen, cancel, and get a near immediate summoning next Beckon. However, there is a caveat: your insight is lost once you handshake, not when you get summoned. This is two-fold, you can lose more insight if you keep ringcycling while being summoned, but this means you can use that as the earliest indicator that you have made a connection. If you beckon again fast enough (the second insight usage), the handshake will not fail and you can secure that connection.


    Resonators are fairly limited in their ability to impact being summoned. I find that Resonating ~15 seconds before the Beckoner really boosts the connection speed. I use a series of indicators to track if a handshake happens, in order of game lockout, with the servers actions in between:

    • Handshake
    • Fogwalls that block areas reappear
    • Bold Hunters Mark becomes unavailable to use
    • Being summoned
    • The sit emote, which ends when the connection is fully established

    If you have any questions, ask away. All this I knowledge I gained through experimentation, so if something needs to be corrected let me know!


    Looking for pocket knife direction for my wife

    Hello, I am just learning more about pocket knives as I suddenly developed an interest in them recently after trying to get one and finding it fell very short of expectations (some cheap Gerber?). I replaced it with a civivi element 2 and have been loving it, but the original buy was meant for my wife and I don't think that the element will fit their needs. Here are their list of needs:

    • The main usage of the knife would be related to their ecological research, so mostly removing bark or cutting twigs for analysis. They also camp, but we do that together so we have the element 2 on hand for anything "heavier", but something to cut through paracord or other fine material. I don't know how this would impact the blade metal type, but expect saps and other organic stickies)
    • She has small, weak little hands, so tall knives (>0.75") seem to be out of the question for comfortable handling
    • 3" seems huge and unweildy to them. I'd think something in the 1-2 range would be more than enough I think?
    • They are still uncomfortable with blades (again, bad experience with their first getting stuck open because of lack of hand strength), so something where their thumb isnt in the way of the blade while closing is a requirement of theirs (slide locks and buttons were okayed, back lock was acceptable). One handed opening is also preferred, as they may only have one hand to work with and, again, weak hands.

    And, the kicker, they don't want to spend a lot of money on it (<$100 pretax).

    What options could we be looking at?

    PS were in VA, so I'm unsure if they can have an automatic (or assisted?) knife, but if it is an option I'd be down to get one/ask more questions about those.


    Tech and knockdown options for the Top 7, plus side by side comparisons

    Motivated by this wonderful video, I am cloning this post for posterity.

    Motivated by this excellent post by /u/Setchi that I came across that shows side-by-side tech options for the top tiers, I wanted to extend this to all characters, and add side by side comparisons from knockdown as well.

    Given the tedium of collecting all the frames, I've decided to present just the top tiers for now. But - if people find this useful I'll be more than happy to create analogous resources for the rest of the cast.

    Side by Side Animations

    Sample: All options for Fox out out downwaitd

    This sections contains side-by-side GIFs of the possible options from either:

    1. a tech situation ("Tech")
    2. a knockdown situation where the character is facing down ("Knockdown (D)")
    3. a knockdown situation where the character is facing up ("Knockdown (U)")


    |Character|Tech|Knockdown (D)|Knockdown (U)| |:-|:-|:-|:-| |Fox|Tech|KD (D)|KD (U)| |Falco|Tech|KD (D)|KD (U)| |Marth|Tech|KD (D)|KD (U)| |Sheik|Tech|KD (D)|KD (U)| |Captain Falcon|Tech|KD (D)|KD (U)| |Jigglypuff|Tech|KD (D)|KD (U)| |Peach|Tech|KD (D)|KD (U)|


    Tech Animations

    This sections contains GIFs of the possible tech animations:

    1. The passive animation ("In Place")
    2. The passivestandf animation ("Roll Forward")
    3. The passivestandb animation ("Roll Backward")

    I chose not to create GIFs for missed tech, since (as far as I'm aware), every character has the same distinctive "Green Flash" on missed tech.


    |Character|In Place|Forward|Back| |:-|:-|:-|:-| |Fox|passive|standf|standb| |Falco|passive|standf|standb| |Marth|passive|standf|standb| |Sheik|passive|standf|standb| |Captain Falcon|passive|standf|standb| |Jigglypuff|passive|standf|standb| |Peach|passive|standf|standb|


    Knockdown (Down) Animations

    This section has animations of options out of downwaitd, where the character is facing down. Out of this state there are four options:

    1. The downattackd animation ("Getup attack")
    2. The downstandd animation (Normal getup, or "In Place")
    3. The downforwardd animation ("Roll forward")
    4. The downbackd animation ("Roll backward")


    |Character|Attack|In Place|Forward|Back| |:-|:-|:-|:-|:-| |Fox|attack|stand|forward|back| |Falco|attack|stand|forward|back| |Marth|attack|stand|forward|back| |Sheik|attack|stand|forward|back| |Captain Falcon|attack|stand|forward|back| |Jigglypuff|attack|stand|forward|back| |Peach|attack|stand|forward|back|


    Knockdown (Up) Animations

    This section has animations of options out of downwaitu, where the character is facing up. Out of this state there are four options:

    1. The downattacku animation ("Getup attack")
    2. The downstandu animation (Normal getup, or "In place")
    3. The downforwardu animation ("Roll forward")
    4. The downbacku animation ("Roll backward")


    |Character|Attack|In Place|Forward|Back| |:-|:-|:-|:-|:-| |Fox|attack|stand|forward|back| |Falco|attack|stand|forward|back| |Marth|attack|stand|forward|back| |Sheik|attack|stand|forward|back| |Captain Falcon|attack|stand|forward|back| |Jigglypuff|attack|stand|forward|back| |Peach|attack|stand|forward|back|



    1. I'm not sure if gfycat uses lossy compression but if anyone wants to get the collection directly, contact me (compressed \~150 MB). I can also create different combinations for the side by side animations, different speeds, etc... on request.
    2. The single animation GIFs contain one frame before the animation starts (of tumble or knockdown) and one frame of wait after the animation ends. The side-by-side animation GIFs contain one frame before the animation starts, and the first 19 frames of the animations.

    BBATS v SALT at Shield Drop Shield Drop Side Stream | Main Stream: - frekysmash on Twitch

    frekysmash went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Super Smash Bros. Melee VOD now.

    Love to see the passion they have for melee, it's a great good-natured set.


    You're using platforms wrong | PewPewUniversity 🎓

    After a 3 year hiatus, PewPewU is back with a new tutorial on platforms!


    Ledge Recovery Guide | PewPewUniversity 🎓


    I have a meme for this