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They came for Florida’s sun and sand. They got soaring costs and a culture war.
  • Any new construction has to meet the code that the legislation comes up with, at least that's how I'm to understand it. Most of the new construction on the coast is built up on slits due to coastal flooding. But everything built now must meet hurricane standards.

    When I was a kid we never had to really worry about flooding but we've had family members and friends shelter at our house because of the flooding.

  • UAW
  • I would love to unionize but the moment management hears about it then you've got a target on your back. Florida is a right to work state and workplaces really don't seem to care about unions.

  • How to move NSP files to SD card from Mac?

    I thought it would be as easy as plugging the Switch Lite or SD card into the Mac and moving the NSP files over into a folder. I have no idea what I'm doing obviously.

    Edit: I attempted to transfer files over from my Mac using Android File Transfer and DB Installer. It looked very promising but AFT closes and reopens over and over again.

    What's the longest line you've ever waited in?
  • Dude, live your life. If I see you in a fast pass line it's really none of my business what's going on in your life and what you're dealing with. I can understand where your wife is coming from but fuck what other people think.

  • Are you concerned about Stamkos leaving TBL?

    I can't imagine a scenario where Stammers is wearing a different sweater. I hope they give him what he's asking for to keep him on the team his entire career.