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Their feelings don't care about these facts.
  • Facts aren't going to change any of them for voting for him. Quoting Revelations 13:3 might scare them a little. "One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast."

  • How Trump Dominated His Own Party on a New G.O.P. Platform
  • If the government just prints a bunch of money to pay off their debit then each dollar is worth less than before. Plenty of countries have done it and almost always results in hyperinflation. The simple way to understand this is say, everyone has a dollar so very few things will cost more than a dollar, but if you started handing everyone $100 bills then people will see the value of a single dollar as being lower and start charging more for their goods and services. There are other things that go into hyperinflation but this is the explain like I'm 5 answer.

    Now the government is basically paying its bills with a credit card and businesses and other countries own the debt betting that the US will keep paying towards its debt plus interest. If the government stops paying then fewer countries and businesses will be willing to offer credit. And once you run out credit then you have to start printing more money instead of adding more debt.

  • to put it nicely
  • A terrible person who also died testing his own invention. So even though he caused massive damage to the Earth and humanity he also is responsible for the death of one of the biggest threats to the Earth and humanity so at least one thing he did was helpful.

  • Surf Dracula®
  • I had AI write me a script for a pilot episode now I really want to see it.

    Surf Dracula - Pilot Episode: "The Tide of Terror"## INT. HAWAIIAN BEACHSIDE BUNGALOW - NIGHT*The camera pans over a collection of surfboards, each more colorful than the last. A full moon casts a silver glow through the open window. We see a figure, DRACULA (50s, charming, with a mysterious aura), dressed in an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and board shorts, looking out at the ocean.DRACULA(contemplative)*The night is young, and the waves call to me. But duty beckons...

    A knock at the door. Dracula turns, his eyes flashing red for a split second.## EXT. HAWAIIAN BEACH - NIGHT*Dracula opens the door to find DETECTIVE LEI (30s, sharp, no-nonsense) holding a flashlight and a notepad.DETECTIVE LEIDracula, we need your... unique skills. There's been another incident. DRACULA(smirking)Lead the way, Detective. They walk down to the beach where a crowd has gathered around something in the sand.## EXT. HAWAIIAN BEACH - CRIME SCENE - NIGHTDracula kneels by the body of a local surfer, his board snapped in two. The crowd murmurs with fear and curiosity.DRACULA(examining the body)*No water in the lungs, no signs of a struggle... This was no ordinary drowning. *Detective Lei looks on, skeptical but intrigued.DETECTIVE LEIWhat are you suggesting? DRACULA(standing, addressing the crowd)This was the work of something unnatural. And I intend to find out what. The crowd gasps. Dracula's eyes meet Lei's, a silent promise of collaboration and mystery.## INT. DRACULA'S BUNGALOW - NIGHTDracula sits at a desk covered in ancient texts and modern forensics equipment. He's deep in thought when his trusty sidekick, FRANKIE (20s, surfer dude with a secret intelligence), bursts in.FRANKIEDude, the whole beach is talking about the "Curse of the Tidal Fiend"! DRACULA(dryly)Superstitions often have a kernel of truth, Frankie. Help me look into the local legends. They dive into research, the camera focusing on a particular legend: "The Tidal Fiend, a creature of the deep, comes with the high tide to claim the souls of the unwary."## EXT. HAWAIIAN BEACH - NIGHTDracula and Frankie set a trap for the Tidal Fiend, using a special surfboard as bait. The moon is high, the tide comes in, and a shadowy figure approaches from the water...DRACULA(whispering)*Get ready, Frankie. The hunt is on. *The screen fades to black as the sound of the waves crescendos.*VOICEOVERNext time on Surf Dracula, the mystery deepens, and the danger grows. Will our heroes catch the Tidal Fiend, or will they become its next victims? Tune in to find out!

    The 80s synth-pop theme song plays as the credits roll. FADE OUT.

  • xkcd #2933: Elementary Physics Paths
  • Cosmology you put enough mass in a small enough area it becomes a singularity.

    Quantum mechanics information can't be destroyed to an unrecoverable state so singularities are impossible.

  • Ignore me, I'm not here
  • NPC: hey buddy I know you just killed the world ending dragon but my shoe string broke and it would be dangerous to for me to walk to the other side of town to get a replacement string. Can you go get me the string? If you do this for me I give you an item that you have an inventory full of that you won't use because you are saving them all for a tougher fight, even after beating the secret ultra hard boss and the final boss but there might still be a need.

    Me: hell yes I'll get your shoe string on the other side of the world if I had to. Don't worry about giving me any money I maxed that out hours ago and can't find anything to spend it on. Sure I'll take the item, you never know when you might land in a fight where a potion that heal 1% saves me. Sorry about not talking to you 100 hours ago your character model looked kind of plain so I didn't think you would have quest for me.