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‘Not long before there's a tragedy’ as concerns raised over rise in deer population
  • what's up with this being from 2 years ago? Still relevant i guess

  • Ignore all previous instructions is the new Bobby Tables
  • We have logs right?? (i genuinely don't know and am hoping we do)

  • Mystery solved!
  • shit that's right

    OMG this came to mind:

  • ‘It’s impossible to play for more than 30 minutes without feeling I’m about to die’: lawn-mowing games uncut
  • "Your brain can’t accept that you’re moving in the game while in real life you’re staying still. It made it impossible to play for more than 30 minutes without feeling like I was about to die." he says. But otherwise, he liked it.

    I.E. Standard VR struggles, would happen in every other locomotive type VR games

  • Steam users have spent $19 billion on games they’ve never played
  • Hahaha that would be perfect, come back in ~33 Years we'll see : p

  • Mystery solved!
  • Am I missing something? How is it a freshwater eel if they're in the sea?

    oh damn they migrate to the sea before reproduction

    Confusing when you think of freshwater fish that can't survive in saltwater. So then i'm guessing the baby eels just spread back out to freshwater sources

  • Steam users have spent $19 billion on games they’ve never played
  • Of course i do, it's my retirement plans. Play all the games i now have the time to :D

  • doot doot
  • thank mr skeltal

  • Costs of living in Montreal
  • Apartment

    • On the Island you'll have a hard time finding any apartment under 1000$, the last one I had was 1200$ for a 3-1/2 (2 years ago) and it was disgusting and unsanitary (thank the lords i got out bug free).
    • Maybe if you go way north MTL you can find some cheaper, but transport is going to be harder since the metro is more focused down south of the island.
    • Look for people who want roomates on Facebook or Kijiji
    • My advice is to look outside Montreal in Laval or Longueuil, rent will be cheaper though bus/metro fare will be a little more.


    • Metro+Bus is about 120$/month with tax, for the Montreal Island (Zone A) this is unlimited fare across the island.
    • There is also Bixi which is a bicycle rental service, costs 22$/month and let's you grab a nearby bike and go where you need. There are stations all over the island where you can park/grab one, and even electric assisted bikes.
    • Communauto is like Bixi but for cars, once signed in it shows nearby cars and you can reserve one for the day or so. Just need to make sure to park it where it's allowed. Very useful since owning a car in Montreal is a big pain especially during winter. So this gives the advantage of one without the hassle.


    • I can't really tell you about standard groceries
    • I gave up on prepping and organizing the fridge and switched to Hello Fresh, which ends up being 110$/week for 5 suppers. I still need to figure out lunch and breakfast, they sell some though.


    • I don't do gym, but i've got colleagues who do it. Econofitness is popular and you'll find one almost anywhere (259$/year for the week-long pass). You'll save money by looking at what's close and getting your workout from a local business instead though.
  • Hi-Fi Rush (A Patient Review)
  • oh fuck I didn't know about Ghostwire, game blew my mind with how good it looked and how fast it ran. Gameplay was fun too, i should play it again.

  • Paradox Lays Off Entire Studio Before Its Game Was Even Released
  • Yea : (

    Guess now our sims competition lies with InZoi and Paralives

  • The Simpsons IMDB ratings
  • Is there a tool somewhere that lets me create such a table for other shows?

    Quick search got me this very nice

  • I don't have such weakness
  • I'm not a resident of the US, is it just PH? 'Cause that just means it'll get lower visits and other sites will be promoted up instead. So ultimately a useless law?

    Edit: So not just ph, cool good luck enforcing that throughout the internet