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Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • So, a charity should fund it?

    Because the acuser cannot afford it. And you take issue with the company doing it. An unrelated 3rd party thst gains nothing wod literally just be losing money for no gain at all. So a non-profit or charity.

    So you advocate for charities underwriting corporate sexual assault investigations instead of the companies involved?

  • “CSAM generated by AI is still CSAM,” DOJ says after rare arrest
  • The cats out of the bag on this. It's enforceable for now to try and ban it, maybe. Because the models are mostly online and intensive.

    In 2028 though, when you can train your own model and generate your own local images without burning a server farm? This has to happen for ML to keep growing and catch on.

    welp. Then there is infinite fake child porn. Because you cannot police every device and model.

    Because of how tech companies have handled this technology, this is not an if scenario. This is guaranteed now.

  • Comcast Unveils Peacock, Netflix, Apple TV+ Streaming Bundle
  • Netflix DVD by mail was actually peak.

    Netflix streaming is also good, but DVD by mail was awesome to queue up movies and work through an intended set of watch items.

    I would go hard for a cheap 5 disc physical Netflix again. $10 a month for 5 disc's at once, awesome.

  • Helldivers 2 gets delisted in more countries without PSN access, blindsided devs call for it to be "available worldwide" | Gamesrader
  • This. The game had an insanely strong peak but is leveling off. It will peak again with new Factions introduced and if there are big expansions, but there are other games too. My friends went and played some other stuff, and even I have no desire to grind up to level 150 for no reason, and have already finished all the warbonds.

    If they're lucky it holds a strong 50k player base over time and they can keep healthy matchmaking and an active community. But drop off is kinda inevitable.

    The sales lockout in certain territories is a legal issue. It sucks, but they gotta figure that out now.

  • Elon Musk laid off the Tesla Supercharger team; now he’s rehiring them
  • Go back with a decent pay bump (obviously he needs them) and with a plan to bolt ASAP. Continue your job search while you collect a higher temporary salary.

    Terrible move from Elon as it shows he has no negotiating power.

  • Ordered back to the office, top tech talent left instead, study finds
  • That's fair. Still might be worth openly discussing that as a goal even if it's nothing you can act on now. Let them show competence on their own perhaps.

    Anyways, you sound like you already have the right mentality. Good looking out for your teammates.

  • Ordered back to the office, top tech talent left instead, study finds
  • To do this without being a helicopter manager, state clearly to them what your goal is. Most employees will work with you if the end result is wfh without a nannycam. Explain you need a way to confirm work product in a way that management can approve of without being too invasive, and keeping on pace with in office work.

    In truth, you should not care if they slack off half the day as long as they produce quality work product at a similar rate. Wfh is fewer interruptions and meetings, and means already they will have more "free" time. This is a management principle that is hard to accept, but insisting on the appearance of work is detrimental. Obviously this varies based on the type of work, but yours sounds like a software development situation. "so long as your reports are filed and your queue is cleared every 48 hours, your pace is up to you".

    Give them the rope to hang themselves with. Tell them that's what you're doing. Maybe one dev prefers to go easy then crunch for 6 hours on the 2nd of that 2 day cycle, for example.

    Ultimately you cannot teach people to be responsible but you get far more positive results from treating people with trust and positivity than with skepticism and monitoring. That makes you less a team and more "the other".

    Obviously this advice may not apply in your situation but in general try where you can to apply this in principle.

  • Steam is now refunding Ghost of Tsushima for people in affected countries.
  • You should look up what the word "fraud" means in a legal context.

    You would have an incredibly, overwhelmingly difficult tike attempting to prove that in court at this moment.

    Fraud requires intentional deception and requires you to have lost something. This is a proactive action to prevent misunderstanding and from you purchasing something that won't work, and refunds your purchase. The loss, and the intent, are both missing.

    This is categorically not fraud.

  • 3 more countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) added into the delisted region. [Update]
  • God the whining in these threads.

    Okay, what are the rules and legal requirements to sell into Germany. Well your have to remove swastikas and you cannot depict Nazis positively. Okay good. What about fucking Latvia? Do they have special rules in Loot Boxes? How do they define loot boxes?

    Japan is in the banned list!

    Oh that's because this exact reason, so there's an entirely different game edition needed just for japan to handle their in game currency differently.

    Countries. Have. Different. Laws.

    The PSN already has mapped out and navigated their requirements and setup support for the nation's they cover. The other countries are anyone's guess. Do they require that consumers have the ability to speak with a human for refunds? Do they require users be able to exchange a digital code for a physical disc if shipping is paid? Do they require any other conditions we aren't thinking of?

    The game was intended to use the PSN to limit the reach. When they suspended the PSN requirement they sold into more places than they were prepared to. Now they are making the best of it.

    Hopefully it returns to the store without restrictions. But the Sony legal department now has about 140 countries to review the requirements of for a PC release. Which they've only released on like 3-4 times before.

  • What is the point of Xbox?
  • It is so damning that the entire industry has reacted that way. It's not that they closed a studio, that cod have been ignored. It's how brazenly they closed successful studios for being successful while talking out the other side of their mouth to the press.

    It feels gross in a much more palpable way. And with everything else going on in tech it feels so wrong coming from one of the biggest companies in earth.

    I'm 100% over Xbox. I hope their next console is the worst release since ET on Atari.

  • Microsoft’s Xbox Is Planning More Cuts After Studio Closings
  • The whole fucking point of the gamepass model is that you subscribe and provide them with a steady income stream between game releases. No big "boom" when a title drops, but also no "bust" when there are no releases.

    The fact that MS has blinked and isn't going to stay the course means that gamepass is unsustainable at present, and they don't have the spine to triple down until it is.

    I don't want gamepass to succeed, but it's a move thst only a company of MS' size could even attempt. And it requires years and years of patience to pull off. But after the ActiBlizz buyout, investors lost patience and now the 10 year gamble is over.

  • Star Wars should learn from Andor and stop making Disney Plus shows that are so obsessed with the Jedi
  • Disney needs to re-learn the concept of the Disney Vault, and use it.

    I don't want any more star wars this decade, thanks. Games, books, sure. But TV and film absolutely not.

    Take a break, let the audience build nostalgia and long for it, and sweet Jesus have a fucking plan next time.

    Nope, they're doing a trilogy of Rey movies.

  • Helldivers 2 went from one of the most beloved Steam games to one of the most hated pretty quickly
  • Lol, it's still got hundreds of thousands playing.

    Theres some angry outrage for sure, but it don't think it's gonna wind up that bad in the end.

    It's annoying, but it's like an Origin account for an EA game or something. At least with crossplay, having one admin team to manage bans on both platforms makes sense to streamline things.

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