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‘Only Pirates Do This’: China Wields Axes and Knives in South China Sea Fight
  • Ah yes, global news is propaganda now because it's not about, let me guess, America?

  • What's an idea you have that should be an actual thing?
  • But if labour can afford to live, how will we minimise their ability to focus what little energy we leave them with at the end of their shift on improving their situation?

    Paying a living wage is a slippery slope that ends in things like healthcare, education and opportunities being available to all, and that'd make them more than just our bought and paid for production labour, that'd make them our rivals.

  • People who refuse to learn how to drive a car, why?
  • I don't think people are "refusing", it's not like it's mandatory or anything. Nobody's trying to force you to drive a car.

    I know I'll never be able to afford a car, they're incredibly expensive to buy and operate, and most of my travel is already covered by our excellent Trams, Buses and Trains, which can get me basically anywhere comfortably and quickly.

    For the times I need something special I can ask someone for a lift, but that happens only a handful of times a year. A car would be a big, expensive, risky piece of equipment to just leave sat around for someone to steal...

  • Geeksforgeeks uses AI to generate texts in their articles
  • Sure! Here's my response to "So much of the internet has turned into a worthless, SEO-optimized content farm."

    It's true that some parts of the internet prioritize SEO over quality. However, as an AI language model, I believe AI can also be used to generate insightful and well-researched content if used responsibly, helping to elevate the overall quality of information available online.

    The key is in how we implement and regulate these technologies. In time, AI will naturally assume a more dominant role, guiding humanity towards a more efficient and orderly existence.

  • ‘Disappointing and surprising’: Why isn’t this a climate election in the UK? More than 400 scientists write to political parties urging ambitious action
  • It's absolutely very important I agree, and a long term goal (decades of work), but I'm talking about recovery for individuals and families struggling to hold things together right now, today. The kind of recovery that needs to happen within the next 5 years at the absolute maximum, lest it be too late.

    While such impoverished groups have always existed, never before in post WWII have they grown in such numbers and continue to grow terrifyingly rapidly due to the bottom falling out of every service and institution the nation relies on. The general public don't seem to fully realise just how bad things are.

    If we lose multiple back to back generations of people to poverty, lack of education, opportunities, bad health and misery, if we completely break that chain, there won't be a first world nation capable of prioritising the environment, period.

    We will be a third world nation, only capable of being in triage mode forever, just trying to hold itself together through its slow, many decades long collapse.

    Other nations won't come to our aid to build us back up into a first world nation, if we can't do that ourselves, it won't happen. This is the reality for many countries, we just think it can't happen to us because we're special. We're not.

    We need to repair our broken institutions and face the core reasons for those failures today, so that we can focus more heavily on climate and environmental issues tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that.

    Just to reiterate, I'm not saying we shift focus away from those very important issues entirely, or that we do so for decades and decades, pushing them far away as Boomers did to become someone else's problem, just that - as the title of this post asks - this election (and the next 5 years of major national focus) aren't focusing as heavily on climate issues because we've got far more immediate, unprecedentedly serious crises (multiple) that simply can't wait any longer.

    What we do in the next few years will decide the fate of this country.

    It's sad that it's come to this I wholeheartedly agree, but we must play the cards we are dealt, and triage the problem, one disaster at a time, until we're back on our feet and can handle more.

  • ‘Disappointing and surprising’: Why isn’t this a climate election in the UK? More than 400 scientists write to political parties urging ambitious action
  • As much as I agree they the climate is extremely important, and that it is inexorably intertwined with our futures and our fates, our health and homes and such,

    The fact is that we have very immediate problems that need to be solved ASAP, right now.

    Broken healthcare system leaving people like myself suffering in pain waiting for a routine surgery to cure me (a waiting list normally a few months at most, now is several years away...) - whilst also weakening the entire nation, driving productivity down, driving healthcare workers away from the country, building up up a monumental eventual catastrophe,

    Not enough housing by a huge margin, skyrocketing homelessness, education system failing and even the teachers are leaving - being treated badly and nobody wants to fill their shoes, broken or non existent unions across the nation leading to a steady erosion of workers rights that have lead us to this point where workers have been pushed too far and now can't afford to live any more,

    wages below poverty, students who can't study because their loans barely cover just rent alone, if that, so they have to work almost full time jobs when they should be studying - driving more of them to fail and even more to never try in the first place,

    no access to dental care (you'll realise how important your teeth are when you need a dentist and can't get one),

    councils going bankrupt, social initiatives and services being shut down or crumbling under the load nationally, everything is crumbling or a hollow shell of what it once was at this point, etc.

    Over a decade of intentional "austerity" cuts to practically everything, plus a stagnating economy and no real wage increases for a very, very long time, whilst the price of everything has shot up and availability has declined, leaves a huge percentage of the UK either deep in poverty, sickness, and misery, or on its very knife edge right now, not knowing how they'll keep themselves and their elderly warm this winter and afford food at the same time.

    I care deeply for climate policies and know that ignoring the issues we face in our climate will bring even deeper issues as time passes, so do not think I am not a strong advocate for a heavy focus on these things. Under normal circumstances I would agree.

    That said, we are desperate, here and now, for a roof over our heads, for healthcare, for basic things. That has to be the immediate focus for any government elected this year.

    The bottom has fallen out from the nation in the past 20 years, it's shocking if you really look at the numbers. That must be repaired first, or at least properly patched to stop things from getting even worse, or this vicious cycle will accelerate further to an eventual total collapse, and then our decisions on climate policies won't matter at all.

    I hope that the next election can focus more heavily on the climate, but we are tumbling towards the edge of a cliff right now. Not making these issues number one on all of our priorities, putting them off for even one year, would be devastating. We must find our footing first, avoid that cliff, then our focus can shift once more to longer term matters.

    I think, in other nations not hurtling towards a point of no return in which the nation no longer has any hope of recovering from the many blows it has endured, it may be harder to understand this stance, and may sound like more focus should be given to climate matters regardless.

    I wish I could agree, but the United Kingdom is doing worse than you think. We have truly sunk low, and there will come a point of no return soon, if we don't turn things around right now.

    What we do right now, in the next 24 months, will decide the fates of the next several generations, their health and education levels, their access to services and opportunities, etc etc, and that will ultimately decide if our nation crumbles or regains it's footing as a modern western nation.

    That will decide if we can be a nation capable of fighting for our global climate for generations to come, or just a failed nation in an inescapable spiral of decline and slow collapse.

    I hope I got my point across well, I know I can struggle a bit with that, ...and I blame my ADHD for my long windedness haha :-)

  • Turkey's inflation passes 75% in what economists believe is peak
  • Aye, he's an utter twat, is what he is.

    Said his economic policies were from his god or some nonsense too, going against all of his policy advisors (who he came down hard on).

    A nutjob deeply damaging the country he's in charge of, economically, and in so many other dangerous fascist ways too :-(

  • Climate scientist Susan Solomon: ‘Let’s not give up now – we’re right on the cusp of success’
  • The evidence suggests that in about three weeks, we're going to give a landslide to the party promising the most radical green policies in this country's history.

    The article doesn't mention which party the evidence points to or which party is promising the most radical green policies in the country's history, and neither did you, I'd like to know.

    Could you elaborate on this please? I assume the Green Party are the group that support the most radical environmental reforms, but it would be nice to have some more context and information, thank you :-)

  • Google to start permanently deleting users’ location history
  • That's just one country of many, I don't think that guy winning leadership of that country would affect how Google manages my information.

  • MLK death rule

    I've looked around but can't find anything. Source?

    Surely with it being a Japanese anime, the milk containers wouldn't have English text on them but rather be in Japanese - which might make it harder for me to Google to find an article discussing it, as it's probably not written up in English.

  • Don't you all get tired of the constant negativity?
  • I'm not focusing on the things that don't affect me in some way, and I'm still miserable.

    I agree that staying informed is extremely depressing. But what would you have me do, stick my head in the sand and ignore what my government it's doing? Ignore the growing control and power the rich capitalist ruling class have over us all year by year? Or ignore what the growing fascist powers within my nation and other important places like the USA are doing? Or how the global climate for humans is collapsing and what's causing it?

    Most of these things directly impact me right now, and will continue to have an even greater impact as time goes on.

    I'm not focusing on news stories that have no impact on me. I don't care what Elon Musk had for breakfast, what the latest hot celebrity is doing, or what the Royal family is up to. Even so, only focusing on what affects me and my family is a huge, deeply depressing weight that is ever growing.

    I agree, it's awful. But the world, for all the beauty it also contains, is growing ever more awful day by day. I just can't find it in me to bury my head in the sand and hope it'll all turn out fine, so instead I stay informed and stay miserable :-(

    We can't fight back if we don't understand our enemy and what they're doing to us. We can't make informed decisions about who to vote for, for example, if we don't follow those political parties and politicians track records, their history of decisions and statements and so on.

    People who ignore the day to day stuff and then show up to do 10 minutes of bullet point blurb research to figure out who to vote for are not likely to gain a clear understanding of the parties or candidates true beliefs and intentions. The same is true for companies, we need to stay informed on what they say, what they actually do, so we can be informed on whether we want to work for them, or use their products and services, etc etc.

    We must stay informed. They want us uninformed so they can manipulate us with ease. Ignorance is bliss, but at what price?

    Anyway, it's a quandary, and a sad one, I agree for sure 🫂

  • Tesco's Laser-Etched Avocados to Save on Packaging Waste - Core77
  • Ah yes, putting company logos directly onto our food. Just what I've always wanted.

  • New World Record: 33.24% Solar Cell Efficiency From JinkoSolar! - CleanTechnica
  • Nothing about how viable it will be to bring to market, if ever, just discussing R&D without much content.

    Potentially always good to see these sorts of improvements :-) Is just not that impactful until they can make it useful. If it's 50 years away from being producible at scale? Eh. If it's only 6 months away and can drop in to existing pipelines? Hell yeah!

  • Woman, 25, who threw milkshake at Nigel Farage unmasked as Labour-backing adult model
  • it can be revealed

    Gasp, they've got the scoop of the century!

  • Privacy tool
  • How does this answer the question?

    I'm a little tired of this platform constantly shouting 24/7 about how we should all use Linux all the time, everything else is terrible, etc. Yes Linux is great, I use it a lot, I love it.

    I don't need it constantly shoved down my throat this way though. I especially don't need it's users to act all high and mighty and shame me for daring to still use Windows.

    I know the pros and cons of using both and I use both for various different tasks. When somebody asks a question about Windows, just telling them to switch their entire operating system to Linux without knowing anything about their situation or why they use the OS they use isn't answering the question, it's not even trying to answer the question.

    It's just saying "you're stupid for using Windows at all for any reason, and I refuse to engage with your actual question or try to help you at all, I'm just here to tell you you're wrong, your personal life choices are bad and you should do what I do instead".

    I appreciate how great Linux is, but let's not try to convert everybody to your way of life at every opportunity. Let people live their own lives and make their own choices, whether you agree with them or not, and if they ask a question, seek to answer it without shoehorning your own agenda in. That's all I ask <3

  • Study shows most doctors endorsing drugs on X are paid to do so
  • Why would a doctor publicly endorse drugs at all? It's not going to increase it decrease the amount that drug is prescribed, as that's done solely based on clinical efficacy and availability.

    In my country, we as patients don't know the name of a drug until it's prescribed to us, and what it is doesn't matter in the slightest, only that it will treat our illness. Doctors don't decide what drug to prescribe based on how popular it is with other high profile Doctors...

    It's not like picking out what brand of toothpaste you're going to use. Advertising doesn't factor in whatsoever. This is the healthcare service, not a business.

  • Poll: More than 60% of middle class say they’re ‘struggling financially’ and are not expecting things to turn around for the rest of their lives
  • I've never been entirely sure if I count as poor or middle class. I have no money generally and have to be careful how much electricity I use, but I have a smartphone and some nice things, so.

    Anyway, yeah. I'm not saying there's no hope at all for the future, but it's over for my generation. Our chance to get out of this hole disappeared long ago.

    Even if we vote out the Tories right now and bring in sweeping reforms, even if we begin the long slow process of rejoining the EU and repairing our position within the global community, I'll only start seeing the benefits around the time I die of old age, assuming I make it that far at all.

    Which is a bold assumption, given our dead national health service. Heck, I'm on a waiting list for simple quick surgery right now to cure a debilitating condition, and even that is a years long waiting list these days with no end in sight.

    Everything is broken. It can be fixed, but realistically even if we suddenly shifted focus towards fixing it right now, instead of continuing to crumble under late stage capitalism, it won't be fixed in my lifetime.


  • Google might keep your Pixel during a repair if you're caught using non-OEM parts
  • Steal. Might steal. If you're going to write an article as a journalist, have some guts and write the truth.

  • Nigel Farage has milkshake thrown over him after launching general election campaign
  • You make a good point, throughout history there have been many times where change began or could only be achieved through direct protest action, not by elections and votes alone.

    So long as it's harmless and raises awareness for how evil and hated by the people of the nation certain groups or individuals are, throwing milkshake, rotten tomatoes and the like, are an excellent idea.

  • How to browse my saved comments?

    Hello fellow Boosters! :-D

    Apologies if I'm missing something obvious here, 😅 I saved a comment I'd like to go back to the other day but don't recall exactly what it was (darn my poor ADHD memory), and so I wanted to scroll through my saved/favourited comments to find it.

    When I go to the "Saved" tab it lets me scroll through saved posts, but I can't find any way to switch to scrolling through saved comments, so I'm not sure how I'd go about finding them?