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Chinese cars are pouring into Mexico — and the U.S. is worried - Autoblog
  • Larger population means larger representation. If you say the Netherlands only has about 100,000 idiots, that's roughly half a percent of their population.

    Half of a percent of the US population is over 1.5 million. And I promise you, we have a waaaaaaay higher percentage of idiots than that.

  • NSFW
  • This is some text book projection. Maybe talk to a professional about it. And yeah, you probably should stay away from cartoons and kids until you get these repressed urges figured out.

  • G7 agrees to loan Ukraine $50 billion from the interest on frozen Russian assets
  • I'm pretty sure Yeltsin is the reason Russia has Putin.

    Yeltsin oversaw the dissolution of the ussr and brought capitalism to Russia, of course the west wanted him to be president of Russia. All he did was ask Bill for favors on the world stage (and got most of what he asked for).

  • Texas immigrants’ rights groups sue Biden administration over asylum restrictions
  • It seems very likely that this uncharacteristically conservative move was calculated to produce these results. The house won't pass any pro immigration laws, so letting the SC strike this down would let the administration essentially leave things where they were and say "can't do anything else oh well", effectively removing the topic from election discourse and putting the ball firmly in the Republican court, who won't be able to get anything past the Senate.

  • Migrants dying in unprecedented numbers on Canary Islands route, NGO says
  • Senegalese refugees comprise the bulk of the migrants, and all sorts of things like drought and commodity prices (due to the invasion Ukraine among other things) are driving their economy into the ground. In the end, climate change is definitely a non negligible component of the problem which is only going to get worse.