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Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • An exceptionally well trained AI customer service has the potential to be amazing.

    I only call or try to chat/email with customer service if something has gone way wrong - like outside the typical customer service capability of assistance.

    If an AI can realize that my problem is human worthy and escalate it faster, that would save me time in the chat queue talking with someone who barely knows my native language.

    Alas, AIs will be poorly trained, so the bad-english CS reps will still be right behind the AI interface waiting for me.

  • a cool guide to reheat pizza
  • It works well.

    Better than toasting the thing in a 350 degree oven (becomes rock hard)

    Way better than microwaving (becomes like soft but hot white bread)

    Takes just a few minutes too.

  • How do we disincentize car ownership?
  • Step 1: defeat the car lobby Step 2: take over city land use planning Step 3: allocate trillions to city road design Step 4: allocate trillions to to public transportation Step 5: adjust the culture to accept commercial near residential Step 6: ? Step 7: you know the rest

  • Linux during the mid to late 90s (Windows 95 and 98 era)
  • Driver support was so dicey. If you had anything even remotely not mainstream, you would be compiling your own video driver, or network driver, or basically left to figure it out for any other peripheral. So many devices like scanners and very early webcams just claimed zero Linux support at all, but you could at times find someone else's project that might work.

    I tried to switch to Linux as a desktop system several times in the late 90s but kept going back to windows because hardware support just wasn't there yet.

  • We coulda had Bernie...
  • In 2016 I voted Trump. In fact before that election I mostly voted republicanish except in some cases.

    You have to remember in 2016 that Hillary was deeply unlikeable, and I believe her email scandal should have put her in way more trouble than it actually did. Her platform at the time was that you should vote for her because then she would be the first woman president! The country needed something else.

    Hillary was not the answer and it was the DNC's inability to read the room that lost them the election.

    I fucking love Bernie but he wasn't the right guy either. He sticks to his ideals which is a fantastic quality but doesn't win general elections, which realistically needs people who are more center aligned.

    I regret my Trump vote and will never repeat that mistake but it's hard to know where we'd be had it been that Hillary shyster.

  • Fuck up a book for me please
  • All right all right, I get why this is kind of funny and perhaps it's potentially a bad sign for humanity.

    But consider an adult who's learning the English language and is still at a basic level. If they want reading practice, they are often stuck with kids books. This would make practice a lot more interesting.

  • Boys Are Struggling. Male Kindergarten Teachers Are Here to Help.
  • That's an interesting and somewhat sad point. Economically immigration is probably cheaper for society than raising domestic children properly.

    Hypothetically we can scoop the cream from the top of other countries and let them bear the expense of early childhood education, and come out better off than doing it ourselves.

  • it's a big deal jack
  • Old guys need to pass the torch for their brands to stay relevant.

    It's a selfish act to be 80 whatever with this much political capital and not have been developing protégés with whom to share and support.

    Biden should be on a rocking chair sipping a lemonade for the rest of his life at this point, maybe calling in favors as necessary for a 40 or 50-year-old high energy leader who actually has to live in the future he creates.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I think this was the version right before WYSIWIG support was added. So you could still use fonts, and change font sizes but on screen it would show a strange notation but not the actual font. Complex layouts were tough 😅

  • Over 1,000 pilgrims died during this year's Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, officials say
  • This seems like both a feature and a bug with the fediverse. Some topics just fit a lot of subs and then you multiply that by all the Lemmy instances. It seems like the discussions around big topics can really get spread around.

  • The return of pneumatic tubes
  • When I was young I remember that banks often had large drive-thrus with pneumatic tube systems at each car stall.

    There would only be one teller but they could serve quite a few lanes.

    If you wanted a cash withdrawal, you might put your ID and your withdrawal slip in the tube, and a few minutes later it would come back with cash in it.

    It was pretty rad. But ATMs seem like a better bet overall.

  • Stonehenge sprayed with paint by environmental protesters
  • The most effective method of protesting would be to find a way to get the masses to turn against the lawmakers in such a way that they convince the lawmakers to solve the problem that the protest is focused against.

    But most of these protests just piss off the masses. They run their day with traffic, they destroy heritage sites that people care about, and while they do get in the news and get some publicity, people's memory is quite negative. And there are zero focus on anybody who could actually change the situation.

  • Putin gifts car to Kim Jong Un in sign of ‘special personal relations,’ North Korean state media reports | CNN

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has presented a car to his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong Un, North Korean state media said Tuesday, in another sign of warming ties between the two countries that have raised concerns in the United States.

    Putin gifts car to Kim Jong Un in sign of ‘special personal relations,’ North Korean state media reports | CNN

    Have you ever seen this type of print failure?

    Pretty sure I'm having heat creep up the Bowden tube, as it's getting jammed a few cm back from the hot end and then can't push the filament any more. When I get it out there's a little molten bulb at the filament.

    In this fail, I think it jammed as usual and the extruder found a way to keep going.

    I tried turning down the hot end from 215 to 200 and it's still failing. My cooling fan is running at 100%.

    This is the third time I've had this print fail at about this layer, around 1 hour into what will be a 26 hour print.

    Any ideas?


    Mind blowing experience with ChatGPT - Upload my audio narrative and then ask me questions

    I'm in the process of hiring for a position and I have two candidates. It's a tough call because both are very proficient but each has some unique attributes. I thought I might ask ChatGPT's assistance with thinking it through.

    I recorded myself talking through my thoughts on each one as I read through their resume and the Q&As that I've done with each. Then uploaded the audio file to the whisper-1 api for transcription (for this I'm using the OpenAI API).

    Then I pasted the transcribed text into GPT4 and then prompted it with: "Above is my transcribed notes comparing two candidates for a position together. Help me think through this decision by asking me questions, one at a time."

    ChatGPT proceeded to ask me really good questions, one after the other. After a while I felt like it had got me to think about many new factors and ideas. After about 22 questions I'd had enough, so I asked it to wrap up and summarize our next steps, to which it spit out a bullet-point list of what we'd concluded and, what steps we should take next.

    I don't know if everyone is using ChatGPT this way, but this is a really useful feedback system.


    Washington state senator arrested in Hong Kong for carrying a gun through airport Washington state senator arrested in Hong Kong for carrying a gun through airport | CNN

    An American politician has been arrested in Hong Kong for carrying a gun into the city, according to a charge sheet seen by CNN, in what he has called an “honest mistake.”

    Washington state senator arrested in Hong Kong for carrying a gun through airport | CNN

    City bike that I tested today

    This bike has a 10ah battery in the seat post and a 7 gear derailleur. Top speed is limited to 25km but I think it can be reprogrammed to remove the limit.


    How to solve power supply whine with continuous dimming LED? Power supply whine

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like presandceo.

    My project is a "breathing" white 12v LED strip controlled by an esp32 on a dev board, and switched with an IFLZ44N mosfet.

    In my video you can see it working but also hear the power supply complaining.

    I'm using the LEDC Arduino library which allows me to select the frequency and resolution for PWM.

    If I set the frequency too low the whine is extreme, but at this setting it's the best I've been able to achieve, which is about 9000Hz. Unfortunately you can still hear the sound from across the room!

    It is a cheapo solid state power supply that claims it can output 12v up to 25A. I tried my desktop supply and it emits some whine too, so I don't think replacing the power will totally fix this.

    Is there a technique for tuning the frequency or even just masking it somehow?

    Entrepreneurs nucleative

    Retail Space - how to choose?

    I own a business that sells directly to customers we find through local Facebook and Google advertising.

    Our profit model is just ok - the business pays its own bills but I don't feel that it's been worth my energy yet.

    About 2 years ago I opened a retail shop in the city, decorated it nicely, but in a poorly located building that doesn't have much walk-in traffic and very little parking.

    I'm considering relocating to an area that would be much better located for parking and walk-by traffic. Of course the price is higher, about twice as much.

    I'm looking for advice about how to decide if this is a wise move. I don't understand which metrics are important for retail as I try to spreadsheet this idea, and my background is in e-commerce and services businesses.

    I'd like to be able to make some educated assumptions about whether our sales will increase and by how much.

    E-Bikes nucleative

    Why do you or why don't you use an ebike for your commute?

    I live in a city where public transportation is overcrowded, there's constant vehicle traffic, and you can't depend on any commute time for a given day or hour. The average temperature is very high, so walking is a sweaty affair.

    The only way I've found to make this city more usable is with an ebike and scooter. It's like the perfect vehicle for these conditions.

    However, many people reject the technology and either choose their car or other forms of getting around.

    Is it because it's not well understood, or seems too expensive?

    I'm curious what sold you on the technology or what is the reason you're not making the leap.

    11 How my day started vs how it's going

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like presandceo.

    Saw this come through from Octoprint remotely. It was an 8 hour print and died about at about the 7:15 mark.

    11 Why E-Bikes Catch Fire

    The dangerous chemistry of cheaply made lithium batteries.

    Are you doing anything to protect yourself or your home from the risk of a fire?


    68mph E-Scooter - why? E-scooter at highway speeds? ZonDoo’s 8kW RoadHitter lives up to its name

    The fastest electric scooter in the Zondoo lineup is the RoadHitter, which claims 68 mph with 70-80 miles of range.

    This scooter features dual 4000 watt motors and can achieve 60+ mph speeds straight and level. But why?

    This speed is surely deadly in the event of a crash and it's hard to image it would even be fun to ride at such a speed.


    Report: Urban residents plan to use micromobility ‘substantially more in the future’

    Has micromobility already changed your commuting habits? What about your selection of place to live?

    I live in a huge city with gridlocked traffic, and an e-scooter enables selecting (much) cheaper condos further away from the public transportation.

    0 This slick-looking solar-powered electric scooter never needs to be recharged

    Guys, guys, guys. I was strolling through the never-ending booths full of micromobility companies at the Eurobike 2023 trade show...

    A new generation of e-scooters with solar panels means never needing to plug in. Is the trade off in weight and size worth the added flexibility?

    2 Stromer Teases the 'Holy Grail' of Batteries with Solid State Ceramic eBike Battery

    It doesn’t take long walking around the Eurobike show halls to realize that eBikes are already here in a big way. All of those eBikes…

    Solid state ceramic batteries may greatly advance the future of micro-mobility. They promise higher energy density and less susceptibility to thermal runaway and can be used in a wider temperature range.

    0 E-bike injuries: ‘We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg,' trauma experts warn

    'I can't imagine a 13-year-old being able to drive something that can go 25 to 30 miles an hour in the middle of a road. It just doesn’t seem safe.'

    >E-bikes are not bicycles

    The article makes a strong assertion that e-bikes are something entirely different than regular bikes and should be regulated separately.

    Do you think e-bikes should always be allowed to follow the same paths and rules as regular person-powered bicycles? Or should communities treat them as something different?


    City of Boulder Offers E-Bike Vouchers to City Residents This Summer

    This creative way to increase the adoption of micro-mobility is similar to the tax credits offered by the US federal government around electric cars.

    Is it likely to draw more interest from the community? Would you be more encouraged to purchase an e-bike if you could get a voucher?

    0 Following fatal battery fires, NYC needs more rules for e-bikes

    The problem is not hard to solve — but it’s impossible to solve any problem when City Hall has become a hand wringing talking shop.

    The era of more regulation may be upon us - if New York enacts more rules, it's likely that other cities will follow and insurers may even begin to exclude liabilities from Lithium battery fires.

    What can the industry do now to regulate itself? Is there some reasonable amount of safety regulation that can save lives without dramatically increasing costs?