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China’s glut of idle property causes headache for the government
  • Apparently a lot of people's investments are tied up in those properties so if they values tank they'll lose everything. Normally I wouldn't sympathize at all but Chinese people have very limited options to invest their money and grow their savings. They can't just easily invest in the stock market. Property was one of the ways of doing this. If enough people lose enough money , the good old mandate of heaven gets its foundations rocked.

  • Trump vows to ‘drill, baby, drill’ despite rally attendees wilting in extreme heat | Supporters hospitalized following rallies in Las Vegas and Phoenix, where temperatures have broken records
  • These people are causing their own suffering and contributing to that of many many others. Your instinct to boil this down to "political opinions" shows your own bias - since you can't defend the position itself you must reduce it to "just an opinion". Anthropogenic climate change is not a political opinion, it's a real thing that is happening in reality.

  • Apple refused to pay bounty to Kaspersky for uncovering vulnerability in 'Operation Triangulation' - 9to5Mac
  • It could be argued that such delayed trade should be encouraged. Let Apple's debt to Kaspersky build up, with interest, but it'll only be paid once sanctions end which will only happen once pre-determined conditions are met. It's basically an increasing incentive to change course in a way that will result in sanctions being lifted.

    There are probably some pretty severe downsides to this approach though.

  • Gov. Kristi Noem says Trump should pick a woman VP to show that he supports women’s health
  • "The reason"? Really? There are no other reasons? Lol. US post-secondary funding is a joke, but within the confines of the US approach if that rule wasn't in place then no loans would ever be possible for college education since college students typically have few assets anyways and could just declare bankruptcy after graduation. A good reason why forcing young people to take on debt for post secondary education in the first place is stupid, but that rule is what makes the current system, flawed as it is, work to any degree.