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Everything Apple iOS 18 Will Do, Android Already Does
  • Sometimes I miss tinkering on my android phone, but I just get my fix handled with the homelab and keep my iPhone nice and stable. I wish it wouldn’t take lawmakers to get things like usb c and rcs, but hey still getting it done.

  • Best Buy is laying off more employees as it reckons with falling sales
  • Every time I go to a Best Buy these days the shelves are barely stocked. I went in to find a coax cable and splitter, but the best they could do was offer to order it online for me. Why bother with their inflated pricing if I still have to wait for shipping?

    Sucks that the employees are loosing their jobs though.

  • The upside-down American flag goes mainstream as a form of right-wing protest
  • It’s not a form of right-wing protest. It’s a form of peaceful protest that is currently being used by right-wing morons. There is a difference. Words matter.

    Stop assigning ownership of symbols to fleeting groups of imbeciles.

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham Suggests Nuking Gaza, Calls Hiroshima ‘the Right Decision’
  • I’m shocked! Who could have guessed this slimy invertebrate would have zero regard for anyone but himself!?

    It’s wild that if anyone were to suggest killing Lindsey Graham they would probably be arrested and called a terrorist. But he can just casually advocate for nuking a densely populated area that is inhabited mostly by civilians and a bunch of brain dead morons will still vote for him.

  • Trump promised to scrap climate laws if US oil bosses donated $1bn – report
  • Obviously this kind of behavior should be illegal. And it’s not surprising at all to see it from Trump, especially with zero tact. But I particularly like how the writer pretends like the vast majority of US politicians aren’t also kissing the rings of the big oil industry.

    I’d wager most, if not all, people in this country have never lived outside of the direct influence of the oil barons. They have used their money and power to fuck us over at every possible opportunity if it means they get even more money and even more power.

  • Rabbit R1 is Just an Android App
  • I never really understood who these products were for. I can’t help but think the only end result is a small number of people getting rich off of VC money and some misguidedly optimistic folks getting ripped off by buying these devices.

  • More than 100 arrested as NYPD cops in riot gear storm Columbia University, clear protests
  • Regardless of what side of the issue being protested you are on if you are in favor of cops in riot gear breaking up a peaceful protest, you are a traitor to our country.

    It’s that simple. You cannot stand for American values and cheer that a peaceful protest was dismantled by government goons.

  • Whose taking those rights away?
  • What fucking pretend world do they think we live in? Did republicans make food more affordable and I missed it? Did they hold corporations accountable for price gouging, shrinkflation, or the false claims of inflation?

  • Every billionaire under the age of 30 inherited their fortune, new report finds
  • Right. Because it is literally impossible to earn that much money legally by the time you’re 30.

    Hell I’d wager that most of the time it takes more than a single lifetime to accumulate that wealth and that’s not including the lifetimes of all the workers that are ruthlessly exploited in the process.

  • Announcing Traefik Proxy 2.10 | Traefik Labs

    Traefik Proxy 2.10 improves your ability to use service mesh with Traefik Proxy, enhances Prometheus metrics, and simplifies your Nomad configuration.

    Announcing Traefik Proxy 2.10 | Traefik Labs