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Why I Can't Use Linux - My Top 3 Reasons
  • What i find to be extra stupid with the games situation is I have the same gripe, and my solution is to dual boot for the rare games that dont work or if i want to use gamepass. I am almost exclusively using linux now, but Windows is there just in case

  • Microsoft is reworking Recall after researchers point out its security problems
  • Already installed Bazzite on my Legion go with my laptop and desktop next. No reason for me not to continue putting it on my devices just because they are going to rework it. Recall is always going to be a major security risk despite a few extra measures. They have definitely shown they can't think about these things. At least there was a heads up on this one for people to point out obvious issues, but that won't always be the case.

  • Wizards of the Coast "now talking to lots of partners" about next Baldur's Gate
  • Definitely is. Try playing Divinity 2 and you will realize it's the exact same engine just with a modified ruleset to match Baldurs gate more. I actually prefer Divinity, they just have more freedom as far as setting and the ruleset than a liscensed ip owned by another company

  • Leaked SpaceX documents show company forbids employees to sell stock if it deems they've misbehaved
  • Also, i guess the next question is what counts as misbehaved since the company gets to decide? Does calling in sick for a day count? What about if they want you to do something that they legally can't ask you to do and you say no? It sounds more like a ploy to control the workers even more, whether or not what SpaceX does is legal. Sure if its not legal they can sue and maybe even win, but SpaceX could drag out the suit till it has to be dropped from a lack of funds on the employees side or make it not worth the amount they would win.

  • Leaked SpaceX documents show company forbids employees to sell stock if it deems they've misbehaved
  • It's if SpaceX decides that the employee misbehaved, not the company that misbehaved, that allows them to ban that employee from selling private stocks. Also if you leave the company for any reason you lose out on 6 months of them or if you are fired they will buy back all of your stocks at $0, all the while you are paying taxes on your stocks. So the employees could possibly end up losing money from taxes on something they never actually got because the company said so.

  • Is MSI Afterburner still a must?
  • I just built a new gaming pc with a 4080 super and 7800x3d in the lian li dan a4 h2o case and while the base fan curve is fine i adjusted the curves in afterburner and knocked an additional 10c off the temps. The thing with this case is that airflow is only coming from the gpu fans and aio radiator fans so if one isnt hitting temps to get the fans going, the airflow is going to suffer. I found this neat little program that actually allows it to control both fans based on the higher temp between the gpu and cpu, takes a little bit of understanding how to set it up but its indispensable for small form factor cases like mine.

  • Every day baby
  • I thought this a couple of years ago, even though i was diagnosed at 5 (29 now). It's funny how i went my whole life thinking it was just the stereotypical adhd is just hyperactivity and laziness because the doctors never really tried to explain how this disorder could affect me. I decided to look it up studf about adhd and am deeply conflicted by how it literally explains my entire life and behaviors even though i thought i had it under control. On one hand im glad there is something that explains a lot of my struggles and medical issues but on the other i feel like my entire personality is just dictated by adhd and that i never really had as much freedom of choice as i thought i did.

  • The Witcher author says he's never played the games that cemented his fame: "I have no time for this, and it's not entertainment for me"
  • Yes, he is definitely salty about not taking the royalties and being made to look a fool because he chose poorly. I think he is also extremely salty that the thing he thought would amount to much is 1000x more successful than his own creation. His books are more successful now thanks to the games, but that's just pouring salt in the wound for him.