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Doom Dark Ages be looking good
  • I don't know why he put that as a literal quote. As far as I remember it was simply about the nazi symbols like the swastikas, which are illegal in Germany for good reason.

  • Only €14,95!!!!
  • It heavily depends on how you interpret the description.
    In Germany there are a restaurants that prepare a big batch of soup and desert and serve it automatically to every main dish (three courses).
    If it includes bread and butter and a drink on top, then this might not be gourmet shit but it's definitely not expensive at all.

  • ichđŸ”„đŸ•â˜•iel
  • Das bleibt alles so wies hier ist! Und es wird hier nichts dran rĂŒtteln! Egal ob hier ist und nicht!

  • Late night ride home in Northern Mexico
  • Mataulipas! I guess you're tired of that joke but I like Mexican dark humor and miss a good community here on Lemmy :( saludos!

  • Reminder...
  • Psst..just let him, voting for Brainworm Jr. means most likely a vote less for Trump.

  • ich_iel
  • GrĂŒĂŸe aus der Herrschaft Rheda! Es lĂ€sst sich aushalten.

  • Speedrunning your way onto an fbi list 101
  • I marked my rent payments to my roommate with "Cocaine and Hookers", went on for years but his bank complained one day too.

    Funny to imagine if the banks managers were actually using our money for exactly that, but marked as company expenses instead.

  • Survey finds that 60 firms are responsible for half of world’s plastic pollution
  • Survey finds that 60 firms own half of the worlds companies.

  • Senate Approves Aid for Ukraine and Israel, Sending It to Biden’s Desk
  • The (Rep.) speaker Mike Johnson went against the MAGAs and worked together with the Democrats to get it passed.
    But I doubt they would have gotten enough votes if they didn't bundle it with the aid for Israel and the TikTok ban.

  • Senate Approves Aid for Ukraine and Israel, Sending It to Biden’s Desk
  • It's because the Republicans wouldn't let a bill, that only supports Ukraine, pass. So this was a compromise.

  • China just made it even harder for people in the country to access WhatsApp and Threads
  • Yes, don't trust any of those you mentioned, but I disagree with Meta doing the US' bidding.
    Putin has absolutely no problem pushing his disinformation campaign through fb for example.

    Zuckerberg and Musk only care about money, while TikTok is directly controlled by the Chinese government.

    That being said, I wouldn't mind Meta products and xitter being banned at all.

  • Is Lemmy growing or shrinking?
  • I think one of the Lemmy devs is German too

  • Tucker Carlson went after Israel — and his fellow conservatives are furious
  • It all boils down to the question if we should care about people arguing in bad faith.

    Carlson proved to be Putin's mouthpiece, everything he says follows an agenda, which is, as mentioned in the article, to divide the US.

    Does it matter that he and a lot of people on social media just play pretend because they want to hurt Bidens chances of reelection?

    I think it should be allowed to be pointed out, even though they're not wrong. They just don't care about Palestinians. For Carlson at least that much is obvious.

  • Iran launches drone attack against Israel as Biden rushes to White House
  • Someone who supports Palestine and is against the US is not automatically a Tankie. But if this person at the same time makes excuses for the Russian invasion or argues that Taiwan belongs to China, then they are.

    Hypocrisy (lying / arguing in bad faith) is exactly what makes the difference between a leftist and a Tankie.

  • TFW you're a Reddit Mod or Admin
  • Please don't call them "the far left". They're just pretending, in reality they're authoritarians defending Russia, China and Iran, while shitting on the West at every opportunity.

  • TFW you're a Reddit Mod or Admin
  • It's getting worse lately with the tankies here. Seems like hexbear and lemmygrad are spilling over, not a surprise shortly before the election but I'm worried people will leave because of it.

  • How To Change The Past
  • I just think it's better to ask if someone is a raging asshole instead of implying it from the get go.

  • How To Change The Past
  • Are you implying that Hitler should have "finished the job" in regards to the Jews?

  • bOtH SiDeS!!1!
  • Nothing to do with Russian interference either?

    According to the special counsel investigation's Mueller Report (officially named "Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election"),[42] the first method of Russian interference used the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Kremlin-linked troll farm, to wage "a social media campaign that favored presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton".[43] The Internet Research Agency also sought to "provoke and amplify political and social discord in the United States".[44]

    The tactic was always to also shit as much on the competition as possible. They literally hacked her emails to do so.

    There is no doubt that the same thing is happening again right now.

    Can Biden be criticized for his behavior? Sure! Are bad faith actors piggybacking on this situation and amplifying the "Genocide Joe"-narrative ? Absolutely.

  • Servus, GrĂŒezi und Hallo! ist wieder da!
  • Ahja, Instanzen wie, schon traurig hier nicht die freshen memes direkt aus Petersburg zu bekommen und stattdessen nur die B-Ware von :(