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Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.
  • So when you invalidate what I'm saying, it's deescelation. When I say the exact same thing, it's a personal attack? Why couldn't that have been me deescelating the needless shitposting in my movies thread?

    And according to you, there is appropriate times for personal attacks, but only in response to good faith dialogue, not to shitposters.


    Why did this post need further deescelation? It's 3 days old and dead. The only people keeping it alive is the follow-up mod clique coming in to launch personal attacks.

    And what are these 50+ comments if not a conversation? This is again, you letting your conflict of interest take over, which is why I wanted an alternative mod to stand in and direct all of this non relevant discussion elsewhere.

    You want to justify your personal attack while still feeling vindicated in taking action against me. The comparison of your

    I wouldn't pay too much attention to Op

    To my

    sorry you have bad taste

    Is off-putting so you want to dismiss my statements again.

    It's your community. Feel free to ban me whenever.

  • Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.
  • For one, most of the direct attack complaints are about mods in this not deleted post we are discussing in. I'm assuming you are wanting to single out the one comment that had a 30 minute lifespan in my 2 hour thread before I deleted the thread.

    There was enough time for the comment to be made, for me to respond, for you to respond to my response, for me to respond to your response to my response, and again for you to leave nother response.

    The direct personal attack was in that thread for half of that time, and our discussion was happening in direct relation to people shitting on a 25 year old film in a thread of me trying to talk to fans about a theatrical rerun.

    So outcome:

    You get to keep the commenters who will shit on new input, and you will lose somebody who was willing to post and engage in your sub in a positive way, because his joke was too mean to shitposters.

    But really, the question on your moderatorship is why are you letting people launch personal attacks on me here? Why are you attacking me personally.

    I wouldn't pay too much attention to OP

    How is saying somebody's input has no value different from saying somebody has bad taste?

  • Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.
  • You are only one of the mods I'm complaining about launching personal stalking attacks across communities, though. Other people are free to call me a jerk, combatative, shitty, and plenty of other phrases here openly, but I can't say somebody has bad taste as they shit on my post made to help people.

    And do you not see how you are just breaking down the description of being outside the clique to being inside the clique?

    To the people on the inside, it's a homely group of friends, but to newcomers, it is a wall of judgment that has natural allegiances.

    I'd prefer we don't hash this out here, but since as you said I don't have any other option, I'll spill my purse.

    You didn't moderate the comments that were shitposting in your movies community, trashing on new input. You decided to single me out over a joke response against shitposters.

    You didn't moderate the direct personal attack paragraph written as:

    People who make their whole personality about Star Wars, or Star Trek, or Marvel Comics, or whatever...

    Are just as bad as potheads who make their whole personality revolve around the fact that they smoke pot.

    The problematic line for you was

    Sorry you have bad taste. I hope it gets better for you

    And now you follow me back here to dismiss my input and defend personal attacks.

    Like for real?

  • Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.
  • Hey, I've edited the tone of the targeted communication. Does this fit your guidelines?

    I understand you have power over both communities and have personal beef, but would it be fair for me to ask a different moderator to input here?

    Can you remove yourself due to a conflict of interest?

    Can you make a post of the overall discourse that mods can be directed to instead of hashing it out in my thread? My post here is being derailed by personal attacks and you are choosing to kick me out.

    This is kind of my entire point about singled out harrasment by stalker mods.

    Thanks, you also have a good one.

  • Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.
  • Don't worry, I left the key quotes on what was civil vs uncivil according to what you singled out of that thread in another comment.

    My deleted post won't prevent them from having access.

    This is a great place to highlight, the problematic quote from me was

    "Sorry you have bad taste" to a shitposter in a post of mine.

    Right here, an admin is saying "I wouldn't pay too much attention to OP".

    These both sound like a method of invalidating the input of another person to me.

  • Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.
  • For those who want to know what this admin is referencing:

    I made a post in the movies sub this morning. I was notifying star wars fans there was a theatrical re-run of Episode 1 on May 4th so they should grab their tickets now.

    A group of shitposters came in being assholes ranging from saying Star wars is bad to personal attacks that people who like star wars are insufferable.

    People who make their whole personality about Star Wars, or Star Trek, or Marvel Comics, or whatever...

    Are just as bad as potheads who make their whole personality revolve around the fact that they smoke pot.

    Direct quote of one of the commenters

    I simply said

    "Sorry yall were born with bad taste. Hope it gets better".

    And the mod specifically singled me out as they followed me from this thread.

    The other comment is still up.

  • TGIF, what are your plans for the week-end?
  • Every step forward is a good step. Glad yall had a good time despite the prices.

    It's crazy, I swear I could go bowling on like 20 bucks in college or something. Maybe I was just gaming deals lol.

  • Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.
  • I only started mass downvoting super mod activity as of today in response to yet another moderator interaction. Don't try to frame the way I interacted on this site before this post with my reaction to moderator harrasment since then.

    Yall can keep your modlog to yourself, and your personal attacks.

    Yall are literally stalking me across different posts to start shit and now trying to dig up additional personal information to frame this profile. You call defending myself from yalls harrasment "combatative".

    The only power a user has to combat yalls harrasment is the downvote button or posting and opening themselves up to further harrasment. A downvote is a legitimate form of interaction and is exactly how I plan on interacting with every super mod post going forward.

    This all happened after this post, not before it, and I've had dozens of perfectly fine interactions with dozens of users on this site outside of the mods.

    Enjoy preventing interaction by constant tone policing.

    And I've barely used this site, but the metrics are showing it going down. The mods are literally in another thread, crying to each other about "shouting to the void". So maybe you are coping by pinning the death of your subs on one user who does not appreciate the harrasment.

    Well now you know why you are losing users.

    Yall pick fights with legitimate interaction in the name of civility to protect shitposting.

    Edit: another mod just wrote a long personal attack justifying their behavior again. Deleted it, but I saw it.

    I thought it was just a couple problematic mods, I didn't realize yall were forming a mod clique in private dialogues baking this behavior into the community.

  • Remove because fuck mods
  • Yea, I found a theater doing the film marathon, but all the tickets were sold out.

    I dont understand how this is going to work, it's a 21 hour film marathon starting at 8 pm at the only theater doing it in my area.

    Are people just going to sleep through half the films?

  • Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.
  • And that kind of discussion would go in the relevant thread, in the sub I'm banned in.

    I'm not here to debate the validity of cherry-picked statements from the dude who says human races are like different species.

  • Remove because fuck mods
  • I know it's the meme that everybody hates episode 1, but I've lived my whole life loving this movie. It was the first Star Wars film I saw in theaters, and the hype from Darth Maul igniting that second blade has lived with me forever.

    Podracing, the birth of the Seperatist movement, our first time seeing Coruscant on screen, the introduction of the Jedi Council...

    There are so many incredible moments in this film that people have taken for granted because they focus almost entirely on the handful of throwaway comedy lines from JarJar.

  • Remove because fuck mods

    Buy your tickets now so they don't sell out.

    I'm actually confused about this. I see some articles claiming they are doing a star wars theater marathon of all 9 Skywalker saga films, but I don't see any theaters participating in that.

    I did find tickets for the Phantom Menace on the 3rd.

    Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.
  • None of my statements were attacking anything except for racist ideology.

    It seems to me that amzd compared speciesism to racism, specifically to condemn speciesism, and by extention factory farms. Not to condone racism.

    The step you need, to go from "racism is wrong" to "speciesism is wrong" is to extend your circle of compassion to all sentient animals and not just humans.

    This is a direct quote from them that this is based on.


    Here is your comment I responded to. The claim you were challenging was me saying I was not uncivil because I attacked racist ideology, not individuals.


    Looking at the modlog, you weren't banned for your views but your combative and rude attitude expressed in numerous comments, breaking the rules about civility.


    Here is the start of this specific comment chain that you are debating my response to.

    But now that I've hammered down to the point of the matter, you want to posture that I've lost the comment chain.

  • Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.

    I just want forums to chat about current events, argue about stupid fandoms, and bicker with internet trolls. Reddit used to be that, and I had hopes for Lemmy, but everything here is choked to death by over moderation that has nothing to do with keeping healthy communities. It's just thinly veiled echo chambers that don't want to admit what their community is about.

    This is coming off a ban over disagreeing with vegans calling dietary disagreements the same as racism. The dude literally said different species were similar to humans having different races. I called that 1800s slave owning theory racism if I've ever seen it lmao.

    I know people dont care for internet drama, I just wanted to rant. The internet of tomorrow fucking sucks.