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  • A study that sticks in my mind is that negative comments outweigh positive comments in how they are felt by the receivers. What is perceived as balanced is a ratio of one negative comment to five positive comments. Do downvotes have the same weight as comments? IDK, but I without the feedback of comments, there isn't much to base anything on. I get attacked in droves if I comment about anything Russian. We clearly do not see events through the same lens.

  • RFK Jr. Says Doctors Found a Dead Worm in His Brain: Report
  • I would add his previous habit of eating a lot of tuna. Mercury poisoning was likely why "mad as a hatter" came to be. Hatters would brighten their pins and needles with dips in quicksilver, to see them better. Holding some pins in the mouth caused ingestion in small amounts that slowly poison. It isn't a far reach for a person to see their neurologic symptoms of mercury poisoning to be from another mercury source, like the mercury in one particular vaccine.

  • Judge in Trump’s classified documents case cancels May trial date; no new date set
  • Our legal system has 4 tiers of justice. If you are poor, a person of color or of another lowly respected group, you are too many times presumed guilty.

    If you are working class to middle class, and can afford a decent lawyer, you get a middling level of justice. The better that you are able to differentiate yourself from the poor, and appear to look innocent, the better your outcome.

    When you enter actual wealth, you can afford to put off trials, get counsel that can enact intensive clogging of the justice system. Prosecutors will be using inordinate resources to try a case and will plea bargain to ridiculous levels to be able to function for the rest of their duties. There is some justice in that what is spent on lawyers will meet or exceed the fines that they may have received otherwise.

    The highest tier can always take their money elsewhere. They can purchase citizenship to other countries, including those without extradition, and are nations to themselves. The last two levels are either somewhat above the law, or completely exempt from the rule of law.

    What is new is that members of a political party are seen as exempt from law, and that a ruler is exempt from law for life.

  • 2x2 lumber at Home Depot is now 1.28x1.28. Actual size is supposed to be 1.5
  • I spent a few nights in a straw bale home, wanting to experience what they were like. They are incredibly quiet. Each bale is 1.5 ft of soundproofing/insulation. The loudest part of the house was the clock ticking. The house was heated by appliances such as the refrigerator and water heater. A local monastery built several to rent out for people wanting a tranquil contemplation.

  • mine is waterproof too
  • I keep one until the battery dies. Then I replace the battery with a second rechargeable lithium and a new watch band. By the next time the next battery goes dead, the case is shot, too. Make absolutely sure that you follow the battery replacement directions carefully, reading the directions fully BEFORE attempting it. There are very tiny parts that can drop out and easily lost.

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