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Target to stop accepting personal checks as form of payment
  • Last week I was at the checkout line and was behind some old biddy that bust out a checkbook. Legit took her 10 minutes to finish the transaction between her fumbling in her purse for a pen, messing up the amount on the first check, having to start over again and the new cashier not knowing how to take a check on the register.

    NGL I nearly lost my shit.

  • A proper sequel to Star Control 2 from the original creators Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III is on Kickstarter!

    Star Control 2 was a seminal gaming experience for me in my younger days and I'm pretty pumped about a proper sequel to it from the original creators, Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III, after so many years!

    After the lackluster "sequels" (Star Control 3 and Star Control: Origins) that were made largely without the original developers input, I had pretty much given up the franchise for dead till now.

    Still like 27 days to go on their Kickstarter at the time of this posting so get on the Frungy hype train while you can!

    For those of you not in the know, you can get Star Control 2 for free on Steam and see what the pinnacle of DOS adventure gaming was all about :D


    In Defense of Wasps: A Misunderstood Insect In defence of wasps: a misunderstood insect with human-like qualities

    Their use of large objects to geo-locate and love of sugary treats may make them a nuisance, but we can’t live without them

    In defence of wasps: a misunderstood insect with human-like qualities

    Does this count as noncredibledefense? :>