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“It’s sick”
  • Reports that the president was later heard remarking to staffers that, in addition, it was also, "mega bodacious," and "tubular to the max." Unsubstantiated rumors follow that the president punctuated this statement with a "cowabunga." More as this develops.

  • Shameless repost rule
  • I guess because that was always the intended messaging of the kind of schlocky Facebook posts the original is meant to be parodying. It used to be "this wise soldier/farmer/cop/blue collar worker shows a Millennial hipster how the world REALLY works," and now you replace 'Millennial hipster' with 'liberal', but it's all the same shit designed to get you to look down on someone while respecting whoever the meme tells you is worth respecting.

    To be honest, I think the novel author in the replies had some valid points. They just had the poor sense of awareness that would lead them to making those points against an obvious parody, and then going "nuh-uh I'm still right" when it was pointed out to be obvious parody with yet more obvious parody.

    I guess my point is we should all be taking a step back from the online brainrot, doing more to act locally and benefit the world around us, and supporting our local sewer men.

  • Aaaand fade out...
  • In some instances, you just sort of decide to wing it and jam for a bit until you all find a spot that works. So, sometimes, you get to hear the ending get written live! (Though, usually, you just end up repeating whatever you'd do when you were practicing the song before)

    Source: Had a band, had trouble writing endings sometimes.

  • My blind ass
  • Having a thing for glasses means having to decide between not wanting them to come off in the first place, or being blurry enough to possibly be confused for an attractive person. It's a tough call.

  • What is an underrated/forgotten video game that you think deserved a second chance?
  • Absolver. It was the precursor to Sifu, but with slightly slower and more methodical combat (more like a Soulslike, almost).

    The coolest part of it is, as you play and fight players and NPCs, your character will slowly learn and unlock the moves that are used against them, which you can then put into your moveset and chain together with other moves to create your own style. If you don't want to do that, you can join a player-run school, and be given the fighting style of that school's master, which your character will learn as they use it.

    The story mode is pretty short. It's mainly about PvP (although, before development stopped, it DID get a free DLC with a co-op dungeon run that's worth killing a couple of hours on). Of course, a PvP-focused game with nobody playing it isn't exactly the most entertaining thing to spend your time on, so- outside of a small collection of diehards- it pretty much stays a ghost town.

    It had heart, it had ambition, and it had creativity. My friends and I were really hoping the success of Sifu would mean people might start going back and maybe breathing a little life into it, but that didn't happen. We hoped maybe they'd announce a second one, but that hasn't happened yet, either. It'll probably just be another Sifu. That one was a proven success, so it makes more sense.

    The servers are still up for now. No idea how much longer it'll be supported. But, if you've got friends you can play it with, it might be worth looking into and seeing for yourself what the game offered, and what could've been.

  • And it just seemed like any other show.
  • Don't forget the rather unfortunate usage of a bunch of people cruising around in the Confederate car all being named "Duke."

    See, there was once a man named David, who was the leader of a wacky little group of goofballs back in the '70s. That li'l jokester even went so far as to get everyone to call him a grand wizard, which is such a zany thing to ask people to do, but people totally did it with a straight face

    Anyway, I wonder if it's a coincidence. Who knows?

  • Finger licking rule
  • Louisiana's pretty easy to remember, as well- not just because it's the boot, but also because it's shaped like the first letter in Louisiana.

    If someone showed me a map of a fantasy world they created with something like that on it, I'd think they were a hack. But, here we are, I guess!