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Uncle Sam is at it again
  • Yup. You're absolutely right.

  • Uncle Sam is at it again
  • Sure, you're right. You've got it all figured out. You have a good one.

  • Uncle Sam is at it again
  • I need to grow up? These aren't trivial problems. Both sides have watched thousands of their people killed, both feel like their concerns about those events are not addressed, and when you step in having experienced none of it and tell them it doesn't matter, and we're starting over now, and you expect them all to get in line? Good luck. It certainly worked every time they've tried it over the past hundred or so years, so I'm sure you've got it figured out with your righteous anger. They'll forget all about the injustices they've suffered from each other the moment you call it bullshit. Very enlightened and exactly how humans work. I'm sure you think that cursing at me makes all those decades of family members ripped from their homes go away, but as an adult, I hope you can learn to think about things a little bit deeper than your momentary anger.

    People being killed will never ever stop until you address the underlying causes. It doesn't matter how much you force them. Just like with those children, until you solve the underlying issue, the moment you stop applying external pressure they will go RIGHT back to their old behavior and you've solved nothing.

    We're all on the same side here. We want the fighting and the violence to stop. But you won't get any meaningful peace without addressing the reasons for the violence. Putting a lid on a boiling pot and declaring it will never boil over again by decree won't do it, no matter how much you yell at the pot. You have to turn down the heat.

  • Zoo defends ‘panda’ exhibit after criticism for using dogs dyed black and white
  • If a wolf didn't want to be domesticated, particularly with the technology humans had at the time, there was no way it would have happened. Dog domestication is generally believed from genetic estimates to have begun around 20,000 years ago. Not only is this around 15,000 years before humans started working metal, it was likely long before they had the technology to build cages with any kind of reliability. The point is, when the domestication of dogs started, humans most likely had the ability to KILL a wolf, but to subdue one alive with any reliability and force it to its will for domestication? At the very least it's questionable, particularly given how resource intensive it would've been to do that to a powerful, threatening animal that is resisting while you're a group of subsistence hunter/gatherers.

  • Uncle Sam is at it again
  • It's easy to say that when you're an outside party who doesn't understand or care about the underlying issues. Not to minimize the issue with the metaphor, but have you ever fought with a sibling or someone else at school and your disinterested parent our authority figure told you to both to stop without addressing any of either of your underlying problems? How well did it work?

    Pretending that "just stop it" deals with the realities of a complex history of real grievances and legitimate causes for anger and retribution on both sides is the most magical of magical thinking, and it doesn't help that third party negotiators usually start their peace proceedings by learning NOTHING about the history of distrust and anger building up over decades, picking a side to ride or die with, and then declaring the issue fixed as soon as someone signs an agreement.

  • All my real Americans from US State stand up!
  • Even non-Americans understand.

  • Imagination rule
  • Sure, but that assumes that someone using AI to generate images is trying to pass themselves off as an artist, which is crazy. The best use of AI is for places where an artist wouldn't be used because it's not important enough to justify hiring a professional and not frequent enough to be worth developing skills - situations where if AI wasn't an option, the thing just wouldn't exist at all. If someone has a great idea for a meme, for example, and their choices are "spend months, maybe years developing the skills to draw this single idea, by which time the window is closed", "make it with AI", or "don't make it", is "make it with AI" really the worst choice? AI cannot replace real art made by real artists. But it DOES allow people who AREN'T artists and don't have the proclivity to do so to get a quick and dirty visual. Not everything is meaningful or important enough to warrant a human wasting time on it. Commissioning an actual artist or learning art for the sake of making a shitpost, for example, is overkill.

  • Anon installs Linux
  • This is the way.

  • Anon installs Linux
  • Bone rule
  • Clearly they're the natural bone of the sausage meat. Just the way it comes when you pluck it off the meat animal.

  • Bone rule
  • This is the latest stupid trend.

    Even the BBQ restaurants are getting in on it.

  • Israelis laughingly describing how they raped underage girls and mass executed Palestinians in cages during the Nakba
  • I think with the original source being verified, that's good enough to check. Thanks for identifying it. Much appreciated.

  • Israelis laughingly describing how they raped underage girls and mass executed Palestinians in cages during the Nakba
  • Not that I don't believe what's being said here, but can anybody who speaks Hebrew confirm the subtitles are accurate translations?

  • Helldivers 2 received over 14,000 negative reviews today due to an update that will require PSN accounts next week.
  • EULA validity versus consumer rights have not been tested in a court of law yet, so it's unsettled. It's Schrodinger's legality, and I guarantee they're weighing paying refunds to customers who want them versus the possibility of losing in a class action. They will issue exactly as many refunds as they think it takes to keep it out of a legal fight, and if it did come to that, rather than risk a loss, they will certainly settle. This isn't a clear cut issue, and NOBODY wants to be the company that forces the courts to rule on this, because if it does come down on the consumer side, then they WON'T be able to issue patches without consent. So yes, your ability to make a stink as a consumer DOES affect Sony's decision refund decision.

  • Helldivers 2 received over 14,000 negative reviews today due to an update that will require PSN accounts next week.
  • This is Sony's decision. It is a material change to the product that was sold. It is not the same as a patch or a nerf. It has rendered the product unplayable. Yes, you can make the argument that it was listed on the page from the beginning that an account was required, but it is also the case that EULAs are actually not legally binding contracts. Sony has made a unilateral decision, and as a result it does not matter whether a person is finished with the game or not. This is a change to the actual contract, which was the purchase of a game to use in perpetuity for the length of time that it is available on steam. Sony has made this decision, customers don't have to justify the reason that they don't like the change. It is a change. They are counting on people letting it slide, because most of the time that is how businesses do business.

    Also, you should really stop standing up for giant corporations. Sony doesn't need your help. They have teams of lawyers whose job it is to argue with valve over whether they need to give refunds. They may also end up having to deal with class action lawsuits, and potential legal issues with 177 countries which may have completely different laws of consumer protection than the US. That is not your responsibility.

    Besides, one of the pillars of capitalism is rational self-interest, and that goes both ways, not just in the business side. If you can get a refund for something because a company has made a bad decision about how they do their business, why do you care about whether it's fair or not to the company? They sure don't care about whether it's fair to you. Are you a Sony lawyer? Are you the "be nice to big companies police"? Let Sony and Valve, and possibly the court system, worry about what their legal obligations are, and you worry about your personal decision of whether you are going to take advantage of your legal rights. Don't start judging whether others should or shouldn't do the same.

  • Helldivers 2 received over 14,000 negative reviews today due to an update that will require PSN accounts next week.
  • You are applying a standard to the game that applies to YOU. Other players who are currently playing a game do not care that you are finished playing the game. They are not. The game did not ship with a 3 month subscription plan. It shipped as a sold product. Your analogy is like an all-you-can-eat buffet where after twenty minutes they close it down and make everyone stop eating, and your argument is, "Well, I'M full. It's fine."

  • Political Memes mycodesucks
    I don't consent.

    I didn't know that was an option... has that been an option this whole time?

    Political Memes mycodesucks
    The press protecting jurors' identities

    "Juror number 3 is quite an illustrious director."

    Low Effort Meme

    I'll be deep in the cold, cold ground.

    mycodesucks mycodesucks

    When I get bored with the conversation/tired of arguing I will simply tersely agree with you and then stop responding. I'm too old for this stuff.

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