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What is something that you pay attention to that most other people do not?
  • Yeah I was into a lot of biofeedback ideas and trying to hack my brain by changing your normal behavior. Most of the things you change go back when you stop doing those things, but sometimes things stay with you. I am much more empathetic now than I used to be.

  • What is something that you pay attention to that most other people do not?
  • I used to write with my left hand for many things thinking that I would make the right side of my brain be more active and have more creative thoughts. It was an experiment that went on for several years when i was a messenger and I had a manifest that I had to fill out, it was real messy.

  • Help can't install SSD
  • I got it out by pulling it really hard, it looks like it may have been cross threaded, once I got it out and the SSD inserted it just snapped back in. It holds so I’m good. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  • Help can't install SSD
  • Hey I got it out. I had to use some pliers and pull it out, which is weird since it wasn’t really screwed in and it did t seem stripped. When putting the SSD back in it didn’t screw in, it just sort of snaps back into the hole. It holds the drive in so that works. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

  • Help can't install SSD
  • Here is a photo. The pink square is the adhesive the screw to the left of it is the one to hold the lower secondary SSD then a little farther left is the one that will not come out. I’ll try the magnet idea. Thanks

  • [FW16] Batch 13 arrived today!
  • I made another post as this is looking like and RMA as I feel like to get to the bottom of the logic board may require more disassembly than I’m comfortable with. Like ungluing batteries.

  • Help can't install SSD
  • I’m not sure it’s captive but it won’t tighten or loosen, it just turns. I tried to see if the lower part of it would come out but I believe it’s bolted from the underside of the logic board.

  • Help can't install SSD

    I just got my Framework 16 DIY version and I can’t install the primary SSD because there is a captive screw in the place that holds the SSD down and I can’t remove it so the SSD doesn’t stay held down. There is a screw for the secondary SSD and it comes out. Any ideas?

    Update: I got it out, anyone else with this issue, try and pull the screw out it’s very small on the threads so it just pulls out and pushes back in when the drive is seated.

    Hiking mx_smith

    Trail guide equipment

    My son just got a job as a trail guide in Estes Park Co. anybody have any equipment suggestions for him? Stuff that most people forget about but is something that has become essential for you. Thanks in advance.