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I'd like an easy install for a lemmy instance

How would we go about asking say, Cpanel / Softaculous to have a one click install for lemmy? It's currently possible with many server applications and it would be awesome to have lemmy on that list

What destinations are experiencing "undertourism"?
  • I actually enjoyed Sendai, but I do have friends there. There's not much to do, but the food is insanely good. Sendai beef is grade A5 to A7 for example, which just beats Kobe hands down. Also giant buddah statue ftw.

  • What destinations are experiencing "undertourism"?
  • I'm in South Greenland atm and it's just amazing! No tourists, no tours, no souvenirs just incredible nature and huge mountains. I've not been to Iceland yet, but the nature here is just so amped up it's insane. Bonus icebergs floating around all year!

  • what is your experience with online check-in, qr codes, kiosks and printed boarding passes?
  • I've been traveling full time for 5 years. I always when possible check-in online. I always screenshot my boarding pass so it's in my gallery and available without internet. (same goes for any any other documents that may be required) No need for Google wallet, seems like an unnecessary step to me.

  • I am unable to visit Japan.
  • If it's a visit, then just take your meds and your prescription. I've never had any issues taking meds into Japan that cannot be prescribed there. You probably won't even be asked.

  • Best WordPress host 2023

    Hi everyone I'm in the market for a new web host.

    Ideally the host should have a CPanel for dns, subdomains, sql etc etc etc and the possibility for a staging site is most desirable.

    Shared Linux is fine. In the past I've used namecheap and 20i.

    Any tips would be great, thank you!


    why does Mastodon only show blurred images?

    Newbie here. When I open the Mastodon app all the images are blurred. Tried to change that in the settings but still nada. !screen shot settings