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Trump Assassination Attempt Megathread:
  • Your conspiratorial thinking isn't productive, you dweeb.

  • The beginning of the end
  • Yeah sure, everything you don't like is a false flag. Spouting the same conspiratorial bullshit thinking as them.

  • New app releases for Apple Vision Pro have fallen dramatically since launch
  • We tested it and after about two weeks returned every purchase. It didn't do a whole lot more than what our current solutions do; not even accounting for the asking price.

  • Flag is just a piece of cloth
  • Symbols are incredibly powerful things. It's pretty easy to understand.

  • Trump Assassination Attempt Megathread:
  • We are witness to a truly baffling idiocy...

  • Trump Assassination Attempt Megathread:
  • No, what the fuck is wrong with people? This isn't a healthy or productive response to the events that are unfolding.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • Russia should've thought about that before invading Ukraine, it seems.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • Of the 3, the US holds far more geopolitical power. Hence the naming bias.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • Well, generally, Russia can go fuck itself.

  • What's something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?
  • I do not literally build buildings. I design them, I document them for construction, I collaborate with other people who do actually build the buildings to make sure everything's on the level.

  • AI's Future Hangs in the Balance With California Law
  • That's not a straw man. Nuclear technology is highly regulated.

  • Trump-Endorsed Candidate for Governor: 'Some Folks Need Killing'
  • Advocating for extrajudicial murders is fucking insane and the very notion that you're trying so very hard to defend it is unhinged.

    You're a piece of shit.

  • homelab mriormro

    Upgrade Path for my TS-453A Environment

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to see if I could get some suggestions or recommendations on an upgrade path for my NAS in my current home environment. I'm also unsure if this is the best place to ask, so please let me know if this question doesn't fit in here.

    My setup isn't too sophisticated at the moment. I had purchased a QNAP TS-453A back in February of 2017 and have it loaded with four WD Red 8TB (WD80EFZX-68UW8N0) configured in RAID 5. It is solely dedicated to storage and nothing else; with the bulk of it used for media archive. It has proved a shockingly reliable little device. I have a headless Intel NUC6i7KYK that is dedicated to running a majority of the self hosted services I use.

    In the next year I'd like to expand my network storage and initially I had planned on simply purchasing replacement Exos X18's and go through the drive swap process but upon further thought, I figured I'd like to purchase an additional NAS and use my current one as a backup solution. I'm not particularly locked in to staying with QNAP and so any recommendations would be welcome. Admittedly, I have been looking at the TS-932PX-4G as I'm interested in adding in SSD caching to the array.

    At any rate, thanks for any help or suggestions you may be able to provide! Or, if you can point me to a more appropriate place for this sort of question, I would also greatly appreciate it.


    Anon's Low-Calorie Moment

    {Image of hand drawn Kool-Aid man} 11/03/06(Fri)03:27:18 No.15262301 [Reply][Quick Reply]

    9th grade: My first sexual experience that actually involved nudity. While we're fondling each other, she asks me if I like Diet Coke.

    Me: It's allright. Girl: Well, I LOVE it. How 'bout you go get me a bottle of it?

    I go downstairs and grab a 20 ounce bottle from the fridge. When I return, she says it's too cold.

    Girl: How 'bout warming it up ... by rubbing it on my tits?

    So I began to rub her vigorously with the bottle. Soon enough, she asks me to shove it inside of her. She really enjoys it, and so do I because I KNOW that, with this girl, I'm definantly going to get off. That's when it gets crazy.

    She rips out the bottle, opens it, and begins filling her vagina with Diet Coke. I swear, she nearly empties the volume into her vagina. I had seriously underestimated this vagina's liquid retention volume.


    I was noticebly freaked me, but I did want to get off, and I didn't want my first load-blow to be into 18.7 fluid ounces of a 0-calorie beverage. I began to go down on her, until she said the exact wrong thing.


    I don't know how she did it with 16-year-old voice, but she sounded exactly like the Kool-Aid man from the commercials. I glanced at the wall, half-expecting him to burst through and over me a fruity beverage. I was extremely turned-off. She could tell, too. As she sat up to see what was wrong, she twisted her body in such a way that Diet Coke shot out of her vagina and all over my face, chest, and groin. And it was at that sticky, low-calorie moment that my parents chose to pull into the driveway.