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AI trains on kids’ photos even when parents use strict privacy settings
  • You're right, it doesn't at all capture how disturbing the reality is.

    Ignored privacy settings; unknown third parties can train AI models on data scrapped from private images and video host on common social media platforms.

  • Let's chat about these SEVEN nuclear power plants the LNP want to build ...
  • I might be reading to much in to the previous commenters use of the word had. But you're at arguments make a lot more sense today than 30 years ago.

    It certainly was fear that stopped Australia from building a nuclear industry in the 90s. It made a lot of sense then. Today, it's hard to see it anything more as a diversionary tactic.

  • ‘Radical’: A film to provoke thinking
  • I've not heard of naplan described as child abuse, but my uneducated position is inclined to agree. Standardized testing, comparative ranking, ECT to me feel like necessary evils that should only be used when required, not applied board strokes.

    In am interested to read more about the impacts of standardized testing if anyone is knowledgeable.

  • Hundreds of CSIRO jobs under threat as union warns against ‘gutting’ of Australia’s science agency
  • I work in a large university with a policy of lumping as many administrative duties on the academics as possible.

    Why do we want professors coding credit cards to university accounts, managing employment contracts and job listing's, offices for staff, travel bookings ect ect? Is this how we want our tax payer grant money spent?

  • Southern Germany hit by catastrophic flooding
  • Not quite correct, if I remember correctly dry soil adsorbs more water and quicker (by default) than waterlogged soil. But when is been dry for a long time a hydrophobic film forms, causing a temporary delay in water adsorption. I think it can impact flash flooding, but it washes off fairly quickly and then adsorption returns to expected.

  • Bazzite ? maybe not for V-rising.
  • I'm not going back arch/bazzite to try this. For two reasons, 1. I can't enable those things, my hardware doesn't support reBAR. And 2. My issue sounds potentially different. I could load and run the game, but it would crash regularly. Realistically, if this is the issue my only solution is to roll back to an old kernel (not supported in arch), and I'm not sure if that fly's in bazzite either. Distro hoping to Mint is then a great solution, even if I didn't take a rational path there.

  • Bazzite ? maybe not for V-rising.
  • I run fedora 40 on my work laptop, and I am blow away at how capable Wayland+gnome is for plug and go multiple monitor support. You could never have done it with X, every meeting you'd want 15min to make sure you can share your screen.

  • Bazzite ? maybe not for V-rising.
  • Oh yeh good catch.

    I can't do resizable bar, so it would have been a kernel regression to fix (if that was the issue). I think patched in next release. Although I never got any error messaging in any logs that i could see :(

    The nice thing about the deck, at least from an outsiders perspective, is that everyone's got the more or less same hardware. If you have an issue most likely someone else has the same issue, and already has a fix that'll work for you.

  • Bazzite ? maybe not for V-rising.

    I've been seeing a lot of bazzite recommendations recently, and it sure sounds great. An atomic fedora, gaming optimisations out of the box. It just works.

    We'll that's not been my experience for V-rising, and I wanted to share it incase others anyone else encounters the issues I did.

    First and foremost I am sure there major issue is the game, more than any given distro. I've been happily running arch on my home PC for 7 years. Its been great, no issues, I've loved it. As my free time decreased, that computer had become just for gaming. The maintenance debt was building up, I knew the dream run with arch must end. That end was V rising, crashed frequently, all kinds of stage behaviour. I assumed a vulkan issue, but couldn't easily find a fix, and didn't want to waste any more time on it.

    I went with Bazzite, but to no avail. The crashing problem got worse. Only now i had to deal with the sluggish flatpack versions of things. Its not that bad, but us a was a very noticeable change.

    If it had just been me, I think this is whereui would have given up. But I was playing with my wife and mate online, both of whom also use Linux and weren't having the crashing issue. On my wifes computer i had recently installed bazzite. It did have issues, mostly flickering which i chalked up to a too early switch to Wayland on a gtx1080. My mate was on mint, with a 3060 and v rising was working perfectly.

    I switched to mint (I am running and a 5700xt), and my problems were fixed just like that.

    Next was to solve the wife's woes, so I switched her to mint too. Which resulted in v rising not being able to load, freezing up the computer every attempted requiring a X restart. Didn't matter which version of the nvidia drivers i used. The flickering was gone though, so that was something. Pop-os was the solution, took a bit of understanding popshops preferred order of events to get nvidia drivers installed, but now all is fine.

    So the lesson I think i might have learned, old hardware and new (vulkan) games require unidentified settings to work and easiest solution is just distro hop till success. Big shout out to steams transfer over network functionality (i also needed to install bg3 each new distro, it ran fine on every combination but bazzite was noticably more flaky).

    It doesn't matter, but does any one have and ideas as to why v rising caused such headaches? 7 years a Linux gaming, and nothing has required more than a few hours of tinkering at most to get to work until this.

    Tldr. Needed a safe space to debreif, everything worked out in the end.

    Outgoing special rapporteur David Boyd says ‘there’s something wrong with our brains that we can’t understand how grave this is’
  • There is a third. We are unable to grasp things we've not experienced in our lifetimes are possible. So, global famines can't happen in modern society, wealthy democratic nations don't collapse and we can't cause the extinction of our species.

    Got some hard lessons coming our way

  • Switching to plant-based diets means cleaner air – and it could save more than 200,000 human lives around the world
  • I think it you want to see the environmental benefits, is less of saving animal lives and more ensuring that 100 million animals a year never exist?

    Edit: Not sure what is controversial about this. We stop eating meat to stop farming of livestock. No livestock lives are saved, just new animals aren't born into the mincer.

  • How long does a co-op BG3 run last? We have been playing for 38 hours and I'm not sure how far we are from the end
  • Easiest way to tell is by level. If you're level 12, then you're ready to finish the game and won't be far of being able to do so. That's the best way to guess time left, spoiler free. I've completed a run in 30 something hours, and I've got one that is like 60+ hours long with ages to go.

    As someone with two young children, I find playing with childless friends much faster as they can be flexible and play when i find free time than with childed friends on set weekly scheduled.

  • Why loneliness is bad for your health
  • Or this field research is going beyond correlation... "Over the past few years, scientists have begun to reveal the neural mechanisms that cause the human body to unravel when social needs go unmet. "

  • Recommendations for a good developer (Ubuntu) laptop
  • There's a few of us. I've been daily driving framework 13 Intel 12th gen over a year for work running fedora. It replaced a Microsoft surface who's battery life had died in 3 years (warranty replacement).

    Really enjoyed using it tbh, and happy with having a clear upgrade pathway (I'll probably wait till the next 13 inch main boards get released). I love the idea of being able to change my i/o around, but realistically is just allowed my to settle on what I actually want. Turns out to be 2xusbC, microSD and usbA. If there ever is a mobile sim I'd get that, also am rs232.

    It's not perfect though, and you pay more and give up some polish to get the modularity.

    Battery life is middling but workable. Short story is I am concious of keeping it charged. Depending on the workload I can get to 6hrs, but that's really it. I never goto work without my charger, I also have taken to carrying a power brick in my backpack to cover the few times I've run it down and want to work on the train.

    Video and microphone are not great, but usable. Most issues have been using linux in a Microsoft work environment related.

    Speakers needed an easy effects re balance to be usable for video calls with anything but minor background noise.

    My display port 2 adaptor died, as have many other users.

    Screen wobbles more than I'd like, but not enough to get the upgraded hinges.

    It's fairly loud when the fans spin up, but I'm normally doing something to upset it. Either working on a soft surface obstructing air flow or running a heavy work load.

  • KB, MB, GB, and TB are all part of the metric system. What empirical measurements should we Free™️ Americans use for computer memory?
  • Why use metric? Because the fact that 1440KiB is 1.41MiB is annoying.

    It doesn't make it better, it's just really much more convenient when you're working in a base 10 digit system. There are lots of times when the advantages of an alternative unit system outweighs that convenience.

    Its a funny thing that so many people are emotionally attached to unit systems. It's a tool, use the best one for the job.

  • Game Developer Reports She Was Drugged While Attending GDC
  • That doesn't really mashed any sense, what's there to cover up. She was drinking with her husband and employees, became unresponsive followed by heavy vomiting.

    It was her husband who was asking the police/ doctor for help.

    Its not like she is aldi trying to apologise for running around abusing staff and pissing on others event stalls. What's there to cover up?

  • We compared the finances of 30-year-olds now, to 30-year-olds 30 years ago
  • Nah good on you, fight the good fight. It wasn't series of mistakes it was deliberate policy choices. Policy choices that show no sign of being changed. Capitalism has eaten democracy from the inside out, it will continue dancing around inside is skin till we see it for what it is.